Friday, August 9, 2013

His First Time in Rope

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Tonight I met with the handsome, sexy, slim Tito!  We talked a bit online and met up at a local coffee shop, and we got to know each other before we eventually came back to my place.  This would be his first bondage scene, so I made sure to help him relax.  Hugging him, caressing him, kissing him, I had him strip piece by piece until he was in nothing more than his little orange briefs.  I gently led him to my room, sat him on my bed and explained what was going to happen to him.

I tied his hands behind him, kissing his sweet succulent lips, his tender soft body, I laid him down and tied his ankles, more kissing, his dick was thick and uncut, drooling precum and a lot of it.  I tied a blindfold around his eyes and enjoyed that sweet body of his for a while, making out and more.  I slid a mint flavored condom on my manhood and had him suck the flavor right off of it.  This boy was a very skilled cocksucker indeed.  I released him from the ropes on his wrists and bound his legs, I then prepped his sweet hole with plenty of lube, and gently entered him.  He was so smooth, his ass was like fucking warm cream.  His soft moans and sighs, I slid in and out of him carefully and slowly, relishing in his amazing body, his scent, his smooth skin, his tender lips.  I made tender sweet love to his boy hole...until instincts came to the front like a passionate fog rolling in.

Faster, harder, deeper, I thrust until I was overcome by my primal urges and snarled as I shot my load! Fuck yes!  Then he said something wonderful.  He wanted me to stay inside of him, he loved the feeling of my dick in his ass so I was only too happy to oblige and stayed inside of his boy hole as we both cooled down.

Then it was his turn, I slid out, cleaned off, and lay next to this handsome sweetheart, jerking his beautiful, uncut, rock hard cock!  He was dripping like crazy, his precum was lubricating him so well I didn't need to use any of my own lube.  He then shot his hot load everywhere!  All the way up his neck!  Fuck yeah!

Wiping down, we lay there, dozing off a little in each other's arms before I untied him, got dressed, and walked him to the door.

I hope to see him again, and show him another great time.

Play Safe dear reader.

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