Thursday, August 29, 2013

He's Eager to Serve

April 3rd, 2013

Joe finally came up from Orange County to meet today, we'd been talking for a very long time and today he finally arrived.  He had wanted to explore submission for a while and damn is he cute!  He arrived and I showed him upstairs, I gave him a nice, close hug to start things off and to relax him.  Once our lips met it took ages for them to part again, woof is he good.  We moved to the bed and cuddled a while, talking, kissing, before getting up to grab a late lunch.

Along the way I learned the boy isn't into PDA (damn it!), bad experiences, but nothing I can't help him get over.  Bringing lunch home, we ate in the living room, and he started showing his submissive side, acting as my slave.  It was excellent, I collared him with my big black slave collar and he took to it like a duck to water.  He followed my orders diligently, and went beyond them like a good slave should. When I ordered him to put the dishes away, he washed everything that was in the sink!  Wearing nothing but my collar and his jockstrap, he made the perfect chore boy.  When he was finished I ordered him back to me to worship and lick my boots as I updated my blog, which turned out to be a wonderful idea!  Feeling his tongue on my engineers was just bliss, but made writing very difficult!

Once done, I shoved him to the floor and ravaged his succulent body!  Oh the moaning this hot little fucker made instantly turned me on!  Eventually he started to call me "Master" and I can't tell you how much that made me smile!  Inside and out!  I strung up the bungee cord my former had left me and handcuffed him, then clipped the cuffs above his head, and secured him as my plaything.  I blindfolded and gagged him for the first time, and he enjoyed it, I then began tickling him as part of my sadist side emerged from the darkness, and this boy took it like a good slave! He was in a laughing misery but he puffed out his chest so I could do more to him!

After our fun, I released him from his bindings and laid him on the bed, it was then that when I looked down into his eyes, his sweet face, his smile, his submissive eyes, this cute 23-year-old slave in training, I felt my heart weep.  He reminded me of someone I loved very dearly for some reason, perhaps the severe rarity in me connecting with someone around my age, or the loneliness I felt even when I was among friends or even while playing with a man, his face looking up at me made me want to cry.  I pushed it down, not is not the time for this.  We took a shower together, and came to the decision that he was going to stay the night.

He needed to move his car, so we ran my errands while we were at it.  He's very helpful outside as well.  I tasked him with researching and learning bootblacking so he can care for my boots when he is at my house and when we are not playing.  Once we returned to my apartment, I stripped him down and made our way to the bedroom.  I tied his hands behind his back, gagged him, and prepped his boy hole.  I was ready to take what was mine!

I slid inside his ass no problem, nice and slow, easing in and out gently loving on him, making him relax and accept his Master's dick.  Then I sped things up, I went harder! Fucked him! Hard! The moaning made me harder! I was so close!  I started to cum, he screamed!  Fuck it was hot!  We later discovered he had blown his own load while I was fucking him.  Excellent!

We went to bed after cleaning up, and the very next morning I was awakened with a blowjob from a very eager and smiling face.  Oh, this one's a keeper.  No doubt.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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