Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another Night at the Club

Friday, February 8th, 2013

I went up to SoCal Bondage Club with my buddy Chris C., who after months of cruising back and forth on Recon, finally got together and headed up to the club, I promised him I'd tie him up, since that was the only reason which was keeping him from going, finding a definite playmate.

After introductions, I was able to see Sir Patrick after a long time, who looked absolutely amazing in his rubber gear!  We settled down in the Victorian Room, and I calmed him down with some breathing exercises and soft voices, I took his shirt off and caressed his body before tying his wrists, then his ankles.  I blindfolded him and put him down on the table.  I kissed his body, and his lips, and when I nibbled his chest, I noticed that he had begun to bleed.

Now I didn't bite, or rather I didn't think that I had done so hard enough to break skin.  It turns out his nipples were very sensitive.  I summoned the DM and received assistance in cleaning him up.  After all was wiped down and cleansed, I asked him if he wanted to continue.  Unfortunately he chose not to continue play and went off to explore on his own after I released him.  I felt bad that his first experience at the club was a negative one such as that.

(A quick note about accidents during play.  Both Chris and I are negative and clean, so there was very low risk of any infection due to blood exposure, we were fortunate. VERY fortunate.  In the case of skin being broken by accident, please take care and take the necessary steps to clean it up properly.  You want to use a proper barrier when cleaning up, medical gloves are perfect.  Please research basic First Aid for more information, and have an emergency kit around the house. Best if you keep a spare just for your bedroom / playspace.)

Cockpit then appeared while I was cleaning up my ropes, and when I was done, I leashed him and got into a few conversations with Bobby, and a new face named Matthew, as well as Sir Steve and pup Niko.  Sir Ian offered to play with me, and I was only too happy to accept as we had mutually been looking forward to some play together and kept missing our chances.

I was stripped to my jockstrap and he tied me out in the main room to the cage structure.  Spread eagle, and at his mercy, Sir Ian placed clothespins on my bare chest, my arms, and even my balls, and fuck did I go into subspace fast!  I felt my only purpose was to serve him, to please him, to squirm and moan and make him pleased with me.  The clothespins did hurt, but it was like a "relief" pain when he removed them.  After holding a good amount of pins he removed them one by one, oh that was interesting!  The longer they stayed on my body, the more they began to hurt.

When the last pin was removed from my sore body, he had me untie myself from the steel structure, slowly and carefully, and aware of my own subspace, taking the caution to stabilize myself properly.  We sat on the couch, I lay my head in his lap and cooled down, sinking back to earth, and phasing back into reality his gentle hands stroking my hair and body.

From there Cockpit enjoyed some more conversation before calling an end to the evening, and heading home together.  Another interesting night at the club.

Play Safe my dear Reader.

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