Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Leathered Night Out

April 2nd, 2013

Tonight Sir Donny surprised me with an offer to go out in gear, which I immediately accepted.  I geared up in my leather and met him out on the corner, he was so incredibly handsome as usual in his tall knee-high lace up boots which I could cling to all night.  His leather pants, his leather vest over his leather shirt, leather tie, and Sam Brown belt.  Woof! All under a full leather jacket that makes my knees weak.

We arrived at the Eagle at around 9:30 or so and it was very dead, t-shirts and jeans, despite an attempt to announce an impromptu leather invasion.  Leather needs more time to plan it seems.  I got our drinks, Woodchuck Cider for myself, Blue Moon for Sir Donny, and I had a blast just hanging out with him, talking, and all but dry humping his leg!  He's just that hot, and that much fun!

We ditched the bar after our drinks, bored with being the only leather in the bar, and no kink in sight and headed back down to my place.  I love it when he gets dominant and bossy, he had me on the bed, stripped and ready, my greedy ass wanted every inch of him.  He slicked me up, rubbered up, and slid in and fuck did it feel good.  He's so big but I wanted to take every inch of his manhood!  I wanted to please him so bad.  He kept his leather on when he banged me, hearing it creak as he thrust inside of me just made me want to bottom even harder!  I wanted him to make me his bitch!

He flipped me on my back, I was so thankful to be able to look into his eyes, to admire this hot leatherman fucking me deep, fucking me hard, full gear, full throttle, and then he reached his boiling point and exploded in my ass!  Panting and satisfied, he cleaned up and stayed a bit in the afterglow.  Then he had to make his way home.

Such a good night, thank you SIR!!

Play Safe Dear Reader

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  1. leatherman and their boys need a night out to talk bond and display themselves withpride