Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fireplace Fornication

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Tonight I went out with Sir Donny, who wore his sexy tight leather pants which were tucked neatly inside his incredibly hot, and incredibly tall, knee-high Wesco lace up boots!  Woof!  We headed to a hot dog counter for a quick dinner, and Sir Donny became a bit dominant.  We had experimented with him being more submissive to me, but at the moment it all seemed that him being dominant felt more natural.  

He forced me up to the counter and demanded me to make an order, it was really turning me on how forceful he became!  I happily assumed the submissive role and did as I was told!  Food in hand we headed back to his house where we ate our supper, and then I happily and eagerly worshipped his beautiful, huge cock.

I slobbered and sucked on that beast as if it were the last dick I'd ever be given.  Listening to him moan his satisfaction only encouraged me to take it even further down my throat, as far as it would go!  I wanted him to fill my eager mouth with his dick.  Eventually he was able to tear me away long enough to go upstairs, I proceeded to strip down and got into place in front of the fireplace.  He took off his shirt and left his leather and boots on, revealing a broad and bold chest.  He unzipped his fly, slipped on a condom, and he lubed up my eager, hungry boy hole.  

I'm really excited at this point, I've always wanted to be fucked in front of a fire.  I think the idea of making gentle love in front of a crackling fire is so romantic, or a good hard ass pounding on the floor in the light of a roaring inferno is highly erotic, the only light cast by the flames on two naked bodies in the throughs of ecstasy, be it soft and sweet, or harsh and wild! Prove to me your passion in front of the burning wood!

Sir Donny stuffed his huge dick in my tight and hungry boy hole, and fucked me slowly, intently.  I wanted every inch of his manhood inside of me, as much as I could physically take!  It hurt, but it hurt in that satisfying way, the way you want it to hurt, the good pain that makes you grit your teeth in a smile and feel like a man for enduring and embracing it.  Unfortunately I couldn't take it for too long, my ass was aching and giving me a hard time, he pulled out.  

The condom came off and Sir Donny jerked his big dick over my naked body, he shot his hot load all over my chest, and I loved feeling the warm spatter of his cum on me, being his cum target is so fucking hot for me.  I jerked my meat and then blew my own load all over my chest, mixing my seed with his.

I love to play with Sir Donny, especially when he's dominant and aggressive!  He's so tall, handsome, firm and also very caring, but when he just lets go and makes demands, and does what he wants to me, that's when my dick's the hardest around him! Woof!  Give me that hard passion, Sir!  This boy loves being your plaything!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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