Friday, July 26, 2013

A Night of Rubber with a Pup

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

Mezwolf came over on short notice to join me for Skin Tight, the monthly rubber night at Pistons.  We geared up at my place, I dressed in the little skin gear I had which was a black polo with yellow trim and yellow suspenders my former had given me, regular jeans and my combat boots with red laces.  I don't have bleachers yet, but I'm looking forward to making some soon as well as acquiring some knee-high boots.

We headed up and made our way into the bar, meeting up with my friends who were decked out in great rubber gear, like full body catsuits, waders, rain boots, gas masks, even Sir Donny was there in his slick rubber gear, as well as a friend of his who dressed in a zentai suit.  The host, Matthew, taught me an interesting quote tonight.  "Fashion is what everyone else is doing, style is what you yourself."  I had a blast, of course after one Adios Motherfucker I'm having a really good time to begin with!  I also met this really handsome, really sweet bodybuilder named Phil.  Woof! I wanted to hang off this guy's arm and have him throw me over his shoulder and take me anywhere he wanted!

Around 1:30am Mez and I left, grabbed tacos at a drive through, and headed back to my place.  I started getting ready for bed when Mez told me not to undress.  So I left them on, took a piss and when I came out I was greeted to the sight of him knelt in the service position.  Down on one knee, one fist down, one over his knee, head bowed, naked, and in his ankle and wrist restraints.  Arf.

Without a word, he undressed me, kissing and licking my naked body after all my clothes had fallen to the floor.  We moved to the bed, and he worshipped my cock, sucking it like a good service boy.  I prepped his ass, lubing it up really well, I slid on a condom and then slid inside his eager hole.  I took it slow, I was gentle, sliding inside of him all the way, making gentle love to his ass.  I whispered softly in his ear as I went, then slowly increased my speed and my thrusting force.  Before long I was banging his tailhole and making him whine!  I thrust harder! Harder! He whined and whimpered! Ohh that gets me going!  I thrust! I shot my load, howling like a beast!  It was magnificent!

Grasping him, I collapsed and caught my breath.  Now it was his turn.  I cleaned him up after I pulled out, and he requested that I finger his hole as he jerked himself.  He earned it for being such a good boy and serving me like that.  I gladly did so, and enjoyed watching him squirm and moan, then shoot his big load all over his chest!  What a good puppy he is!  I'm glad I was able to fall asleep next to him tonight.

Play Safe dear reader.

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