Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Return of the Fist Pig

Friday December 7th, 2012

After my class at my kink workshop I was incredibly worked up, I came home and called my new fist pig. I couldn't wait to dominate him!  I had to have him, right this second!  He cleaned out and arrived soon after, and we set up a play spot on the bed.  Once the towels were down and the lube was out, I loved on his beautiful body for a while before greasing up my hand and proceeding to finger fuck him.

He moaned and grunted in the best ways as I slid my fingers inside of his greased up hole, one, then two, counting the digits penetrating his piggy ass until I had my whole fist inside of him.  I love that feeling of having my entire hand sucked inside of his rectum like some creature sucking on my fist!  I enjoyed twisting about inside, rolling my knuckles around on his prostate, making him beg and moan, and oink for me like the greedy little fist pig he is.  After I really put the pressure on his prostate he started to cum, dripping and howling in ecstasy.  I fisted him faster, twisting swiftly, punching deep into his ass, making him howl, moan, and grunt like a real piggy!

I withdrew my hand and we washed up together, then returned to the bed where I prepped his ass once more and pulled on a condom.  I slid my rock hard dick inside his sweet, tight ass; it felt as if the last hour of my punching his sloppy lubed piggy hole didn't even happen!  I made gentle sweet love to his hole, easing myself in and out slowly, relishing his body and the feeling of my manhood in his deep, warm depths.  I picked up the pace and pounded his ass, over and over!  Moans, gasps, it all made me hornier and harder!  I was slamming deep inside of him now, I felt that all-too familiar rise of energy and then blasted my load!

I held him, laying on top of his muscled body, cold with sweat, basking in our afterglow.  I would have loved for him to stay the night, but according to his agreement with his boyfriend overnighters are forbidden.  It is perfectly fine, and I am thankful that I do get to play with my fist piggy, and even more that his partner is so generous.  It's a wonderful world when you get to say "Thank you for letting me play with your man."

Play Safe out there Dear Reader!

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