Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Puppy and a Movie

Friday, November 24th 2013

My puppy Cockpit took me to see "Wreck it Ralph" this evening, I had been feeling very, very lonely due to the holidays and when he offered to go to the movies I jumped on it like a starved dog running towards a plate of bacon.

I collared him when we met on the street, and we walked to the theater.  Once inside the movie theater, we took our seats near the back and I leashed him, and he spent the majority of the film at my feet. He worshipped my boots, he ate face-first out of the popcorn bucket, and at one point he even took my boot off and massaged my foot.  He is the best puppy I have ever had!

After the movie we went back to my apartment and he stripped, I blindfolded him, and he sucked my dick like the good dog he is, and he's really fucking good at it too!  I took him into my bedroom and I prepared his tailhole.  I made sure to take extra care while playing with it, as he is not a bottom.  I went very slowly, easing myself inside of his tight hole, feeling him clench down on me using his unbelievably strong anal muscles to strangle my cock.  Woof!  

I made love to his sweet hole, hearing him grunt as he took my manhood was hot, and it drove me nuts but I had to keep my wits about me, because his ass was so sensitive.  He couldn't take it for long and I stopped, gently slipping out of him.  Cleaning up, I restrained him on the bed and we jerked off, sharing fantasies until I was ready to blow my load, I grabbed his head and forced him down on my cock!  He sucked the cum right out of me! Fuck yes!  Taking every drop!  Then he jerked off and shot his puppy load all over his stomach, fucking hot! During our afterglow, I thought to myself that I am so very lucky to have a wonderful man to call my puppy.

Thank you, Cockpit, your handler loves you very, very much.

Play Safe.

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