Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Exchanging Power

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

My dear friend who once dominated me in a beautiful RCMP uniform came up for a visit.  We headed out for lunch and could barely keep our hands off of each other, I couldn't look away from his handsome face, his beautiful sexy voice, memories from our last encounter that felt like decades ago.

We finally made it back to my apartment and kissed deeply, I whispered that I was his boytoy, that he could do what he wanted with me, I was ready at any time to submit to him.  He whispered that he wanted my dick deep in his ass, he wanted me to fuck him.

I smiled and I could feel the energy change inside of me, like chocolate melting and pouring from one mould to the next, I swapped my submissive energy for more dominant power.  I love being versatile.  I pulled him into the bedroom by the fly of his pants and we made out passionately, he said he wanted me to fuck him in his leather.  This date just kept getting better by the moment!  I lent him my larger pair of leather pants and ordered him to change into them, while I changed into my chaps, harness, boots, and cover.  He looked incredible in leather, especially when I ordered him to kneel and I collared him.  I stood him up and told him to look at himself, as he looked at his reflection I told him that I take damn good care of my boys, and that all good boys get rewarded.

I fucking loved the sound of his accent as he called me "Sir".  His first duty was to suck my dick and lick my balls, which he performed flawlessly.  I couldn't get enough of him worshipping my dick.  I finally tore him off my crotch long enough to force his face down on my boots and clean them with his tongue.  Another job well done, he was rewarded with more cocksucking duty.  Finally, I bent him over and lubed up his sweet ass.  I fingered it a bit to prepare him for my raging cock.

Sliding on a condom, I slowly glided inside of his hot, wet boyhole.  He moaned and thanked me, I asked him whose ass it was, "Yours, Sir!" I asked whose dick was inside this ass that belonged to me. "Yours, Sir!" I asked him who he belonged to. "You, Sir!"  I fucked him faster, deeper, grabbing his arms and pulling hard to force myself even further into his hot, lubed up boy hole!  I finally shot my load, and after a weekend of being by myself, pent up and frustrated and with the excitement of having my traveling uniform kinkster in my possession, it was a great load!  I stayed inside of him, savoring his sweet, hot, sweaty body before eventually sliding out and cleaning myself up.

I returned to him, and pulled his leash tighter, winding it around my clenched fist. As he jerked his meat, I reminded him who he belonged to, who his body, dick, and hole belonged to, and would be fucking him as well as whose cock he was to worship.  He shot a load that gushed all over his hot chest and stomach, fuck it was incredible!  I happily wiped him down and we relished in the afterglow, my sexy boy in my arms.  We shared a very intimate shower together, our lips rarely apart, meeting in gentle passion under the warm embrace of the water.

As I saw him off, my heart sank, not knowing when his path would bring him to cross with mine again, but alas that is the life of a man who travels the skies as an occupation.  However, he knows very well where he can land.

Play Safe, Dear Reader.

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