Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"You're coming home with me tonight."

October 12th, 2012

The night had started on a bad foot, I had made arrangements for a ride up to the Socal Bondage Club, but I forgot to let my ride know about them, and when I called he was already halfway to the club.  I was infuriated at myself for such a foolish mistake.  Fortunately for me, I have the most amazing pup in the world, when I told my predicament to my puppy Cockpit, he was in front of my apartment in minutes and we were off to the club.

When I arrived, I mingled a bit before meeting up with Bobby, he led me to the Japanese bondage room and stripped me before tying me down and torturing my body, as well as kissing me.  His torture of my helpless body went on for two full hours, swapping between sensual pleasure, and pain.  It would be my first experience with clothespins. At first they didn't hurt at all, slight discomfort when they first were applied to my body, but nothing more.  Then, the longer our scene went on, they slowly became more and more uncomfortable, more intense, the discomfort growing steadily stronger before I was begging him to release me from their damning hold on my tender skin.  This was definitely something to remember for the future, especially for the boys who submit to me if they ever get the foolish idea to disobey me or worse, I start feeling sadistic.

Kissing and holding Bobby was just bliss, soft tender body, sweet sensual lips, and a gamer as well! What a find!  I look forward to playing with him in the future!  After I was released from his care, I returned to the main room to look for someone I had been talking to online.  He had said hello earlier that night and I finally found him in the Throne Room talking with my friend Pup Don.  A moment later, as if Pup Don could read our minds, he shooed us away "Go play! Go play already!" he said as he nearly swatted my ass out the door!  His name was Adam.  I took Adam to the Jail Cell and started kissing him, he kisses so well it's beautiful, he's beautiful, such an amazing face, sexy smooth body, lips so soft and sweet, a smile so mischievous   He whispered in my ear, "Let's go somewhere private." I pulled him into the room most likely to be empty, the Victorian Room at the end of the hall.  I turned down the lights and continued appreciating those lips of his, and his delicious tongue.  He's gentle, tender, soft, sweet, and his whispers of "You're so hot." made me fire up in excitement! It feels so amazing to have such a sexy man tell me that I was attractive.

I continued to kiss him deeply, before I tied his legs together, then laid him down and tied his hands.  I then took my sweet time in enjoying his helpless body, kissing his soft, smooth bare skin, toned and thin, his body warm and inviting.  The scent.  His smile.  All intoxicating.  Unfortunately due to the men in the next room talking so loudly, I could not keep my focus, but making out with Adam was very enjoyable either way.

He leaned up to my ear and whispered, "Do you wanna get out of here?" and I asked if he wanted to spend the night with me at my place.  His answer pleased me greatly, and I released him, I said my goodbyes to my friends, and we headed out.  We arrived at my apartment, found a very convenient parking spot (the universe smiled upon us this night), once upstairs more sensual kissing and caressing of bodies, which then were stripped bare of clothing.  I gently pulled him into bed, and wrapped my arms around this beautiful man...and we drifted off to sleep.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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