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Palm Springs Leather 2012

November 9th - 12th, 2012


I met up with Steve at his apartment, along with Shad, and we picked up Marlon at his place before heading down to Palm Springs for the weekend.  We checked into Hotel Zoso, and then made some rounds picking up supplies for the room and the weekend.  A nice supper at IHOP followed by a trip to the gear backlot party held behind the Tool Shed and Gear, where I met the adorable Palmsprings pup and his two handlers as well as Sir Gaelan and puppy Kiba.

Steve bought me a nice studded collar, and I met up with a lot of friends as I walked around the crowds, and had a lot of fun.  Steve and I headed back to the room on foot for a healthy walk, however upon arrival I was so exhausted that despite my eager desire to party all night long with everyone else, the frigid trek had stolen all my energy and I passed out soon after from exhaustion.


In the wee hours of the morning the following dialogue took place...


"...what time is it?"


"This is going in the blog, you know..."

A few hours later around 6am, Steve and I had breakfast at a local Starbucks.  The morning light on the desert mountains was absolutely beautiful.  That afternoon we attended a great pool party with delicious food and plenty of kinky guys.  I had a light conversation with Rubberdawg, the amazing man responsible for the majority of the rubber hoods out there, and I expressed my desire to help him with his work even if it was just cleaning the tools he used.  This amazing guy is constantly so busy and I'd love to help him with production.  During the party I was approached by a man who expressed his interest in watersports.  I said I'd give it a shot and we went around the house to an area specifically for that purpose.  He got down on his knees and I took out my member and started to urinate on him.  He really enjoyed it, and to be honest, I started liking it too.  It's definitely a fetish that grows on you.  I'm close to flagging it really.

After our little wet interlude, I headed back into the house and watched an orgy unfold in one of the side rooms set up for play.  As hot as it was, and as much as I wanted to be in the middle of the man on man fuck fest, I didn't know a single one of them and it scared me too much to risk it.  I had no idea what kind of relationships with each other that they had, or what any of their statuses were.  It makes me nervous, if they are so free with each other here, then what kind of sex life do they have elsewhere?  Do they just throw caution to the wind every time?  It's playing a dangerous game, and I'm always a little terrified when I get tested every three months.  I know I play safe, and I never bareback, get fucked by someone I don't know, or suck a strange cock, but the fear is always there.

My group left soon after the cake was brought out and we headed over to Wang's in the Desert for dinner, where I met a man named Matt and we flirted heavily with each other until we left for the leather contest.  We arrived late, and missed our announcements as titleholders (fuck was I really embarrassed  I do my best to make it a point to be early however I was at the mercy of the flow of the group, so I had no control over when I was to arrive anywhere), the contest itself felt a little different from what I was used to, I couldn't put my finger on it but something about the energy that night was either amiss or just simply different.  The after party seemed a little off for me too.  I think it was because after seeing so many Sirs and men together, my heart grew lonesome, longing for that Sir of my own again.  Thankfully Steve caught me all by myself on the sidelines, and we left a little while after.

We headed to Tool Shed and when we got out of the car I found a cellphone on the sidewalk, it looked brand new and very expensive.  At first I thought one of us had dropped it, and when I discovered it wasn't ours I decided to call the last number on the phone.  Luckily it wasn't passcode protected yet, and I was able to get inside in order to call.  I arranged a pickup outside the bar and the man who owned it was very grateful.  He offered me $20 for my trouble, and I refused, however he insisted that I take it and use it to have a drink inside the bar.

The bar itself was absolutely slammed, finally reaching the bar I had my first (and certainly not last) taste of Kaluha, I was able to meet up with Jackson Lawless again, he's a nice guy and I'd really like to get to know him more than the quick hello/goodbyes that we've had.  We lasted until last call and invaded the local IHOP again.  I'm sure they were amused with so many guys dressed in rubber and leather coming in for dinner that weekend.  On our way out we met a very adorable, and quite drunk man named Justin.  It was his birthday and he had gotten separated from his friends.  I could only wish him well as we headed out and back to the room, but my mind was full of horribly delightful thoughts.


We headed to the pool party at Helios, right before the wet t-shirt contest.  Plenty of nice looking men in shirts competed and the contest was quite long.  Afterward I dove in myself and was pretty much the only guy in the pool, strange for a pool party.  A while later I was in the play area up against the St. Andrew's and Dan Lovell flogged me a bit, woof, thank you Sir!  Unfortunately my headspace broke in the midst of it and I had to stop the scene.  It was great being played with under him, and during the aftercare I broke down and cried after he told me I was so deserving of my leather title that I had won, and I was a good boy.  I promised him that I would stay a good boy.

After Helios we headed to tour the grand estate of Jim Newman!  Jim has an amazing mansion, filled to the brim with odds, ends, interests, knickknacks  and plenty of uniforms! My god, this man is so into uniforms he had to come up with his own catalog system!  Not to mention the amazing amount of hats, covers, and boots to go with every uniform!  He's a really nice guy, fun to hang with, and plenty of stories to share.

From the mansion we left to dinner at Hamburger Mary's (did you know the location in Palm Springs serves kangaroo meat?) and then back to the Tool Shed, we met up with a guy I knew from San Diego with his new Sir. I found out that his new Sir was fairly intense and didn't fuck around.  I was shown the cigarette burns on the boy where he was "disciplined", and told a story of how he shaved a swastika into the boy's hair purely for shock value.  I wasn't really sure how to absorb that information, as it caught me off guard.

We headed back to the hotel and Steve and I took a walk around the Spa Resort Casino and played "Stereotype Bingo: Casino Edition" and made for some very amusing conversation.  Returning to the room, Steve dominated me in the bathroom, and I jerked off for his entertainment.  Fuck did I need that release!  After cleaning up we crashed.


For a change of pace we had breakfast at a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and sat outside.  Steve accidentally spilled his drink and some of it splashed on the boots I was wearing.  Now it wouldn't have been a big deal except the boots weren't mine!  They were the nice tall Wescos that our roommate David had lent me!  I wiped them down as fast as I could, and started thinking of how I would explain the accident to him, when he suddenly came outside and joined us at the table.  I swear it was like every "I accidentally broke your shit" plot cartoon I ever watched in my entire life.  He sat right next to me and I had absolutely no idea if he knew or not, he then went on to comment on how his boots looked on me, and to put another nail in the coffin of guilt and anxiety, he went on to say how much he cared about the boots.  I seriously would have probably lost my shit if he hadn't taken that moment to walk back inside, and Steve told me that he already knew about the spill accident concerning the boots.

Fuck, man...

I did love wearing them, they feel great! I hope to get my own pair someday.  After packing we had breakfast down at the hotel restaurant, and then spent the rest of the afternoon at an outlet mall before heading home.  I love Palm Springs, the desert is just so nice and quiet, majestic, and there's a lot of fun to be had around that city!

Thank you guys for a fantastic, kinky weekend!

Play Safe Dear Reader!

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