Tuesday, March 5, 2013

When You Dine with Dogs

Friday, September 21st, 2013

Today I flew out of Long Beach to San Francisco on my own, it would be the first time I ever flew solo, and without my pup Cockpit by my side while going to San Francisco.  The flight itself was quiet, and seemingly faster than usual.  After meeting Cockpit at the terminal, checking in at the hotel, we made our way to Don Ramon's and joined the SF K-9 Unit dinner.

I love this restaurant, not just for the food and drink, but the friendly welcoming attitude they have towards pups and handlers, as well as the rambunctiousness and unique behavior we display during our visits.  They are incredibly accommodating, going so far as to wash the dog bowls when we're finished with our meals. 

During dinner I met up with Dan, one of the judges from my international contest, and loved on him.  He's very cute and super cuddly.  I had a margarita and Lover Fox was out in minutes, accompanied by Dark Fox who was already in play, I had a very fun combination of egos making an appearance.  Sky pup approached me and upon seeing my Muir cap, mentioned I was wearing the wrong hat.  I told him "My puppy presented me with this cover so I'm going to fucking wear it." He understood.  I also saw Spike, Ritz, and Shred.  I met a bodybuilder named John, and his pup Rufus who was seated next to Wolf at dinner.  

I love serving Cockpit his meals in his doggie bowl, cutting it up, and scraping it off the plate, then watching him eat on all fours with nothing but his face stuffed into the bowl making a mess of himself is so much fun.  

John, by the way is incredibly strong! A hot upper body just bursting with muscle which he used to pick me up effortlessly! Woof!  After the dinner, Sky drove us back to our hotel room where we met up with Brue, Wolf, and Lawrence, a tall handsome runner, athletic build who was also at the supper.  Soon after everyone was situated, the clothes came off and we loved on one another.  Wolf said later that my dick was sucked by everyone in the room, and I was joined in my bed by Wolf and Lawrence.  The night is a blur of sexy bodies, deep kissing, sucking, and warm embraces.  It took forever, but Wolf was able to successfully beat me off and my orgasm was so wonderful!  The rest of the night has dissolved into a dark blur in my memory, but I know that it was a beautiful evening.

Thank you, my dear pups.

Play Safe, Dear Reader.

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