Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Loyal Visitor

Wednesday afternoon, September 26th, 2012 I had boy Nicolai over. I had him wait at my apartment before I arrived, and like the good pup he is he waited obediently at my front gate as instructed.

Once upstairs I ordered him to strip to his underwear, I made out with him a bit before handcuffing him with his own cuffs, blindfolded him, and then clipped his cuffs to my carabiner clip hung from the door frame to my bedroom.  I left him there to be a pleasant viewing piece as I got caught up with some work pertaining to an event I was throwing at Pistons Bar.  Having him stand helpless in my doorway, unable to do anything more than just be stared at and played with at my whim was a turn on, and something I'd like to continue doing to future subs that come through my door.

Once finished with my work, I sensually played and molested his sweet, smooth body, running my hands up and down and feeling him shiver.  Once I had my fill, I unclipped him and took him to bed, where I cuddled and talked with him for a short time before dragging him back to the living room, and ordering him under my desk, where he worshiped my feet as I got some more work done on my computer.  When I allowed him to surface again, we watched a few fetish videos from my stash and got worked up before I pulled him over to the towel on the living room floor.  I ordered him down on his knees, positioned myself behind him, lubed up his sweet little ass, slid on a condom, and began to fuck his hole.

He was quiet, but his firm, tight ass was just incredible.  Then the loyal things he started to say as I pumped his sweet hole turned me on even more.  He's a real sweetheart and I wanted to make him feel my manhood deep inside of his slim, sexy body.  Fucking his ass felt so damn wonderful, he's not a noisy boy, but his loyalty and eagerness to serve me deserves a good ass pounding.

I finally reached my boiling point and erupted inside of him, I then held him from behind as he jerked himself off, he tried to blow his load but unfortunately he just couldn't make it happen.  I know the feeling of frustration when that happens too.  It drives me absolutely crazy when I want to shoot a big wad and it refuses to come up.  However it didn't spoil his mood and he was very happy to have been dominated by me which as a result pushes me to continue being a good top.

Play Safe, Dear Reader.

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