Friday, February 22, 2013

Submission from Abroad

Monday, September 17th, 2012

I had a little fun with a hot visitor from France. We had been talking at length online, reconnecting from a few messages a long, long time ago. Close to a decade, even.  He was finally in my neck of the woods at a convention here in Long Beach.  For his personal reasons, he was forced to be discreet  he dropped me off close to the hotel and I walked the rest of the way inside, using a keycard he gave me to get into the room.  The ride over to the hotel was in amazing, masculine style.  I rode shotgun in a beautiful, blue Mustang, a gorgeous car!  I now understand why so many men blow their loads just touching one of these machines, and here I was sitting comfortable in the front seat, listening to the engine roar, in a goddamn Mustang!  How fucking butch can you get?!  Thank you, boy!

The night began after I changed into my leather CHP uniform and waited for him to change into his gear.  He was in a sexy vest, harness, jockstrap and boots, fucking woof.  We made out for a good while, then I collared him with my nice thick slave collar, leashed him, and made him lick my boots like a good boy.  He's quiet and really fucking cute, plus that French accent of his really riled me up for more!  I cuffed his hands behind his back and led him to the bed, where I pushed him down and made out more, shoving my tongue down his throat.  I flipped him over onto his stomach and kissed his sweet, sexy body, running my fingers up and down his bare skin, enjoying every inch of him that was now mine to play with and control.

The chaps came off, I was ready, I wasn't going to wait any longer for this!  I wanted him now!  I uncuffed him and gave him his only choice of the night, what flavor condom he wanted before he went down on my throbbing member.  I was very impressed with the handsome man, he was so eager to please me that he nearly choked on my manhood!  He did his best to take it to the base, just how I like it!

The time had come and I tied his wrists and ankles together, threw him on the bed and lubed up his sweet ass.  I took my time and slid inside of him with no problem at all, a perfect fit.  He felt very nice, he enjoyed it just as much, no pain for him whatsoever. Woof!  Both hands on his harness ring, I banged his succulent asshole, he was just loving my cock as much as I was loving his hole.  Harder and harder, he wanted it! I wanted to give him every inch of me, thrusting deeply, passionately, building up the pressure until I blew a nice, hot load!   Fantastic! He shot his soon after, while I was still inside of his boyhole.  We must have been extremely horny that night because after relaxing on the bed a while after, we were able to both rub another load out!  I was amazed I had any left inside after such a great scene!

We lay there in our afterglow, that beautiful warmth you share with your play partner after a hot, steamy, and passionate session together, and I gently removed my collar from his neck.  The boy soon panicked when he found out my collar had left light but visible marks on him.  Whoops. Sorry about that, boy.  He told me that he couldn't be seen like that, and he was my ride out of there.  So I was invited to spend the night with him, which I happily agreed to!  A night with a cute, French kinkster, in a lovely hotel room.  Who would pass up such an opportunity?  Before we retired for the night, we shared a very sensual shower together.

In the morning, I left the hotel and he met me on the corner, and I was driven back to my apartment in that beautiful blue Mustang once more!  Thank you, boy.  I can't wait to have you in my arms again!

Play Safe Dear Reader!

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