Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fetish and Kink Online

Hello Dear Reader,

I wanted to make a separate post about different websites where you can explore and discover other men interested in kinks and fetishes. We've come a long way since the days of personals in the gay papers hidden in the bars, hotlines where you would leave messages and pray for responses, and relying on the hanky code, keys on the hip, and different other unspoken symbolic signals worn on the person in order for men to connect with other kinky men. We now have the convenience of more open mindedness, and the internet in order to research, and connect with the men who share in our twisted, dark, cock-hardening, heart racing, precum-dripping fantasies.

I've compiled a list of social network websites that I have used to connect with other kinky men, and other fetish websites with a micro description of each along with an orientation audience.

Social Networks - Fetish profile website. [Gay Men] - Fetish profile website. [Gay Men]

www.fetlife - Fetish profile website, frequently described as a "kinky Facebook". [Everyone] - Fetish profile website. [Gay Men] - Fetish profile website. [Gay Men]

(Edit 12-27-2012: The owner of the Menpac site has been very generous and has started a special for new users, use promotional code ZAGEDEN to use after signing up, at the bottom of the profile complete page and upload 10 pictures to your profile you will have 3 months of premium membership.  Thank you, Ursus!) - Fetish profile website. [Gay Men] - Puppy Play fetish profile website. [Gay Men] - Rubber and Latex fetish profile website. [Gay Men] - Fetish profile website. [Gay Men] - Financial Domination fetish profile website. [Everyone] - Wet-n-Messy fetish profile website. [Everyone] - Mud, Wet-n-Messy fetish profile website. [Gay Men] - Profile website. [Gay Men]

Mobile Applications

Grindr - Proximity profile network. [Gay Men]

Scruff - Proximity profile network. [Gay Men]

Kink and Fetish Interest - Bondage and gear blog. [Gay Men] - Bondage and kidnapping fantasy blog. [Gay Men] - Uniformed men porn website. [Gay Men] - Club for uniformed men in boots and breeches with strict dress code. [Gay Men] - California Boots and Breeches Corps, police motor officers uniform club. [Gay Men] - Wet-n-Messy picture website. [Gay Men] - Community of men into boots. [Gay Men] - Kidnapping and bondage fantasy website. [Gay Men] - Mud and Quicksand fantasy website. [Everyone] - Bondage Club for Gay Men in Southern California [Gay Men] - Lone Star Rubber, rubber community in Texas. [Gay Men] - Group based on BDSM education. [Gay Men] - Mud and Quicksand fetish forum. [Everyone] - BDSM porn website. [Gay Men]

Enjoy Dear Reader, please follow their codes of conduct, and as always Play Safe.

If they ask, tell them I sent you.