Wednesday, December 5, 2012

International Leather Sir / boy / Bootblack 2012 Contest

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

At 2:00am Sir Dino and boy Jr. picked me up at my apartment and we started our long journey up to San Francisco. Stopping for small snacks, meals, and gas along the way often in rest stops placed in desolate and lonesome places along the freeway, we finally arrived in San Francisco at 10:30am.  Once at the hotel it felt like a whole different city, the skies were overcast for the first time for me visiting.  One thing that stood out was that anyone in leather whom I waved at, obviously other contestants, didn't respond at all to me waving and smiling at them, simply a glance and then they would ignore me.  It was bizarre and cold. Before I could think too much about it, we had to rush upstairs to the room and dump our bags so we could be in time for the first meeting.  (Looking back, they were probably all stressed and such...)

After all the schedules and such were passed out, we went upstairs and changed for the VIP party at Mr. S where I was filled with a wild energy, an excitement! I couldn't stop smiling! All the judges were really awesome! Everyone was having a blast! Surrounded by leatherfolk having a good time, how could you not? After the party we went back to the room, and Sir Dino and Jr. went out for food and drinks while I stayed behind, eager to get rested for our next day.

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Interviews were this morning, I went in only slightly nervous, but even more excited and beaming!  I wasn't scared of them, being through two contests I already knew that they would be asking me questions based on what I had placed down on my bio, and who they wanted to see was me at my best and I was fully charged and ready for anything.  I was thrilled when they asked me to explain how I would integrate fetish into a video game and since I liked Greek Mythology which Greek God I saw myself as. I answered that I saw myself as Hermes because I saw myself as constantly dashing everywhere.  I loved my interview and I feel I nailed it!  After Sir Dino had his interview we took a quick lunch and shopping break before coming back for our speeches and our jockstrap segments.

I decided to keep my speech simple and clean, I knew many would tell their life story and I also wanted to say something that people could use in their own lives so I went with this.

"In my title year I have learned the following:

1) Take a deep, cleansing breath before everything.
2) Be yourself! This is who everyone wants to meet, besides everyone else is taken anyway.
3) Have fun! This is what life is for!
4) Disregard anything that comes into conflict with #1 - #3.
5) Disregard hearsay. People talk, let them.  You're the one who will be doing something.
6) Talk is cheap, action is expensive.
7) All things are temporary, so relish the right now."

As I came down from the stage, I saw Cockpit! I was so thrilled he came to see me compete! He was in full puppy gear, kneeling by the side door we used as our stage entry / exit, so he knew I'd see him!  After our speeches we prepared for our jockstrap portion, I loved this part as well, making sure to use all corners of the stage and presenting myself in the best way I could imagine.  Smiling bright and having fun, strutting my stuff in nothing but my leather jock and my boots on stage under the bright lights! What a fucking thrill it all was!

After all was finished up, we met Cockpit up at the room and we all went out for dinner together at a diner made out of an old train car, had some hilarious conversation and stories, my puppy kept us laughing long into the night, before we all headed back to the room and crashed.

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

After changing, we headed downstairs to listen to Luna, Nitro, and Sir Allan talk about their title years as international Bootblack, Leather boy, and Leather Sir respectively.  The more we listened to their stories of frequent travel across the United States, hotel rooms, couch crashing, event throwing, and fundraising, it dawned on me:  I was in no way prepared to be an International titleholder, not at this exact moment in my life.  All the time I'd have to take off of work, all the money that would come out of my pocket, I couldn't afford that right now.  I felt terrible guilt, all the work I had put forth and all the support I had received in getting here only to learn I was miles from being able to be an international titleholder.  I thought for a few moments, and then made up my mind.  I wasn't going to quit, I needed to see this whole thing through, regardless of the outcome!

From there we went into our fetish demos, Sir Dino and Jr. wrapped me up in pallet wrap, and toyed around with my body, I love being a demo boy especially on stage!  I've started really enjoying mummification as well.  The feeling of the wrap encasing me in a plastic cocoon, naked underneath but kept warm by my own body heat and moist with sweat, my mind diving into itself, exploring the depths of subspace.  After I was cut out and wrapped in a towel, led off stage and we seated ourselves in the audience, we learned that there was supposed to be another demo session, this time the boys would pleasure the Sirs.  This was the first we had heard of it, and a half hour before it began.  Someone had said "Oh that's right, you have no producer, he would have been in charge of informing you about everything."

A little back story on that, for a moment.  At the very start of my title year, the very night I won my title, we were led to the Eagle after we were announced as winners and introduced to the community as the new regional titleholders.  I was then sat down by the man who was my producer for the contest and was told "I am no longer your producer."  I thought that this was the natural path for all titleholders, knowing absolutely nothing about what should or should not happen, and accepted it as a regular part of the order of things.  It wouldn't be until months later, after doing things on my own that I would be told that he wasn't supposed to just up and leave like that. He was supposed to guide me to the end of my year and through my international competition, along with Dino, who became California Leather Sir 2012 later in my title year, due to circumstances concerning the actions of the original titleholder for Sir.

Since we lacked a producer we were completely on our own, and relied upon our own wits and actions in order to get ourselves to San Francisco for the competition.  Sir Dino had already served as an Emperor in the Imperial Court world, so he already had event planning, fundraising, and MC skills to draw on.  I learned everything by the hints and tips given to me by my friends, and by trial and error.  I assumed it was expected of a titleholder to do everything by themselves, I was informed halfway through the year that it was definitely not.

We sat there, watching the boys pleasuring their Sirs, massages, boot service, and other loving acts were performed.  Each one beautiful, each one erotic, but I could not shake the disappointed feeling of being left out.  I don't use the word "hate" a lot in my life, as it is a powerful word thrown around flippantly with little regard to its true definition, but I hate feeling left out.

Back in the room, we changed for our fantasy scene.  I donned football pads, my jockstrap, and boots, and when we were called to the stage, I sat in a chair, stuffing my face into a jock strap.  Sir Dino came on as my coach, "catching me in the act".  He punished me by making me lick his cleats, worship his body, he then bent me over the chair and flogged me, then made it to look like he was shoving his fist up my ass, before he led me off stage, my hands behind my back.

Fuck that was fun!

After a quick change to formal leather, we went up for the awards.  Ruin won International Bootblack, boy Bamm-Bamm won International boy, and Sir Jack won International Sir. I wasn't bothered at all, I was thrilled!  I had grew closer to all of my running mates, and I didn't give a damn about winning or losing whatsoever.  I had made friends, and had one amazing experience after the other.  The clowning around in the dressing room, the fun discovery that if you gather enough leather men and women in the same room for a rehearsal, you'll find that we act like hyperactive 3rd graders given the slightest chance, and the incredible life paths of each contestant which led them all to the same spot.

That night, Bert, Nick, Jr., Sir Dino and myself went out for sushi for our "Holy Shit We Competed in That?!" dinner.  It wasn't until then that the thoughts began to creep inside my head, "Why wasn't I chosen?", "What did I do wrong?", "Am I not good enough?".  I chalked it up to Loser's Curiosity, and did my best to ignore them, but it still nagged on me a little bit. After dinner was over, I split from the group and wished them all a good night.  I was exhausted, I couldn't go any further.  They all went out drinking, I went back up to the hotel room and collapsed.

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Dore Alley! I hitched a ride with the amazingly handsome Shawn Kinnear, and entered the festival, soon finding Sir Michael and his prisoner troupe of Mr. Manny, Navypup, and MindDrive.  I hung around them for a while, on water assistance duty to the prisoners whose hands were obviously cuffed as they were led around the festival grounds.  I separated from them at the Oink Mobile booth, and was flogged by Alan, and then came back down to Earth with Dennis, getting to see Fenn and his amazing mohawk! Standing at least a foot tall in full fan.  Heading out I wandered a bit before joining up with Cockpit at the K-9 Unit booth, and going around a bit with him.  We left for a bite at Wicked Grounds and then headed to Mr. S.  I heard of a rubber play party and if you volunteered to help with setup, your entry was free!  So I helped set up the play party for the R.M.S.F (Rubber Men of San Francisco), and after everything was finished I was gifted the opportunity to try out a Vac-Rac for the first time!

A vac-rac is a Vacuum Rack, two slips of rubber connected to PVC piping with a hole in the top for my head to slip through.  I slid in between the rubber, and stuck my head through the hole, and it slid down my neck.  The air is vacuumed out, and the rubber forms a tight seal all around my body.  Oh it felt divine! I couldn't move a muscle!  I loved having my face free to see my helpless body fully encased in rubber!  A dark dream come true!  The dream was short lived but left me starving for more, knowing full well that I could easily handle it!

I didn't stay very long, I grew tired, and began to fade.  Fenn came over to me and we talked for a while, play parties with anonymous sex encounters just aren't my scene, I'm much too terrified of catching a disease or an infection to play with someone at them.  I left and discovered that I was all by myself.  I called Sir Dino and boy Jr. came to my rescue with the number for Homobiels, a donation-driven taxi service for LGBTQ riders.  My driver arrived shortly after my text to the service.  Erica was my driver, and she made me feel the safest I have ever felt getting into a stranger's car.  I had never used a taxi by myself, and in unfamiliar territory as well I was very anxious.  She made such great conversation the entire ride back to my hotel, and I made sure to leave a generous tip for her.  I love this service and I wish to see it thrive!

Back at the hotel I grabbed a lovely sushi dinner from down the block, ate until I was stuffed, and passed out on my hotel bed, as Dino and Jr. watched TV.

Monday, July 30th, 2012

We ended our trip to San Francisco with a walk around Fisherman's Wharf, doing the touristy things like going to the Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory for dessert, Sir Dino and Jr. got sourdough and seafood, we looked at the Golden Gate Bridge, walked around the docks, and went to an old arcade, and relaxed on our final day before heading down the 5 freeway on the long journey home.

To everyone who came to our events, thank you.

To everyone who stood behind us, thank you.

To everyone who donated to our fundraisers, thank you.

To everyone who showed us love and friendship, thank you.

We went, we saw, we had so much fun, and we gained beautiful experiences.

Thank you.

Play Safe, Dear Reader.