Tuesday, November 20, 2012

His First Time

The morning of July 10th of this year I had thrown my back out, in the shower, a random and completely unfortunate muscle spasm.  I spent the entire day on the floor in discomfort, even after a trip to my chiropractor.  It was when my friend Alex came over that my day improved significantly!

He was headed into the air force so this afternoon would be the last time we saw each other for a long time while he was over seas.  This young man was so incredibly helpful, while I rested on the floor he helped around the apartment, cleaning up my bookshelf which I had been trying to get to for a while.  

Soon he cuddled up next to me on the floor, and we held each other close, then kissed, his sweet lips so softly meeting mine, taking me away from my pain.  He then said he wanted to pleasure me, our clothes came off and we cuddled a bit more before he started to suck me.  He has such an amazing body for a boy so young, I'm envious and proud of him for taking such great care of his beautiful physique.  I asked him if he would like to ride me, he was very concerned about my back and I was grateful for his selflessness and concern, and assured him I would be fine.  

He helped me up, and we went to my bed, I told him everything I wanted to do to him, that he would be riding my member for his first time.  

This is actually the best position for anal sex beginners, when the bottom sits on the penis of the top, it gives the bottom full control over how much is inserted and at what pace.  This is important as a virgin ass will be very tight and should be teased and stretched a little first with one lubed finger at a time.  The ass should be played with a good amount beforehand, make a little gentle love to it as the first reaction of any rear is to slam shut by instinct.  When that hole is starving for you, eager to open up and receive you, go at it gently, smoothly, and lovingly.  Make it beg for you.

After lubing up his hole, and sliding on a slicked up condom, he sat on me.  He took to it like a duck to water! He rode me hard! He was fierce! He wanted it! I loved watching him enjoy himself!  When he got close, and after a good while of him riding me, I gently told him that we were changing positions and I was going to fuck him.  I changed condoms and positioned myself behind him, I lubed up his sweet, hungry boy hole, and slid myself inside of him effortlessly.  He moaned just a little, and I told him to let it out to let me hear it.  I fucked him gently at first, checking in and making sure he was alright, he was loving it!  He moaned more, louder which just drove me to go faster and harder, tightly gripping his hips as I thrust and slammed myself into his sweet body!  I went harder and deeper, letting my animal instinct take control!  He moaned gratitude and I asked him 

"To whom!?" 

"Thank you, SIR!"

I neared my peak and went forth and let go! I blew my load inside of him!  I took care to hold him close to me as we panted in exhaustion, enjoying the afterglow of a damn good fuck.  I noticed his legs shaking, and remembered the days when mine would shake and grow weak after being fucked, it brought a smile to my face as I kissed him.  After a nice intimate shower together, we lay down on the floor and he beat himself off until he came, we cuddled one last time before we left for our last meal together for a long time.

I'm gonna miss the boy, but he'll be back I'm certain.  The best part is that he gets permission from his girlfriend, and she's turned on by the idea that I screw him. I couldn't be more thankful.

Play Safe Dear Reader.