Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Abusing the Willing Boy

June 30th I headed up to meet Sir John at Union Station. A few interesting sights along the way included a man and his lazy adult son on the blue line, the son stole someone's seat and pretended to be too tired to notice his father's pleadings to give the seat back or to take out his wallet, filling the immediate vicinity with palpable social awkwardness.  When it came to their stop, they left but not before the father looked back into the car from the doors and said "Now wasn't that funny?" as the doors shut, the car erupted into relieved giggling.

Whilst waiting for the red line train, I observed a woman who couldn't have been taller than three feet, waiting on the same side as myself.  Someone could have easily plucked her up and ran off with her she was so petite.  It was fascinating to see someone so different from myself and the overwhelming majority of people around us.  When I finally did reach Union Station, I walked through the terminal lobby when a bride and groom ran down the aisle in the opposite direction, in full gown and tux who had just been married in the closed off area of the station near the front door.  They were met with applause and cheers from perfect strangers, and the terminal was filled with a warmer energy as these two ran by.

Sir John picked me up outside and we made off to his place, where the fun began upon our arrival in his garage.  Once inside the dungeon, my shorts were yanked down and my ass was rimmed immediately.  A chain collar was then slipped around my neck and locked, my submission role sealed.  I was led to the bedroom and stripped naked, he lubed up his member and took my ass as his, but gently, sensually, he made love to my boy hole.  However he did not cum.  After a rest, and some cuddling, he tied me down to the bed and fucked my hole, and hard!  He forced himself in and out of my ass, but stopped again, right before erupting in my now aching hole.  Of course I didn't care about my pain, once I'm under Sir John's control, my mind only focuses on pleasing him, serving him, and working towards hearing him call me a "good boy."

After another rest in his embrace he tied me down once more! My ankles together, my wrists bound tight, my ass at his mercy, and Sir John was merciless this time!  Ramming my throbbing hole, he slammed himself inside of me!  My hole felt so raw and abused I feared it may bleed if he didn't let up, and that I loved the fact that I had no control.  Again he came close to his climax, but denied himself the pleasure, pulled out of my aching ass.  As much as it hurts when he fucks me so hard and so aggressively, I love the anal abuse Sir John inflicts on me.  I love him as a dear friend, and as a Dominant.  He showered as I took the opportunity to clean up the bedroom, then after my shower we enjoyed a barbecued dinner and amusing conversation as well as each other's company before I was led back into the bedroom where I was hooded, tied down spread eagle, and forcefully fucked until Sir John finally came inside of my abused and worn boyhole!  My ass was screaming at this point, anything more and tears would have streamed down my cheeks.  We fell asleep together, my exhausted body in his arms.

In the morning I woke up to an empty bed, but not for long, as when Sir John returned, we cuddled for a little while before he slipped a condom on my raging hard on, and rode my cock.  His ass is so wonderful! He moves so well!  He then asked what I wanted, and I answered that I wanted to fuck him on his hands and knees!  I love banging doggy style, it gives me the most control, and it feels so goddamn primal!  I love pounding his ass!  I love hearing him moan!  I love feeling myself get closer, and closer to orgasm and then when I'm at the edge, it starts flowing! Blowing inside him! FUCK YES! I start howling! HOWL! FUCK!  Then the fire dies down...and I hold him. My cock still inside his sweet ass.

Following cleaning up, and a light breakfast, we sat in the living room, my head in his lap while he amused himself on his iPad.  Before we got ready to leave, he showed me his Israeli gas mask hood he made.  The eyes were taped over with black electrical tape so the mask was completely blind, giving it a soothing feel, and something I could easily fall asleep inside.  I hope he uses it on me someday soon!

Thank you Sir John, I love to serve you Sir.

Play Safe dear reader!