Monday, October 29, 2012

Southern California Leather Gathering 2012

So June 23rd Cockpit and I headed out to the Southern California Leather Gathering hosted by Pug!

If you've never been, I definitely recommend you go at least once.  We get a wonderful mix of different leather worlds, straight, gay, bi, pan, as well as the fetishists that make up their populace.

We set up camp in a nice shady spot , and ended up not doing much else than relaxing in the shade and take things as they came.  We participated a little bit in the human scavenger hunt where you have a list of kinks, fetishes, or types of people and then you hunt around the BBQ and see who fits the description.  A wonderful educational icebreaker and a way to meet new folks.

Lunch consisted of classic hot dogs and burgers, and thankfully someone brought pasta salad, so Cockpit could eat vegetarian.  Someone else actually brought a cotton candy machine, I asked to try it and it was so much fun making my own cone of cotton candy.

You'd think a leather BBQ like this would have kinkier things going on, but it's pretty run of the mill stuff...well except the Dildo Toss competition...that's a classic SCLG tradition, and would you believe a straight man always wins every year? We have a reigning champion, I shit you not.  The running joke is that "A gay man will never win the dildo toss, because we can't bear to throw away good dick!" 

The majority of the picnic was spent either hugging on my friends, cuddling with the bears and pups (I love bear and puppy piles, being in the middle of several men is just bliss!) eating, or snuggling with Cockpit. He had fun playing retriever for the dildo toss, and even balanced the dildo on his nose like a the good Golden Retriever puppy he is.

I'm excited about next year's picnic, and I hope to bring more men with me.

A special shout out to everyone who helped out, and thank you to Pug who puts this on every year! You go girl!

Play Safe Dear Reader.