Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy 21st Birthday Lauren!

June 23rd, I went out to the Mineshaft to meet with Lauren, Alex, and Sir David.  I was surprised by Sir Donny when I was on my way to the bar!  He was dressed in full biker gear, and he looked amazing!  His tall frame encased in armor made me excited the moment I laid eyes on him.

We hung out together at the Mineshaft while we waited for the birthday girl to arrive with her boyfriend Alex and Sir David.  After a Cocksucker shot and Sir Donny molesting me much to my delight, I walked him to his bike where I met a very sexy porn star, who not soon after our introductions did he let slip that he and his brother suck each other off for the camera, and that he thought it was really hot.  I mentioned that I was a blogger and I was interested in interviewing him for an entry, and he agreed.  We exchanged information and went on our separate ways. After a trip to the Crypt I went back over to the Mineshaft and saw the porn star again, when I was looking for the party group, Sir David appeared from out of the crowd, grabbed my shirt, and pulled me over to where they were!

It was like a dream!  It was so fucking hot! This handsome, studly, masculine man coming out of the shadows of the crowd and gripping me firmly, dragging me towards him! Oh yes sir! Take me into the darkness!

Greeting the group, and wishing Lauren a very happy birthday, we were treated to shots by Sir David, rounds of Fireball Whiskey, Cocksuckers, and even 100 Proof Peppermint Schnapps, as I downed the third shot, I realized I had never had that much booze before and was a bit concerned as to what might happen.  Lover Fox would definitely be making an appearance and I was unsure of his intensity.

I was given a Fireball Gingerale to sip on, a delightfully spicy combination.  My drink was then taken away gently by Sir David's hand, and I was forced down on my hands and knees where I worshipped his boot!  I licked the fuck out of that boot, I wanted to impress Sir David! I wanted to show him I wanted him so badly, that I wanted to serve him, how hot I found him.  The porn star from earlier was forced down to lick his remaining boot.  The porn star then took off his shirt and offended some random woman standing behind us because she was frustrated she couldn't do the same thing.  It was one of those moments where you didn't know what to say, and could only really just stand there and laugh at the situation in the way it unfolded.

We eventually moved over to the Brit bar a little ways down and had more fun, and it became apparent that around last call that Lauren had plenty to drink at this point and she was having a very good time. Soon we were all booted out of the bar for closing and I met up with Nicolai outside, a cute young man who I had met at one of my events earlier.  I saw Lauren, Sir David, and Alex into their cab and waved goodbye, and walked towards with the porn star.  The more we got to talking the less, and less I liked him.  He would say very arrogant and selfish things, like "I'm working on something that will make you want to fall to your knees and call me your god!" and "We need to show these fags who they need to bow down to!"  His attractiveness plummeted, and he came off as disgusting.

I really started reconsidering the interview, did I really want to help promote this negative and selfish person?  Did I want to encourage and reward this kind of disgusting behavior?  When we reached my corner I wished him a safe night, and told him to stay humble.

Later on that week, when it did come time to interview him, he called me an hour before our meeting time and said he was spending the weekend at Six Flags instead.  I reconfirmed that he did know he had an interview scheduled, and was well aware of the time we were to meet, and he told me he simply went to the amusement park instead.

I'm sure there are more responsible people out there for me to interview in the future.

Play Safe Dear Reader, and remember to drink responsibly.