Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fetish of the Month 2012: October - Abduction

Greetings, dear reader.  It’s finally time for the Fetish of the Month!  It’s October, a month of longer nights, chilled winds, and dead leaves carpet the streets.  This month I explored a darker corner of the fetish and fantasy world…Abduction.

I have gathered together three men, but I will keep their identities hidden. This fetish can be dangerous, and I advise all of you to be extremely careful with this one.  During my research I heard a tale of a man who was very deep into abduction play, letting strangers take him away, and the gentleman who was telling me this tale informed me that he had lost contact with him, as if he had just fallen off the face of the Earth.
So beware.  Perhaps some things are better left to fantasy…

Three questions to ask, the first being “When did you discover your interest in abduction?”

 (Contributor A)
I first found an interest in abduction in grade school when we were playing at recess. I'm not sure what the game was, probably "War," but it was fun getting captured. I just wanted to be tied and blindfolded, even then.

 (Contributor B)
My primary kink is bondage, and since a good deal of my exposure to that in TV shows, movies, and books was when a character was kidnapped and found tied up, I became interested in abduction as a result. I'd say that it's not as much of a kink as it used to be, but it's still a scenario that has been fun to think about. I've even been lucky enough that I had the chance to do so with people I've trusted.

 (Contributor C)
I found an interested in abduction because part of my fantasies involves bondage. Being taken against my will and forced into gear and bondage. I can't remember the website, but I once found a video on the internet (possibly YouTube at the time, but is no longer there), where the plot begins where someone has broken into some person's house and is chloroformed and taken against his will. He wakes up to find himself in a box. Aside from the ending, I found myself very aroused when the person was chloroformed and is out-cold.

Mmmn very nice, gentlemen.   I’d say that my own interest in abduction was also from films and tv shows when someone is grabbed off the street and forced into a van, or knocked out and dragged away, the camera only showing their legs in the shot, and then they are slowly dragged out of sight and into the darkness, I also remember scenes where the hero is tied to a chair by the villain, gagged and blindfolded, and it was always a very big turn on.

So men, what is the most erotic part about abduction for you?

 (Contributor A)
To me, the initial capture and restraint is the most thrilling. Second would be the "reveal" at whatever place I was taken to, and third would be beong kept there for an unknown amount of time.

 (Contributor B)
While I'm able to switch into sub mode pretty easily, sometimes I like to be forced into it. Abduction roleplay has always been pretty fun because it's a way to get into subspace really quickly. I love the feeling of being carried or dragged off (again, by someone I trust) because it makes me feel powerless and like I am their captive being held for money or being forced to be their prisoner. Since, again, my bondage interests stemmed from abduction scenes, it gives me the chance to live out those fantasies.

(Contributor C)
As with the previous question, the most erotic part is that you are taken against your will, whether you like it or not. I think of it as a intro into force bondage.

Again, wonderful answers, and very sexy responses!   The eroticism of abduction to me all involves the unexpected loss of control.  You are being taken away against your will; you have no choice in the matter.  The event is happening whether you like it or not.  You do not know where you’re going, and you are at the complete mercy of your captors.  You can only trust that they know what they are doing, and know how to take care of you…if they are going to take care of you that is.

So my contributors…here comes the sweetest inquiry…what is your abduction fantasy?  How do you want to be taken away?

(Contributor A)
The fantasy is simple; to be caught, hooded, blindfolded, restrained, and taken somewhere. I wish there was a miracle "Bat Knock-out Drug" that would let me wake up somewhere safely LOL. To make the fantasy more real, I'd like the kidnappers to be unknown to me. I'd have friends set it up, but if I got somewhere and recognized their voices, some of the mystique might be gone. Of course, who says they have to say anything?

 (Contributor B)
I've had more than a few. :) A lot of them all have the common element of being carried away physically and being restrained, but I'd say the common one is like this:

I'm walking along, minding my own business (sometimes it's night time, sometimes it's day) and a limo with tinted windows comes up (sometimes just a regular, but fancy, car). All of a sudden, one or two well-dressed men get out of the car and go after me. Before I can run away, they punch me to get the wind out and then one throws me over his shoulder and tosses me in the backseat. They tie, blindfold, and gag me, and either stretch me out in the backseat and cover me under a blanket or they flank me. They mention that I'm a special package and that somebody would pay good money to get me back. It seems like a long trip, and I struggle against the leather car seats trying to untie my bonds, but we finally get back to their hideout. I get roughly picked up again, carried into the building, thrown down on a chair, and tied up again. They tell me they want me to remain as comfy as possible because I'll be there for a while. Sometimes there's even that hint of a threat that I'll be a special treat for one of them, but usually I find myself alone and trying to think of a way out.

 (Contributor C)
I would think one would have so many fantasies.
One fantasy would be I pull up on my drive way at home, as I am getting out the key to open the door, someone from behind grabs me and stuff a damp clothe in front of my mouth and nose and I pass out. When I awake I'm find myself bound and in gear.

Very, very hot, all of them dark and wonderful fantasies.

Let me share my own fantasy with you.

It starts late at night somewhere, on the street, at the dungeon, at the bar, I am outside when two large, muscled men in tight black shirts, leather gloves, jeans, boots and balaclava masks grab me.  One covers my mouth and gags me as he grips me from behind while his buddy grabs my legs and binds them.  I'm dragged over to a large van, the sliding door is open and they pull me inside.  I’m blindfolded and my hands and legs are tied up.  Once immobilized, one of my captors rests his hand on my chest and orders me to calm down while rubbing my body, assuring I’m going to be okay, that we’re "just going for a little ride."  It’s no use to struggle, he holds me tight in his big muscled arms as his friend drives us away.  The ride seems like it takes a while, all the time I’m being rubbed and caressed almost lovingly by my kidnapper.  We finally arrive at our destination and I’m carted inside, they put me down on a bed and finally remove my blindfold, I’m in a small prison cell. 

They never remove their balaclava; they change my rope restraints to leather wrist and ankle cuffs and string me up spread eagle to a St. Andrew’s cross.  They make remarks about how I’m their play toy for the time being, and continue to molest me, occasionally moving in for a kiss and then snarling in my ear instead.  They lay their guns out on a table in the room under a bare bulb, as well as other toys like floggers and candles.
During my imprisonment they flog me, they drip hot wax on me, they collar, leash, and tether me to the prison wall. I am fed out of a dog bowl for my meals, and bathed with a warm washcloth.  Even though I am a prisoner, they take gentle care of me.  When I am not being played with, they store me in the prison cell and sit down to discuss ransoms in front of me.  They never yell at me, but take care to make sure I am comfortable, all while making me their play toy.

Dear Readers, this fetish is very dangerous.  It can lead to serious situations that may be real abductions that lead to horrible circumstances, like excruciating painful injury…or even death.  You must be careful who you talk to about this fantasy.  Maybe even keep it a fantasy.  I heard of a person who would broadcast his position on his own website for abduction play, anyone could come and grab him off the street.  It stopped when it started to become too popular, and his captors began to fight among themselves for possession of him.  Thankfully he wised up about it and ceased it, which probably saved his life.  Others have not been so lucky.

As always, my Dear Reader,

 Play Safe.