Thursday, October 4, 2012

Los Angeles Pride 2012

The morning of June 10th, Cockpit and I went up to Los Angeles and marched in the L.A. Pride Parade.  It was a huge mess of color, balloons, music, streamers, and rainbow flags!  Earlier before we had headed up I read that the puppies had no representation, so I volunteered to be part of the puppy group for Los Angeles.  Cockpit lent me a puppy hood to wear and Sir Dino handed me the Leather Puppy flag, but unfortunately Cockpit and I were the only ones there pupping out, no one else came! I couldn't hold the flag all by myself, I had to hold Cockpit's leash!  That's when Sir Dino came up and clipped the flag around my neck so I wore it like a cape.

I was representing all the leather puppies, and walking my dog at the same time. I felt like a superhero!

The parade was so much fun, as they always tend to be, the overload of positive energy, the screaming spectators, all the support for everyone marching in the parade!  I want to march in every Pride Parade in California!  I even passed by a submissive of mine, Marc, I woofed in his face and he didn't even recognize me!  As we marched on Cockpit told me that the protester's booth was nearly empty, save for one person on a megaphone and a few sign holders.  Not that you could really see them, as people had come out to hold up a huge paper wall to block them from view.  How sweet, thank you guys!

The parade ended at a fork in the road, Cockpit, myself, and a handful of the leather contingent walked down to the back end of the festival and were let in by security.  Cockpit went off leash to find a hydrant and I found Sister Unity Divine and gave her a card to my blog (I certainly hope he's enjoying it), Cockpit returned and we explored the festival a bit, had lunch of questionable Chinese food, and I returned the puppy flag once I finally learned who the owner of it was.

A bit more exploration and we discovered Oil Can Harry's had a line dancing room.  A whole room filled with cowboys and a few cowgirls dancing in almost perfect sync   Watching the hotties in cowboy hats and sexy boots and I was drooling on the sidelines, while Cockpit went to grab us drinks.  I got ballsy and went up to the DJ, who happened to be a former titleholder, and a man who I find extremely sexy and attractive, and gave him a contact card and a card to my blog as well.  Overheated and hungry, Cockpit and I took our leave and headed out.

I always enjoy Pride season, and I've decided that I'd like to march in every Pride Parade in California!  Not all in one year, mind you, I'd have to be Pride hopping like crazy! More realistically, make a punch card, and add pictures as a collection of Pride marches.

Play Safe my dear Readers, and as always, Thank You Cockpit.