Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Tall Man with the Sleepsack.

The second Friday in June this year I headed up to the Socal Bondage Club with my puppy Cockpit, along the way I texted an acquaintance who I had played with earlier that week.  We had talked about meeting there that night all week, so I was greatly disappointed and slightly angry when he told me he wouldn't be there because he "had forgotten about it."

When we arrived, the dungeon had taken on a new look, as they had seriously remodeled since our last visit.  The gigantic black door was replaced by a smaller door which in fact looked as if it had just been ripped from the front of a house in Orange County! It gave the front a very homey feel, but I miss the big, intimidating dungeon door.  This one is more efficient though.

We settled in, and I saw a very large man enter with his own bag of gear and toys.  He was huge!  Cockpit and I admired him for a short time, not knowing who he was.  He approached me and said "Let's get you tied up!" I looked at Cockpit, who had been admiring him just as I was and felt a little bad being approached instead of my puppy, being given a lot already I wanted him to have fun too.  However the nod and smile Cockpit gave me encouraged me to accept.  The man asked if I remembered him, which is always a dreaded question I encounter.  Meeting many people, seeing many faces I easily forget and feel bad every time I cannot recall a name or a face.  He then continued with "We met at IML!" As if by lady fortune slapping me upside the head, I instantly knew who he was! I called out his name excitedly and hugged him!

He put me inside of his leather sleepsack, and strapped me in.  This is a fun little mistake, as I was then tortured as my balls were slapped lightly, I was tickled mercilessly. Cockpit betrayed me and joined in my torture with a vibrator to my crotch, watching me squirm helplessly.  I was blindfolded, teased with denied kisses, and tickled further.

So much fun!

When I was completely exhausted, and couldn't take any more funishment, I was allowed to rest, and I slipped away into a light doze.  My body held by the leather sleepsack, warm and safe, bound to the table in the main room.  He gently woke me back up a little while afterward, and I was released from my leather prison.  He then put himself inside, and the roles reversed!

I was in control now, and he was very clear as to what he wanted, so clear in fact that the term "topping from the bottom" rang true for our situation.  I really enjoyed kissing him, he heartily enjoyed his vibrator on his dick, and a little cock slapping as well made for a fun scene.  His time in the sleep sack wasn't as long as my period, and he was out sooner than me.  We moved over to the throne after cleaning our space, and I enjoyed a seat on his lap.

He stroked me, my cock rock hard, and encouraged me to jerk off right there seated on his lap.  I was apprehensive at first, I may be an exhibitionist but I'm not always parading around naked.  Seeing that the present company was hardly bothered by it, if not encouraging of this, I went for it.  Being in his huge arms was comforting, and riled me up, peaking and finally shooting my pent up load!

It was a fantastic night, and I'm thrilled I was able to play with him, and I look forward to our next encounter!

Play Safe my dear readers!