Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dominating a Bound Boy

In the start of June I had a guest over at my apartment for the evening, a very handsome and very tall man whom I had met online.  We had negotiated beforehand, gotten to know each other before he came over, and we started the night with him in handcuffs clipped to the bungee cord wrapped around my doorframe.

I have been gifted with a bedroom that has an open space above the door so I may drape whatever I wish around the large resulting beam.  What hangs there now is a bungee cord with two metal clips, providing an excellent bondage point.

Once helpless I proceeded to molest him, he is considerably taller than I am and I find it wonderful to be able to play with taller men, especially when they dominate me, however it was a thrill to have someone who outranks me in height to be calling me "Sir".  It was definitely healthy for my ego to hear him moan, gasp, struggle, and call me Sir.  I was giving him pleasure and in return his happiness fed my own confidence and joy.

At times he would playfully resist my kiss, so forcing my tongue down his throat was even more fun than the usual make out.  Gagging him with a bandanna, I moved on to taking off his pants and furthering my molestation of my tall, bound boy.  I moved him over to the bed where I bound his ankles, and I uncuffed him to take off his shirt, he then struggled to to handcuff me instead!  I overpowered him and handcuffed him again, and as punishment for his blatant insubordination I tickled him mercilessly until he understood that he made a big mistake and apologized for it.

I then took my time enjoying his body, licking, caressing, teasing, and biting him until I felt ready for the night to come to its conclusion.  I began to jerk his sweet dick, which had been dripping with precum the entire evening.  He got closer and closer to his peak, I rubbed him faster, faster, faster! He finally shot his nice, hot load, and with the most satisfying of moans I've heard, filled with relief and ecstasy!

I soon joined him, after jerking my own meat and releasing a wonderful orgasm that had built up during the torture and pleasure I inflicted upon my handsome prisoner.  After some pillow talk later, I found that he was a former cowboy! Oh how lucky!  Tall, handsome, and I can just imagine him in a stetson and boots! Woof! What a night that might be!

I look forward to tying up a cowboy!

Play Safe Dear Reader!