Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fetish of the Month 2012: August - Cowboys

Hello my friends, this month is going to be about my current heartthrob of a fetish.  Down home guys, men of the land, we're talkin' about COWBOYS this month! YEE-HAW!

I've rounded up a group of fine, handsome gentlemen who are kind enough to tell me all about their cowboy fetish and what it means to them, so sit back and read on my friends!

First question to get the horse out of the stable is "How did you first discover cowboy gear"?


1) My fetish for cowboy gear was certainly driven by cowboy boots. When I was a kid some family friends came to visit and they had just done a trip to the USA and their son who was about my age came wearing a pair of red cowboy boots with natural soles and heels and pointed toes and lots of detail stitching on the shaft. I can remember those boots as if was yesterday. I recall just being totally fascinated with those boots. Later on in my early teens my best mates much older brother went on a road trip to western USA and came back with a pair of really cool square toe cowboy boots. At the time cowboy boots were in fashion but the ones you could get in the high street shops were pretty horrible clunky things with no finesse, but these boots that he got in the States were just SO much better styled and made. 

This guy was very fit and handsome and had great fashion sense too - so I was bessotted with him and his boots. Just couldn't keep my eyes off him in those tight jeans, tight t-shirt, leather jacket and boots. I loved it when he gave us a lift in his car - watching him pump those pedals in those boots was very hot. He wore those boots every moment of every day and they soon became really tatty and worn and the more worn out they got, the more they turned me on. A few times i managed to find them unattended in the house and tried them on. Instant wood!!!!! I loved the smell of them too, that leather just smelled so much stronger than regular shoes. Then one day I discovered he'd thrown those boots out - I was gutted!!! I would have given them a very loving home!!!  

Anyway shortly after he bought a new pair of boots and they were even more awesome than the first pair. They were mexican boots, the brand was La Grand Bota and they were dark blue with amazing multicolour stitching on the shafts. They had the most extreme pointy toes and very very undershot heels. One day I was winding him up and annoying him for a laugh and he kicked me in the ass with those boots - man i nearly came in my pants that instant. Again he wore those boots all time and they just got sexier each time. Seeing him drive in those boots used to make me so hard I could barely walk at the journeys end. He had those boots reheeled and resoled many times over the years and I was truly obsessed with them (and him) The first time I tried those boots on I was so horny that I was nearly sick with excitement as I slipped my bare feet into them. When I stood up in them they rocked right back on those undershot heels, that turned me on SO much and I was sporting one major raging horn. I wish I knew what happened to those boots... Well that got me into the whole cowboy thing and as time passed every part of the cowboy look got more and more attractive. Seeing a sexy guy in cowboy gear and sharp boots riding a powerful stallion at full gallop is a truly awesome sight to me. 

I can see how others may see it as bit corny or cliche but we can't control why or how our fetishes develop - they don't always follow the course of logic 


Umm? Well? First off I am from a small town in Wyoming and grew up on a ranch. So discoverin cowboy gear was not an option it is a way of life.

Cowboybikers - Gearfetish 

1. First discovered cowboy gear as a very young child... the Marlboro Man was EVERYWHERE... (thanks to him I'm sure thats how I developed my smoking fetish too... but I digress) there was something so masculine and rugged about a man, in that gear, working cattle, riding horses, the true american lifestyle. The idea of being out, free in the middle of no where, the beautiful scenery. sliding on tight well worn wranglers, pulling the cowboy boots up by the strap... sliding the spurs on the heals and buckling them. Putting on a crisp fresh shirt, tuckin it in and sliding that big old belt and buckle to complete the getup... before putting on the pervy chaps, that just hug a man in the right places to show off his ass and bulge. Then the crown jewel, the cowboy hat. It makes the cowboy. A man with the wrong hat for his face can just ruin the image in my mind. 

Whew that was hot, guys! Woof!

I personally can't really pinpoint when I got into cowboy gear, most likely around my teenage years when I first started awakening to my own sexuality.  My favorite piece of cowboy gear is definitely the boots, my first pair of boots were given to me as a gift from a man I met online.  He drove to a local bar and we met outside, he dug into his trunk and brought them out a nice pair of simple black cowboy boots that he just couldn't fit in anymore and couldn't bear throwing away.  I'm certainly glad he didn't!

Let's keep 'er goin'! Next question is "What about Cowboy gear is erotic for you?"


2) Cowboy gear is erotic to me primarily I think because it is all about real men. Masculine men. But butch men that know how to dress to impress! Also there is the idea that these cowboys are out in the middle of nowhere and well when they get lonely there's really only one choice! The nature of cowboy work is very physical and so oftentimes these guys are very fit and well muscled. Watching a cowboy working hard in the dirt is a very sexy scenario for me - building up a good ol sweat. When i was a kid a friend of mine's dad went to the US on busuness and he brought back a suede cowboy jacket with a fringe across the shoulders and down the sleeves. I used to love trying that jacket on and the smell was amazing too. I'm sure that helped reinforce the cowboy fetish


What is erotic about it? The feel of denim on your skin. The creak and smell of the leather from your chaps and saddle. The way a grass rope hums when you catch a cow and dally around your horn as your mount stops short to take out the slack.

Cowboybikers - Gearfetish

2. The idea of the cowboy gear being used for what it's purposes are, is whats so hot. The sweat, the hard work, the dirt and mud and just the visual appeal of a good lookin guy in tight jeans, chaps, boots and hat... ie... any Marlboro ad! 

Ohh yes, very nice answers, incredibly sexy guys! Making me all excited here!

For me, the image of a man in the tall boots, the dusty jeans, chaps, button up shirt, and the hat all pull it together to create a look of masculinity. The man on the horse, a beast tamer, nature lover, he's out in the middle of the desert alone under the stars by the campfire his hat over his face.  The rope at his hip provides a sense of he's in control and can gain control at any given time.  When I see a cowboy holding a whip, it gives him a look of power and intimidation.

Now here's the big kicker! The question that I love with all my heart!

"What is your biggest cowboy fantasy?"


3) My biggest fantasy would be a gay dude ranch. Stripping and fucking a sweaty muscled cowboy in the flat bed of a pick up truck would be super sexy - nude but boots only - hot!!!! 
Or maybe finding a gorgeous cowboy laying out in the midday sun, fast asleep. I'd seen him before and we made eye contact and exchanged furtive smiles previously. I watch him sleep for a while but then approach and undo the buttons of his torn and ripped jeans. I very gently caress his cock so as not to wake him and his hard on slowly grows. When it reaches its peak I soflty wrap my lips around the head of his dick and move slowly down that throbbing shaft and then gently move up and down until he slowly wakes in a moment of ecstacy. AS he opens his eyes blearily he gives me that same smile and glint in the eye and moves his hands to my head and runs his fingers through my thick hair. I suck him til he blows and I take his salty cum into my mouth and then I move up and firmly plant a kiss on his lips and we tongue each furiously exchanging his spunk from my mouth to his, where he swallows gratefully. I the pull those jeans right down to his boots and flip him over onto his stomach and part his pert buttocks and lick his hole until he is quivering with pleasure. Then I spit on my hand and lube my cock and slide it into him, he groans and wriggles with pleasure and maybe a little pain and I screw him royally until he can take no more!


My biggest cowboy fantasy is to be loved by my best friend. 

Cowboybikers - Gearfetish

3. Biggest cowboy fantasy? To become a marlboro man, and honestly be a real one in the ads. I've always wanted that since I was little. Then be able to go out on a shoot with those guys... and have them tell me how much into gear they are, and use the shit out of me. Tie me up and each one breed me to make me a true Marlboro cowboy. Sort of an initiation right of the ranch. 

Fuck yes, there's gonna lots of hot dreams tonight! Thank you, boys!

My cowboy fantasy involves me heading out to a ranch, probably one out in the foothills or a desert, but definitely one a significant distance from civilization.  Out in the wilderness, I'll be invited to the ranch for the weekend by a handsome man named Chad.  He stands over me an easy 6 foot 4, short dark brown hair covered by a white stetson, dark brown eyes, dark scruff on his chin and sweat on his brow.  He wears his red flannel shirt open, his abs glistening with the sweat of a hard day's work.  His blue jeans are dusty and torn in places, his knees are the dirtiest, my eyes wander down to a pair of tall, black cowboy boots.  We wears a coiled rope on his hip, he was practicing his lasso techniques this morning, his brown work gloves are covered in hay.

He comes up close to me, that winning smile of his, wide and warm and thrilled to see me.  His hands grip my arms and pull me into his toned chest for a hug, I can smell the ranch on him! Sweat, hay, and the smell of horses cover his body as I am wrapped up in his arms.  His strong embrace makes me melt into him, until he breaks the hug and pulls me towards the barn out back.  He's been cleaning it this afternoon and just finished, he wants to show me.  He leads me to a big old two-story barn, the sun has been setting and it's getting dark.  A soft warm light is coming from within the front door, slightly ajar, an old fashioned oil lamp flickers from the rafters.  He pulls me inside, excitedly to reveal stacks of hay bales made into walls like a maze.  He flashes me a mischievous smile and steals a quick kiss before running into the maze of hay.  As he vanishes, he challenges me to find him on the second floor, that if I can climb the ladder he'll reward me with something very special.  I shiver with excitement, his southern drawl accent drives me wild.  I plunge into the maze and frantically begin my search, after many wrong turns and dead-ends I finally find the ladder, a bunch of daisies are set at the base of it as I look up I see him standing over the top of the ladder looking down at me, a daisy held in his teeth.

"Hey pardner." he says, beckoning me upstairs.  I eagerly follow, climbing as fast as I dare on the old wooden ladder.  When I reach the top I don't see Chad, but suddenly I'm tackled to the floor from behind, and I am in his arms once more, his grip is tight! Just how I like it!  His muscular frame holding me close as we laugh, his boots scraping the floor, making me hard.  Suddenly rope is wound around my wrists and ankles and I am hogtied before I know it.  I am rendered helpless and at Chad's mercy.  He kneels down and takes off his gloves, then takes my face in his hands, drawing close with a gentle smile he whispers in my ear.

"Looks like I caught some fun tonight."

His soft lips meet mine, and the lantern light falls from sight.

So keep it hot in the barn tonight boys, and Play Safe my dear readers!