Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Mystery Biker

At the end of April, Sir Donny picked me up and treated me to dinner before taking me back to his home where put me into a cycling suit.  Now this wouldn't be my first experience in a cycling suit, as Sir Michael has placed me inside of one before, but the look of this one made me feel as if I should know gymnastics or possess superpowers to match the suit.  Sir Donny then placed a big, thick leather slave collar on me, my favorite type, and changed my outfit to a leather uniform shirt, and put me in leather chastity shorts.

I can't say that chastity makes me hard, or interests me as it interests a lot of other men, but these can lead to a lot of fun and interesting possibilities.  The shorts had a cup-like bulge that kept me from touching my junk at all, the locks on the legs and at the waist cinched and sealed any opening leading inside, so there is no way you can find any way inside.  From there Sir Donny then took a vibrator to my crotch, and tortured me with the vibrations running through the material of the cup.  It felt so good, and frustrated me in a wonderful way!

After a while with the vibrator, Sir Donny took me out of the gear and replaced it with a wetsuit and a puppy hood!  The more time that I spent inside the puppy hood, the more puplike I wished to be.  A dog inside of me woke up and slowly came to the front of the line.  I desired to be in more than the hood, I wanted the mitts, and have the tailplug for Sir Donny! I wanted to be a good dog!  He's so nice, and gentle to me, I deeply appreciate that about him very much.  At one point I was laying on the bed, with the vibrator on my crotch as Sir Donny left into the next room to feed his cats.  I wanted to be a GOOD DOG! I made sure to keep that vibrator right where he left it, I whimpered, and whined, oh it was torture and I loved every moment of it!

He returned and played with me more, at one point he was on top of me, dry humping my body, and I looked up at him.  I thought for a while.

He was kind, he was considerate, he was fun, he was gentle, and he made me feel comfortable, I felt that I could trust him.  I told him that I was comfortable with him fucking me, that I would include him on my exclusive list of men whom I trust.

When I trust someone, and I mean really trust them, I allow them to have anal sex with me.  For me anal sex is very intimate, and it forms an emotional bond between me and the man who is inside me.  I don't have sex with just anyone who comes along, they have to pass through my trust first, and Sir Donny passed very well.

He responded with that he was okay with waiting, "Good boys like you are hard to find in this town.", and that he would fuck me the next time we played.  This night he shoved a fleshlight between my legs, and faux-fucked me, it felt so good, his thrusts against my body, my boy hole wished it was more!  He came and relaxed, then it came my turn.  He asked me what I wanted.

I had a hard time putting the words together, but I worked up the courage to ask if he could wear his motorcycle one-piece gear, with the dark-visored helmet.  He smiled and turned toward his closet, I looked the other way, and explained that I had always fantasized about a mystery biker, wearing full biker armor and a dark or mirror-visor helmet, would come up to me some wonderful night and dominate me.  I closed my eyes and continued to tell him about my fantasy, how he wouldn't say a word, but use hand signals to tell me what to do.  Before I could say any more, a gloved hand was on my chest.  I opened my eyes, and there he stood in all of his glory!  My mystery biker! Standing over me!

A glove covered my mouth, I stared into my reflection in his visor, as his other hand caressed my body I moaned.  He put a finger to his helmet, silencing me at once.  I stroked myself to my peak!  Here he was! At long last, my fantasy coming true! Powerful! Gentle, and kind, but also dominant! I soon erupted! My chest covered in my warm seed, a towel was tossed onto my chest and the mystery biker pointed a gloved finger in my face.

"You better clean your own mess!" he barked!  "Sir, yes, SIR!" I answered!

While I was cleaning up frantically, my mystery biker disappeared and Sir Donny reappeared, I dressed and we brought our evening of play to an end.  As another sign of his kindness, he took the time to take me to a pharmacy so I could get something to help my nagging cough.

Thank you Sir Donny, my body eagerly awaits your manhood.

Play Safe Dear Reader!