Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tickle Torturing a Young Beast, and the First Sleepsack

The evening of April 1st of this year, my handsome puppy Cockpit picked me up in his Air Force uniform and took me up to Socal Bondage Club where we met up with my friends Isaac who I was to have control over for the evening, Sekrel, and their hot friend Leo.  I was soon spotted by Patrick and his new Sir, or "Boss" as he prefers to be addressed, Alex, who motioned for me to come over.  As soon as I was within striking distance, they tied me up and began to tickle me mercilessly!

Boss Alex had mentioned before how much he had wanted to play with me, and now he was, and I was certain he was going to enjoy every moment of my torture.  As his tickling progressed, I became wild, most likely due to my dominant energy still being active when I walked in meeting with Isaac and the boys, so when they tied me I was feeling quite confidant and full of spunk.  Boss Alex tickled harder, and once he let me rest and catch my breath, I looked him right in the eye, locked him in a challenging gaze and I growled, 


My torture continued, the tickling more intense, I gasped for air in between fits of laughter, and when he did show mercy long enough I threw out instigating taunts, "Show me what you got!" I felt wild! Like an animal! I didn't care about consequence! I wanted him to break me! To show me the full extent of his power, to see just how much I could take!

Eventually they wore me down, I couldn't take any more as my body reached its limit and begged for mercy, they didn't let up.  "I didn't hear a safe word, boy!"  I used every safe word I could think of as the oxygen left my lungs and my body screamed for it to stop. "Yellow! Stop! Abate!" Boss Alex continued to tickle me. "SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALADOCIOUS for fuck's sake!" I begged!  That did it, and Boss Alex let up at last.  As Patrick and Boss Alex untied me, Boss Alex gave me water, but first he drank it then spit it into my mouth, which was very hot.  I looked over to the couch to see Isaac looking disappointed, I motioned him over and asked what was wrong.

I had made a huge mistake.

I had completely neglected to inform Isaac that, while we was under my control for the night, he was more than welcome to seek out trusted play if I was incapacitated.  In my oversight he had become upset and disappointed.  I felt like utter shit.  I told him to go find someone to play with whom he wanted to while I was released, he nodded and went to ask Sir Ian nearby if he would play with him, and he happily began to tie him up.  The guilt sat in my stomach like an icy stone.  I decided that it was only just punishment if I were to go without play until Isaac was finished, no matter how long his scene were to go on.  During this time I practiced rope chaining repeatedly.  When all my rope was chained, I unraveled it and started over, each time reminding myself of why I was doing it and who I had wronged.  When Isaac completed his scene, I took him to the lounge, sat him down, took his hand in mine, and apologized properly to his face for my actions.  Thankfully he accepted my apology and we spent the remainder of our time together in the lounge discussing things until Sir John said it was time for me to go home with him.

Arriving home, Sir John molested me as he saw fit, stripped me naked, collared me with my favorite leather padded slave collar, and took me to bed.  In the morning I was bound, and fucked hard and long before he was satisfied and he started breakfast.  I was released and ordered to clean up the bedroom, which I happily obliged to.  After a healthy meal, I was taken back to bed and we cuddled together before he pounded my boy hole once more, it is my regret that I couldn't last as long this time, as my poor ass was so sore from his merciless banging, when he pulled out my hole felt as if it were glowing red with heat.  We cuddled a little more, his arms around me holding me close, the feeling of safety in a Sir's embrace.  He then turned over and presented to me he ass, and it was now my turn!

Condom slid on, and lubricated, I slowly slid inside of him and he took all of me inside.  I felt a rush of dominant energy flow into me like before, a wild beastly energy burning to the forefront!  I was in control! I was in charge! I fucked him, and hard! It felt great! It felt amazing! I pounded his ass harsh and fast! I roared loudly! I could feel the pressure inside of me building! Oh fuck, I was close! I was going to finally explode!  Suddenly my breath became short, and my body wouldn't let me go further!  Damn it all! I was so close! I was merely inches away from sweet, succulent release!  I grasped him close in a cold sweat and admitted I could no longer go on, I slid out gently and he took me in his arms once more.  He told me I did great, but my desire to cum inside of him remained strong, I had come closer this time, closer to my first hands-free explosion.

Sir John then slid a condom on himself, and flipped me over, my time as dominant was over, and I reentered my submissive role once more as his rock hard member slid inside of me again.  My ass had healed with rest from the last fucking, and I was happily able to take his relentless thrusting and pounding of my hole until he achieved his peak and roared loudly, coming yet again inside of me!  We rested, my body in his arms once more, my boy hole raw and sore.

Later when we finally rose from the bed, he led me into the front bedroom where he prepared a neoprene sleepsack.  For a while I had a hard time with my hands being restrained to my sides, but recent experiences with straitjackets thanks to Sir Michael, have trained me out of my fear.  I became frustrated seeing men enjoying straitjackets and sleepsacks, raving about how wonderful they felt, I wanted to join them!  I see my fears as nothing more than petty obstacles my mind is putting in my way.  The only thing standing between me and a good time is myself.  Stripped naked, I slid into the sleepsack, my arms into the sleeves at my sides, and I laid back onto the bondage table as Sir John zipped me inside.  The sack encased me tightly, anxiety began to close in on me, breathing slowly I eased away from it, I wanted to stay inside!  Sir John then took a length of rope and laced the sack to the bed, if I wanted out any time soon it was going to take a while, so I was going to stay put whether I liked it or not.  He then did what he says most of his subs really enjoy, he held a large mirror board above me so I could see myself in my predicament.  It was amazing!  I was finally bound inside a sleepsack!  I fucking did it!  In your face, anxiety!

I stayed comfortably inside the sleepsack up until my arms began to ache, which felt like a good 30-40 minutes, but then time loses meaning when you're screwing around like I do.  He unlaced the rope, and slowly unzipped the sack, chilly air hit my sweaty body and it felt as if I was just released from a safety pod. I clung to him, wet, cold, and naked.  I felt vulnerable, but safe in his arms as always.  I was protected.  I was then led downstairs into the dungeon and a heavy metal slave collar was affixed around my neck, along with a heavy chain.  I was ordered into the puppy cage, and locked inside, my chain wrapped around a bar and locked in place.  Sir John then generously draped a blanket over my shivering naked body, and left me to lie in my prison alone as he busied himself with other matters in the other room.  I relished my confinement, my safety, until I fell asleep smiling.

I awoke to find Sir John standing over me, he unlocked the cage and proceeded to fuck me yet again!  I looked in the mirror board next to the cage, and watched him as he made my boy hole his plaything once more.  Sore and exhausted is how he left me, locking the cage door behind him.  He returned soon after, and provided me with food, a multigrain bar, a banana, a bottle of water, and some apple rings.  I ate and drank with sincere gratitude, knowing full well how lucky I was to be cared for in such a generous way.  I put my trash in the neatest little pile I could, nestled back under the blanket, my head on the little leather pillow, and soon fell back asleep feeling the weight of the collar around my neck, clanking against the heavy chain reminding me of who I belonged to that day.

Sir John returned and woke me, ordered me out of the cage, and slowly released me from my heavy metal collar.  Like always, as the collar left my neck and was taken away, it felt as if a thin veil of reality swept away with it and my mental state turned to a different channel in the background.  My service to him that weekend had come to an end.  

I thank you, Sir.

Play Safe.