Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fetish of the Month 2012: April - Bikers

I apologize for the delay, but here it is! The FETISH OF THE MONTH!

For April I set my sights on men who have a love for biker gear!

You see them on their iron horses, their hogs, their rice rockets, sporting that drool-worthy body armor, with tantalizing matching gloves and boots, and those full-face helmets, now you can read what drives them to the gear!  We have a few fun photos to appreciate, all thanks to Cowboybikers on Gearfetish! Be sure to send them a thank you!

First question to turn the key in the ignition, "How did you first discover your fetish for bikes and biker gear?"

"As a kid, we lived on a main street. Whenever I heard a bike coming I used to run to the window hoping to catch sight of it, preferably with a guy in full leathers on board. So, surprisingly early in retrospect :) And yes, I still do it - I can apparently hear a sportbike coming from 20 miles away."

Cowboybikers has told me..."I personally first discovered my fetish for biker gear at a very young age, but never really realized it was a fetish. At a young age I enjoyed dressing in my dads boots and gear, and layering was always fun. I'd try and put as much on as I could and just sit there for hours. This was probably when I was age 4 or 5. My parents just thought it was cute. Growing up in a non biker climate, I never really saw guys in full gear. My first fetish came with helmets. I loved how you couldn't tell who was under a dark visor or chrome one when I saw them. I remember in the late 1980s there was a movie on tv, and I wa young. There were two guys drag racing in cars. It was at night, and they zoomed in and showed one guy dressed in full black leather with a black helmet and black visor (pretty smart for night right?) but it is something that has stuck with me since. I wish I knew the video. I just remember it was a yellow and pink car and nothing else. It wasn't until the advent of the internet that I really started noticing guys in race suits, and sportbikss. I thought they just looked so masculine and intimidating, and those bikes that would fly past you on he highway just seemed so badass. Fast forward into my twenties and living on my own (because face it my parents were not going to let me own a motorcycle) I wanted the gear... but I felt fake if I just had the gear. So I decided in order to wear the gear, I need a motorcycle. So I went out, took the MSF class, bought a bike, and then the motorcycle gear followed. At first I thought I was invincible, and everyone loved the gear... until I got a lot of shit for wearing it, and even nearly ran off the road a few times. Here in Kansas City its not like CA... there are hardly any bikers wearing gear. So after Ii had my run ins with those people I really had a hard time getting back in the gear and going on the bike. I began associating that everyone knew my gear interest and knew that I liked to "get off" in it... just when they looked at me in it. Even though that is absurd, it was a hurdle. Each year gets a bit easier, and I've learned to not worry too much what others think. As for my partner... his first taste with the bike and gear was when he was a dishwasher at a resteraunt. He said one day one of the waiters came in on his day off dressed in full sportbike leathers, walked thru the kitchen to the front, and he was just in awe. From there, it made him want to get a bike and have the gear that matched perfectly. "

"I've known that biker gear was a turn-on since forever, specifically the full racing look with helmet and all. It wasn't until very recently that I pursued it for myself however, like just a few years ago.

A friend, a fellow gearhead, had a matching set of gloves and racing leathers he sold to me. It was a big deal - my first motorcycle gear. Prior to that I had convinced myself that it wasn't practical to invest in anything since I didn't have the actual motorcycling outlet or application to use it in. It took a lot to get over that mental block, though at this point it's happily irrelevant now that I've got a motorcycle and am riding it regularly.

In addition to that I've also been really lucky to have played with guys in motorcycle's actually how I met my partner."

All very nice answers to get things started!  I don't remember the exact time I personally found bikers erotic, possibly soon after I discovered myself as gay, and the eroticism followed.  As of today, my ears will always perk up when I hear the roar of a bike down the street and I'll do what I can to catch a glimpse of the rider before he zooms out of sight.

Second question to rev the engine and make it roar! "What is most erotic about motorcycles and the gear for you?"

"Having it on the other guy. And as far as any specific gear goes it starts with the helmet. Specifically the ones with a dark or mirrored visor that hide the wearer's face. There's something about that anonymity that really messes with me (in a good way)..."

Cowboybikers divulged, "The thing that is most erotic about gear/bikes (and this is for both of us) is the powerful captavating image it portrays. The freedom, and the adventure. We both enjoy gear much more when its associated with someone who actually wears it for purpose rather than just play. There are a lot of bedroom bikers, which there is nothing wrong with, but they don't quite understand the purpose and meaning of the gear until its used for its purpose."

"Leather definitely is a part of it. I can't really explain why someone in one-piece suit on a shiny sportbike is so sexy. It must be genetic. The combination of a powerful machine and a mysterious guy in full gear. They say smell is the most powerful sense, and leather is highly stimulatiing in that dept...."

I myself love the masculinity of sportbike gear, the colorful one-piece suits (especially if they're blue), big thick boots with great eye-catching designs and textures to match those riding gloves as they grip the handlebars, and to finish everything off, that helmet.  Full-face, dark visor.  The perfect way to be completely anonymous.  An armored rider who doesn't say a thing other than hand signals.  A friendly wave back when you wave at him, a nod when you compliment his bike, and maybe one day a point to the back seat when he catches you looking at him too long.

Finally! The third question that sends us zooming down the highway! "What is your biggest fantasy concerning motorcycles and biker gear?"

"Apart from bikes and gear, I love dominance and surprise, so it would combine those. Going on a ride with someone new and stopping somewhere remote.  Having them unexpectedly trying to jump me, and wrestling with each other. Of course it's fun to lose, so ending up in a choke hold would be hot ;) Then coming to while bound and gagged, and seeing what destination thay have their fetish GPS set to."

Cowboybikers let me in on their fantasy, "Our biggest fantasy? Wow, thats a tough one. I think and this will probably sound really lame, but just to enjoy our time together on a winding, twisty, mountain road in colorado. Stopping for lunch somewhere on the bikes. Being together and sharing the experience of a ride, looking at one another from a distance, and knowing who is under that helmet and gear, is special."

"I was never one to identify a specific act or collection of gear  as a particular fantasy. For me it's less so about that as much as it would be about what's going on with the other geared-up guy. What's his behavior and how would he respond to mine? What's the context for our interaction?

If those pieces were in place then the specifics wouldn't really matter, I'd consider that situation total fantasy material whatever it might be.

One Halloween within the last decade I was going through a random outdoor maze. Typical lower-budget setup. Not that crowded. At one point I fell a tad behind with the group I was in and came across a spook of some sort..I couldn't even tell you what the specific costume was. For sure he was dark and had a full mask on, maybe a random demon possibly, but the effect was sold by how he played the character. Slower movements. He wasn't doing the typical hide & startle thing. He may have been just watching me as I approached. There was nobody else around. When I stopped in front of him he leaned forward and held out his hand. I thought that was odd, the big thing with all these mazes is that the patrons aren't supposed to touch or mess with the performers and here he is inviting that. But okay, I'll bite. I reached up and touched the performer. I took his gloved/costumed hand. He closed his fingers around my hand and held on firmly. That was all. Nothing scary about that, but a moment later when I went to let go and pull away he resisted my efforts and squeezed tighter. He pulled me towards him slightly and leaned even more forward. I wasn't really sure what he was going to do at that point but he definitely got my attention!

I don't remember what I did at that point. I think I said something lame like "you've got what?". But it was basically over a locked stare. He never said anything back. Eventually he released my hand and I went on my way, catching up with the group that left me behind. Looking back I saw the guy watching me. I watched him watch me until the maze prevented it..

That exchange, as trivially minimal as it was, left a huge impression on me. Burned into my head to this day. I even tried going back to that place in following years in hopes that the same performer might be there again in the same maze.

Now, if you had asked me prior to that what my ultimate Halloween haunted house experience would be I would never in a million years have come up with that. But there it was, and without question that was the coolest haunted house experience I've ever had.

Not to say that my gear fantasy is having a guy in motorcycle gear hold my hand. But I would believe that if the guy had the right wavelength going on in his head, something as simple as that would be enough to make it ultimate fantasy material.

So yeah, that's the domain I would start in to talk about anything motorcycle-fantasy related. Behavior. And then decorate it with the motorcycle and the gear and I'm a happy camper. I might even start with that halloween guy performer behavior as an initial pass of something that would have me weak at the knees."

Thank you gentlemen for sharing your inner most secrets and fantasies with me and my readers, we deeply appreciate it.

As for me, I've often dreamed of a man in full leather biker gear, big black harness boots, thick black gauntlet gloves, and a black leather biker jacket wearing a matching black helmet with dark visor to ride up to me one evening, stop and look me over, then beckon me to come closer with those gloved hands.  As I approach he stands and dismounts his cruiser and he pulls me in so I'm trapped in his grip, he takes my chin in his grasp and forces me to look at him, I can feel his eyes scanning me from behind the visor.  His gloves slide down to my hips and he grips a little harder.  He points to the back seat, not a word is said, at the helmet resting there.  I heed his order and put it on, he saddles up and revs the engine, then orders me on the back with a firm gesture. When I board his gloved hand reaches behind, slides down my leg and we ride off a moment later.

Through the night city, lights and cars, into the hills, long empty roads where one leads to a darkened house.  We park in the driveway, and there are two sport bikes waiting. One blue, the other red.  Off the bike, and then the garage door opens to reveal only darkness.  He grabs me by the belt and pulls me inside, the door closing behind me, sealing off my escape, the door to the house is opened, and I'm pushed inside another dark room and caught by someone else, and held tight against an armored chest.  The door shuts, the lights go on...and I'm being held tightly by a biker in red, with a black visor as well.  A biker in blue armor, arms folded, mirrored visor slowly approaches, and I feel the biker in black come up behind me.

I'm completely surrounded.  My helmet is pulled off, my face stroked softly, and then there's a tug at my belt...

Ride and play safely dear readers!