Sunday, February 19, 2012

Degrading the Foot Slave

Last night carried with it a new experience for me.

A boy that I had met a recent weeknight ago met with me in front of a local bar.  I enjoy his company, and he is a beautiful young man.  I told him I had a surprise waiting for him as soon as we got inside the front gate to my apartment.  Once there, I took his backpack and planted a nice kiss on his eager lips.  Then, I turned him around, tied a white handkerchief blindfold around his eyes, and handcuffed him before planting another long kiss on his smiling lips.

At this point our evening took a very amusing turn.  After carefully guiding my captive up the stairs and turning on the narrow walkway to my apartment, I reached for the door to the small room containing my front door and my next door neighbor's front door, to my surprise the door opened before I could grasp the handle, and my two new next door neighbors walked out.

In many cases this would have been a very awkward moment.  However, my neighbors happen to be a very open minded young couple, a fact of which I am extremely thankful, and only exhibited amused surprise as I politely excused myself past them, my boy in tow.  I wished them a pleasant evening out, and they did the same, the girlfriend of the two eagerly shooting me a big squealing smile, and two thumbs-up as I pushed my "catch" inside my front door.

Safe inside my domain, we laughed about the situation a moment before moving on to more fun activities that included taking the boy's shirt off, some romantic photography, handcuffing him to the bungee cord above my bedroom door frame, and light sensual domination.

I enjoyed having a helpless boy under my control, my dominant side has been receiving a lot of exercise as of late.  I tickled him mercilessly, enjoying the sight of him squirming and giggling, a huge smile on his blindfolded face.  The evening went onward, and he ended up in nothing but a jockstrap laying on my bed as we shared a few jello shots together which had been left over from my last event the previous weekend.  I brought out the whipped cream and ordered the boy on his stomach, spraying a line up his back, which I happily cleaned off of him with my tongue.  He tasted wonderful!  Amused, I sprayed a smiley face next, and halfway through licking it off, my guest asked "Do I taste like IHOP?"  I came very close to having whipped cream come out my nostrils.

As our evening together continued, and after I had cleaned him up, he fell to my feet and removed my socks, sniffing them deeply and taking in the odors of my feet.  He confessed he really enjoyed my scent and began to worship my feet.  He begged me to spit on him as he lay there, sucking my toes, licking the soles of my foot, and having me trample him softly as he took deep whiffs of my combat boots, he told me that he was "in fag heaven".

Here is where I had to mentally step back and observe my situation.  Usually, I detest the word "fag" or "faggot", it being a word that carries such a heavy negative weight akin to the words "nigger", and "cunt".  However, here is a boy who not only uses it on himself, but enjoys it because it's a word of degradation.  He receives a thrill when he is degraded, which is not uncommon at all in submissive worlds.  Being spat upon is also a huge turn-on for this boy, being treated as less-than is sexually exciting and enjoyable.  I am not unfamiliar with calling a submissive under my control a slave, a boy, a plaything, or something similar, but it has always been with a loving tone, never negative.

Recalling the evening, I regret not asking him why he felt this way, the thought didn't cross my mind until now, however this would not be our last encounter, and I will have my answer soon enough.

The scene rolled onward, both of us naked, me resting my foot upon his face, wiping my feet on his tongue, and spitting in his mouth and on his body.  He thanked me over and over again, smiling up at me from the floor as I dominated him.  I called him my foot mat, my personal foot slave, I told him how I wanted him to be at my feet when I walked in the door after traveling half a mile on foot, for him to lick and suckle my toes as I worked at my computer, for him to rub my feet as I amused myself with my video games.  He loved every bit of it, and I enjoyed making him smile.

The question lingers on my mind, why do we enjoy it so?  Why do I enjoy being under a dominant Sir's heavy harness boot as he presses firmly onto my crotch?  Why does this boy like to call himself a faggot, be spat upon, and used like a doormat?  Why do we both enjoy degradation, humiliation, and abusive play?

I hope to answer this soon, and I hope you Play Safe dear reader.