Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Kinky New Year!

I hope everyone had a beautiful and enjoyable New Year's celebration!  I recently returned from my visit down to San Diego where I spent the holiday with my boyfriend, Dizzy.

One of the best parts of getting off the train when I go to visit him is how he greets me, imagine a slim and sexy young man in a leather jacket, black punk-ish jeans, and tall boots running up to you, tackling you, and then picking you up and swinging you around in the air and you'll know how I was greeted on Friday night! I'm a huge romantic so this totally started my night off on the right booted foot, and after a long while without him, I started to tear up with joy.

From there, we made our way to the dungeon nearby and soon after entering I was asked if I could help a friend of his learn how to flog by being the target.  I gladly accepted the chance to help another person practice, and was bound to the St. Andrew's cross where Dizzy and a few other dungeon members helped instruct.  After the tutorial Dizzy proceeded to rub a rabbit pelt on my bare skin.  It felt so wonderfully soft and sensual, and sent me to a nice light headspace.

We didn't stay very long afterward, the leather went back on and we shared a cab ride home with his friend who had just practiced on my backside.  After dropping the bags, I gave Dizzy his New Year's gift, a bottle of Cask & Cream Original Temptation Cream Liquor and a pan of white chocolate fudge that I had made.  The liquor was poured and I shared a nice intimate drink with him, the rest of the evening becomes a blur, however we did wake up in each others arms the next morning.  Only the best place in my opinion, doesn't matter where, as long as I get to see the sun rise with this man in my embrace.

Saturday was spent spending time with Sir Michael and his guest, Mike.  They picked us up and we headed to a few military surplus stores where I picked up my first MRE pack.  I've heard of them tasting fairly good and I've always wanted to try one out myself.  After browsing sexy used and new uniforms, we made our way back to Sir Michael's apartment where he proceeded to hogtie me in cuffs and belts much to my pleasure.  Dizzy and Michael then took advantage of my helplessness and tickled me relentlessly!  After being sufficiently worn out, I was eventually released and Mike took us back to Dizzy's place where upon leaving the truck, he gifted me with another MRE.  A little gaming later and Dizzy and I couldn't wait until the count down, we headed upstairs and enjoyed the last play session of the year.

I always enjoy submitting to him, his handsome face looking down on me, his sexy smooth body, my arms around his waist, hands on his chest, my lips upon his as he deeply kisses me and calls me "boy".  I love it when he grabs my harness from behind and forces me anywhere he wants me, I would be his slave, and that kind of submission doesn't come lightly with me at all, especially the unhesitating way I feel about the idea.  I would proudly wear his collar and nothing else around his house if he so ordered it of me.  I love him deeply, and I adore how he makes sweet, passionate love to me.

That night he gave me a new article of leather, a leather boy cap.  I'm eager to wear it out and show it off! At first I thought the style didn't really fit my personality or looks, but he assured me he thought I looked hot in it, and so I will wear it with a grin on my face.  He also gave me a new blue handkerchief, to replace the one I had somehow lost in San Francisco the last time I had gone up with Cockpit, he's so wonderful like that! Later, we enjoyed his room mate's cooking and a few cocktails, all I know is that it had tropical frozen fruit juice, Everclear, and by my second glass I was close to snoozing in Dizzy's lap.  As the countdown started, Dizzy grabbed my head and pulled me in for my first New Year's Kiss that ended 2011 and started 2012.  It was a beautiful ending to start a wonderful beginning.

The next morning I tried to shoot for him after a bit of good-morning play, but I couldn't.  You've been there, I'm sure!  You're body is just screaming for release, you're working yourself close to raw...and you're miles from sweet climax.  Frustrated, but still happy to be in my lover's arms, we kissed a little more before getting up.

After a mug of cereal Dizzy prepared for me, I wanted to show him some of the mud sinking videos I had found.  (I'll go into this later on, but I'm a huge mud and quicksand fanatic, I haven't had the experience of sinking in quicksand yet, but I want to so very badly!  Unfortunately Dizzy told me that the clay pit I had heard of during my first trip down to see him had been destroyed.  My heart sank at the news, but I will not give up in my search for a quicksand experience!)  Afterwards we raced up to the bedroom and found sweet release.  A shower later and we spent some quality time walking a few miles to a Carl's Jr. and bonding closer.  When we returned to the apartment, his leather family called and Mouse, whom I had met the first time I came down to spend the weekend with Dizzy, offered to give us a ride to the station.  Thank you, Mouse.  You really saved us a lot of time and stress and we appreciate it!

After our goodbyes, and as I sat on the train back to Los Angeles, my thoughts turned inward and around.  I started to think how I fit in with the whole leather world, the S&M scenes, the Master/slave realm.  At times I feel like a fox in a pack of wolves.  That we are of the same genus, but not the same species, sometimes feeling a little left of center, out on my own orbit.  There are times where I feel very happy being myself, even mischievous doing so being different.  This time I felt an odd pang of loneliness.  Even being accepted by many as friend and family, there's something still out there, or inside, that isn't singing the same song as most others.  But instead of feeling down and out I will focus on what's important to me.

Making people happy.

So I wish you, my dear readers, a very messy, kinky, horny, safe, and wonderful new year of experiences!

Play Safe.