Thursday, December 20, 2012

ROMP San Diego 2012

August 25th Sir Patrick picked me up from Long Beach and we had a pleasant drive down to San Diego, through the grand hills and wilderness as we headed towards the campgrounds for this year's ROMP called Live Oak Springs. A cozy little getaway nestled in the high hills and next to a little waterfall with tiny little cabins.  

Not 5 minutes after I registered at the resort for the event, I was ambushed and dominated by Sir Patrick, Sir Patrick's dominant Boss Alex, and Sir Jeremy.  Up to this point I had been on cum denial since the beginning of the week from Boss Alex and I had been literally pacing the floor back and forth in my apartment the night before, I was so hard up to shoot my load I couldn't think of anything else.  Cum denial seems tame, but after seven days of being incredibly horny, and forbidden to touch yourself under pain of consequences, all you can think about is the load that's building up inside of you and every second thought is that of the intense and wonderful release that awaits you at the end of your denial period.  Given how my weekend was starting out, I knew it was going to be an enjoyable one!

Dropping my bags in one of the cabins, I changed and went to meet and greet friends of mine, and then headed to the contest.  This would be the first contest I had ever attended which was not held in a bar or a hotel, but rather in the mountains, on a makeshift stage in the midst of nature.  Each contestant was incredibly hot, and this would also mark the first time Mr. San Diego Leather was held in the same contest as Ms. San Diego Leather.  Wish was competing by herself for Ms. San Diego Leather, and I know the feeling of going for a title as the only contestant for it. I can't imagine how it may have felt to her, being the only woman in a contest for women of leather, alongside a contest of only men.

The contest itself was fun, and very amusing, Alex's husband Lauren had a funny comedy routine, the speeches were well written, and the fantasies were hot! The winners were to be announced later that night, after heading back to the cabin and changing clothes, I headed off to dinner with Boss Alex, Sir Patrick, Daddy Eric, Sir Lauren, Scotty, and a few other friends who sat at our table.  The buffet provided was deliciously down home country style, BBQ-Baked Beans, BBQ Chicken, BBQ Beef, Bread Rolls, Cole Slaw, and Baked Potatoes. Absolutely wonderful.  

Sir Jeremy suggested I bid on a few items in the silent auction as they called for the last ten minutes for bidding.  I headed outside and looked at the tables.  He guided me over to a pair of chaps that were only going for $5, and were my size.  I bid $10.  I also saw a nice studded armband and wristband set also just for $5, and bid $10 once more.  I then tasted bidding fever for the first time.  Nervous over if I would win or not, but steady-minded enough not to hover and leave the chips to fall where they may.  They announced the winners of the competition and Aaron won Mr. San Diego Leather 2012, and Wish won Ms. San Diego Leather 2012! Congratulations to you both!  You two did a fantastic job!

When the celebration died down the silent auction winners were announced, and sure enough I won both items I had bid on, and walked away with a new pair of chaps and a wristband / armband set. It was my first silent auction as well as a great collection of gear.  I was then ambushed by Sir Patrick, Sir Jeremy, and Boss Alex in an attack of tickle torture.  I have a love/hate relationship with tickling, but having three handsome, sexy, dominant men torturing me at the same time was like a dream come true.  After prying myself from their fingers long enough to pay for my winnings and put them away, I went to meet them at the play party.  I had no idea what kind of night I was in for.

The entire day I had been playing a sadistic number game with Boss Alex.  Choosing numbers between 1 and 100, or a 1 and 15 to determine what would happen.  In any case I was always at Boss Alex's mercy, never knowing what the outcome of my number choices would be.  If I tried to choose something I thought would get me in the least amount of trouble or torture, I'd find out that he could easily flip the rules around and put me at the biggest disadvantage or in a huge predicament.  The game was completely one-sided and the only way to win was not to play, but that option was not available.  I was damned from the start.

I entered the play party tent and was tied to the St. Andrew's cross and told that due to the outcome of the game I would be tickled for 25 minutes.  I was tortured mercilessly, it was like a sexual hell.  Three doms, Sir Patrick, Sir Jeremy, Boss Alex, all three very handsome, sexy, and with sadistic gleams in their eyes, closing in on my helpless body with greedy hands and evil smiles.  I could do nothing but scream, thrash, and laugh until the breath threatened to leave my lungs forever.  My body was their plaything.  They tickled me, poked me, kissed me, jabbed me, Sir Jeremy stuffed his hanky in my mouth and spread my ass with his fingers.  Oh universe it hurt, my ass is sensitive and as much as it stung, something inside me didn't say stop.  At one point I went into a tortured madness, roaring at them "Keep it coming! I don't care!" I threw consequence to the wind!  I provoked them! I didn't say stop, I wanted to show them I was strong, I wanted to win in an unwinnable situation, but my body couldn't take any more, after 45 minutes, well after the designated torture time limit, but we were playing by Boss Alex's rules. I never had a time limit.  There were no rules, only his whim.  My body had finally reached its breaking point, I was reduced to begging for their mercy, and they granted it to me much to my gratitude.

I was untied and hugged closely, Boss Alex whispered in my ear that I was released from my obligations, that I could cum with his blessing.  I thanked my Sirs and followed Sir Jeremy back to his cabin in the late night darkness.  We stripped, and cuddled closely, naked bodies warm together in the wilderness, shielded by a tiny room in the hills.  Looking into his dark, sadistic gaze the more he toyed and tortured me on the cross made a deep submissive infatuation bloom in my heart for him.  We kissed in the darkness, he sucked my raging hard on, he rimmed my poor abused boy hole, and then he fucked me.  As much as I wanted him, and I wanted him very badly, my ass was abused and couldn't handle his massive manhood in my starving boyhole.  He thrust inside me gently, and filled me to the brim, and even then as he stabbed my insides I wanted to take more.  We swapped positions, and I rode him and finally, after seven long days of tortured horny hell, aching to cum, all the frustrations of the hours leading up to this moment, it all came out at once!  Three great surges of a climax of ecstasy blanketed Sir Jeremy's chest!  Fuck yes!

I couldn't move, I was far too exhausted, Sir Jeremy gently wiped us down and brought me into his arms.  I smiled weakly, so happy to be in his embrace in the darkness.  We drifted to sleep and the torturous night of passion came to an end.

In the morning I was granted the sight of one of the judges from the night prior getting a quick face-fucking with Sir Jeremy, the two men blew their loads, and I in turn blew mine over my own chest as I witnessed them, and I must say that was a great way to start a morning off.  Unfortunately my time with Sir Jeremy was cut short, as a call for me to get ready to leave came from downstairs.  A quick kiss farewell until the next time I would see his handsome face and taste his lips, and I was packed into the car with Sir Patrick.

What a great weekend.

Play Safe, dear readers.

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