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Fetish of the Month 2012: September - Leather

I've been waiting to organize this one for a while now! I knew it would be one of the bigger posts, as leather is quite popular in the kink and fetish scene, as well as a developed subculture with differing levels of intensity and devotion by its members.  Thick, black, heavy, and strong, leather symbolizes a lot, and is generally the first image that comes to mind when someone mentions "kinky" or "fetish".  Well, to me it is anyway!

Enough of that, let's get started! We have plenty of wonderful contributions to the blog this month and I thank all of you whom participated! Especially to those who sent in these mouth-watering photos! My blood rushes with excitement!

First question, gentlemen! How did you discover leather as a fetish?



Well, i've liked leather and have been attracted to it ever since i could remember - i think that it's both sensual and powerful. i love how it touches all the senses, but also that it has a sinister edge to it - bad guys in movies/tv seemed to wear leather, the robbers/killers etc.


I've been turned on by leather almost as long as I can remember. I can remember watching Mad Max on HBO as a kid and getting really excited that we were all going to be able to wear those sexy costumes in the future! 

I grew up in a pretty small town, so there wasn't a lot of leather around. There were some bikers in town (though they didn't wear their leather particularly well), and some of the punker kids wore leather jackets and spiked wristbands. Of course, I was always trying to be friends with them. This was before the Web, so there wasn't an easy way to see hot guys wearing leather, but luckily, my mom's boyfriend had a subscription to Easyrider magazine, which I would always look at when he wasn't home. It was mostly topless women on motorcycles, which I wasn't all that interested in, but every once in a while, there would be a picture of a young, built guy wearing chaps, a leather vest with no shirt underneath, fingerless leather gloves... Those were the ones that I made a mental photocopy of. When I got older and came out, I realized, Hey, there's a whole huge group of people who are into the same thing! Awesome! 

Pup Don
(Pup Don)

When I was in my early 20's I was working as an audio tech at a phone sex company in Pittsburgh. Everyone there was gay and I had just come out. The internet wasn't around then like it is now so you had to read erotica in books and magazines. We had every magazine that we advertized in so we could check to make sure they were running our ads, and when they were done checking we could all borrow them. That's where I discovered magazines like Bound & Gagged and Drummer. Plus, a lot of the gay adult story magazines would often have kink oriented stories. I remember the very first time I saw a picture of a guy in Bound & Gagged spread eagle on a sling with his arms and legs restrained, his balls tied up and being pulled away from his body by a rope attached to the ceiling and a blindfold and gag in his mouth. I totally freaked out. I closed the magazine and threw it aside. The guys in the office thought that was funny. Then, when nobody was looking I'd sneak a peek at it again. Over time I'd sneak a look at the rest of the magazine. Then I'd seek out leather stories in all of the magazines we had. After a while I started going to the Pittsburgh Eagle and looking for others who had the same interest that I did. It never really manifested fully until I moved to LA and found the leather scene here. Then I was really free to explore without fear of what others would think. And once I realized that this was who I am I had no problem telling all the people I was worried about in the past, because I knew if they couldn't handle it then maybe they weren't as good as friends as I thought.

Another really good thing about that job was that we recorded phone fantasies, and through recording the various actors and creating the tapes that we played on our phone lines I got quite an education in many aspect of the kink world. So when I started exploring myself already had a world of knowledge to draw from, it was just time to put it to practical use.

And that picture from Bound & Gagged... years later when I found myself in exactly that same situation I remembered throwing that magazine aside and was really happy with myself that I went back and picked it up again rather than letting fear keep me away.

Shawn Kinnear

I was an interesting kid, in middle school I had the dyed hair, the mohawk, wore all that cool clothes that you know you always wanted when you were a kid. My eight grade graduation I wanted to be cool and wear rock star clothes, so in shopping for my nights attire I stumbled into a Wilsons Leather and felt an odd attraction to all the items in the store. I ended up finding a pair or leather pants that i loved and bought. Well attending my own graduation in leather pants went over like a fart in church.....but i loved all the attention it brought. When I was in high school I lived in a small town and had no access to anything "gay" or even leather related. I got my first computer with internet access in 2002 and found the wide world of internet porn. I knew i was gay and started hunting down all the hot online pictures. 

(Shawn Kinnear)
I dont remember when or how it happened but I came across a site that was leather oriented, and from that point i was hooked. I must have been about 15 years old at this time, and would occasionally wear the leather pants, which at this point I had to squeeze into, around the house or out with friends but kept them kind of hidden usually. Through high school I took on a hard closed off attitude and wore what I pleased. I remember these bright blue leopard print pants which one of my teachers called "come fuck me pants" that I used to love....looking back...not so nice a comment..but accurate. After high school I really started to dive in to fetish. I moved to San Francisco and attended my first Folsom Street Fair, that year I wore a flight suit and felt so sexy but seeing all the leather made me want it more. Soon after i was buying all the leather I could from used clothing stores and anywhere i could find it.


In high-school I took pictures for the yearbook.  There was a boy in a grade above mine that wore a leather perfecto.  Fuck he was hot—with long straight black hair and kissable lips!  I used the yearbook gig as an excuse to snap a pic.  It was then I knew; there was something about the whole bad-boy look that got me going and leather as part of that made it better! 

In college I had a perfecto of my own and loved the look, the smell, and feel.  I loved how my own confidence picked up while wearing it and how other seemed to notice that confidence.  They say clothes make the man, and I liked who I was in it. 

One item begets another and it wasn’t very long until I bought my first pair of pants.  I went to U-Bahn Leather in the village and tried on a pair of basic tight-fitting leather jeans.  It made me too excited and while in the changing room I realized I had made a wet spot inside the fly—they were perfect!

Tom Pardoe
(Tom Pardoe - Photo by Jay Lawton)

How did you discover leather as a fetish? As I recall, it had something to do with putting on a leather jacket and gettin a woodie. That was 1983. 

Sir Dino

I had discovered Leather in high school around my Jr. year. I had been sneaking in to this night club in my home town, it wasn’t a leather bar. I had seen these to guys that had came in one night dressed in leather pants and jacket. I have seen this before at pride and had found that these men are hot. Well after a dink or two I had the courage to talk to them. That night they took me under their wings and open the door to fetish. I was with them for almost 1 1/2 years.

Whew, what wonderful introductions to leather!  I remember that I had always admired the "bad boy" man on a motorcycle image, leather jacket and aviator sunglasses with big, skull-crushing boots for a long time, but my first introduction to leather was when I met my friend George V. outside of a bar here in Long Beach called the Mineshaft.  He walked up and gave me a leather jacket, his first leather jacket and he passed it down to me.  When I first wore it, the jacket felt so big, too big, like I wasn't ready for it yet, but as the night progressed and I stayed inside the heavy leather it began to grow on me.  By the time we left the bar, I couldn't take it off! I loved the way it made me feel, like wearing a light coat of armor.  It boosted my confidence, it made me feel like a real man!  When I saw how I looked wearing it, I fell even deeper in love with it.  The masculinity, the strength, the powerful image, it made me even more excited.

Not to mention the smell of leather, the feel of it underneath my fingertips, the sound it made when it made that satisfying creak sound, and yes...even the taste of it.  All wonderful essences of the black material that drive me wild!

So, gentlemen, what do you find so erotic about leather?


i love both the worship aspect as well as the submission aspect of it


There are actually a few things about leather that I find erotic: The first is the weight of it. I love how heavy and thick it feels. It hangs a special way on a person, like no other material, because of its weight and thickness. The second is the shininess of it. I've always been turned on by shiny, smooth things like leather (and nylon). The third is the smell. The smell of leather is almost intoxicating. The fourth is the fit: I like leather to be fairly tight; it should accentuate and enhance a guy's natural body shape. The way tight leather can almost be like a second skin is really hot. Maybe that's why I'm not really into baggy leather. 

Pup Don

That's an interesting question. The word "Leather" represents so many things. There's the great tradition of the gay men who have build this entire scene out of hot man on man leathersex. There's the community of like minded people who enjoy the social as well as the sexual side of this brotherhood. Then there's the leather itself. On the surface it's just a material. But for the leather fetishist it can be anything from the look, feel and smell of it, to the erotic image of a man clad entirely of cowhide. I don't have a leather "fetish". The material itself does not turn me on. But there is a power in it that brings about a transformation in anyone who wears it. Well, no, I take that back. Not anyone who wears it, but anyone who wears it and gets it. There's a history to it, a tradition. Anyone who puts on full leathers and has that burning desire in their soul, and a respect for all the people over the years who put their heart and soul into creating this mass sexual energy, is sexy. It doesn't matter how big or small, heavy or skinny, muscular or not, there is an energy that permeates your being and you are walking breathing sex. And when you get a room full of men who are of that same mind set the erotic energy is so strong you can taste it. You see a man in a harness and chaps, and you see the look in his eyes that it's not just a costume for the night but it's part of who he really is, and there's a feeling of anything goes. It may or may not happen between the two you but you can sense there is this feeling that you and he share a connection. And that he could be standing there one moment casually chatting with friends and the next he could be on his knees in the bathroom drinking someone's piss or wielding a flogger leaving glowing marks of red across another man's back. He could be a Keyholder, a Urinal, a Puppy, a Master, a Slave, a Daddy, a Boy, a Skin, a Punk, a Boss or any combination thereof. And in that moment that you stare into his eyes you know that he knows the exact same thing about you. That, my friend, is what is most erotic about leather.

(Pup Don)

Shawn Kinnear

Leather to me has many levels that appeal to different senses. On visual appearance a man in leather just exudes masculinity and sex, the way the proper garments can make a man go from your average joe to DADDY or SIR. A man in a biker jacket, tight leather pants, leather shirt and a cap just get me going.....ROCK HARD kind of going. The smell of leather is another aspect I love, even non leather folks love how leather smells. The feel of leather on myself just amplifies the sensory overload even more. The way its so tight in all the right places and accentuates the male form, its smooth and soft feel exciting your fingers as you run them up and down a mans body.

(Shawn Kinnear)


I think it’s a combination of the weight, smell and feel.  A good leather garment is like a second skin and yet the weight reassures you that you’re protected.  The garment can be tight yet it has give; it molds to your shape and just looks hot!  —but the smell is unique.  You may look good in a jean jacket or a football jersey or even a track suit, but none have that distinctive smell.  It’s like a pheromone that just makes me wild!

Tom Pardoe
(Tom Pardoe)

One can be bound by it and set free at the same time.

Sir Dino

What is most erotic for me is the energy exchange between the Dom and the sub. And our mind, we can be what we want to be, and set our self in a different place and mind set.

Wow, it is getting really hot in here! Hot damn! I'd have to say that the most erotic thing about leather to me is the aura of power and authority it exudes. The aloofness a guy in a heavy, black leather jacket gives off behind a pair of aviators, denim jeans, and big heavy boots.  Black as the darkest of night, unlike rubber's sinister nature, leather casts a different shadow one of a cold, intoxicating apathy.  Selfish, it just wants to fuck you, deep and hard, and when it's finished, leave you in the alley to shiver in the cold.  It will not call you until it wants to.  However, the man wearing the leather can infuse his own energy into it, bring it warmth, wrap it around you and protect you in the night.  Care about you. Love you, but still keep that masculine energy strong and worthy of worship.

Which brings me to the final question, the one I'm sure you all are drooling for, throbbing and, what's your leather fantasy?


getting used by a powerful guy in leather



You always think you know the answer to this question until somebody asks it to you. Then you're like, umm.... It would have to involve a muscular young guy in a bulldog harness, chaps and leather gloves getting me all chained up and having his way with me. So basically, I'd just like to be in a Spencer Reed porno!

Pup Don

Two of my biggest fetishes are mind control and shaving. They fit in nicely with the leather scene because if you think about it, when a Master places a collar around the neck of a slave he takes over the slave's mind, body and soul. When a dogboy is on all fours he's not thinking about paying the rent or cleaning the house, the only person in his mind is the one holding the leash. So the idea of letting a guy not only control my body but to also get inside my mind and control me to the very core of my being is a huge turn on for me. So my biggest fantasy is to be taken by a big strong leatherman, have him look deeply into my eyes and get inside my head, and wipe my mind so clean that his words are my only thoughts and his wishes my only desires. He restrains me to a table, shaves me totally from the neck down, all the while reinforcing the idea that by removing my hair he's removing my independence, my will, my individuality, and making me totally his. The hair on my head and facial hair is up to his whim, to decorate me as he sees fit. He puts a collar and leash on me and uses me as nothing more than a living sex toy. And in that moment that's all I want to be. I feel the leather sting of his floggers, the sharp ecstasy of his violet wand. I taste the thickness of his boots with my tongue. I am his completely.

Shawn Kinnear

Hmm now this is an interesting question, I have actually played out a lot of my fantasies and had new fantasies unfold as the encounters happened so I will tell you of one I have already had.I had decided to go out to the Eagle here in San Francisco, and have my self a few drinks and maybe get lucky. I dressed in a leather shirt, chaps, jeans, and cowboy boots and headed to the bar. Most of the night was uninteresting aside from the few men that caught my attention. I had cruised this hot leather man a few times but he seemed preoccupied so I gave up. Tall, maybe 6'01" about 190lbs. He was wearing a police uniform made of leather, tall riding boots, gloves, and a muir cap that suited him perfectly.  Having to piss I walked into the bathroom and pulled out my cock, I left the stall door open because I could care less if people watched. I head someone enter the bathroom and stop near my stall, I finished pissing and turned to walk out. Standing in the door of my stall was the leather cop I was cruising, one arm up against the stall wall the other on his belt buckle. I wasnt sure what to say at first In fact I dont remember what i said at all. It must have been good though since he laughed and walked into my stall. He pushed me against the wall and asked if I liked what I had been looking at all night. I immediately broke down into boy head space and replied, "Yes Sir." Hearing "sir" must have made his happy since upon saying it he pulled me to him by my shoulder and shoved his tongue in my mouth. My hands groped his body feeling his leather and pulling him in closer to me. He broke the kiss and told me I was his for the night.......I didnt fight an offer..rather an order... like that. He took me to his apartment not far from the bar, he had the whole set up at his place. Sling, restraints, rope..everything. I was first told to take off my jeans which were under my chaps, after this while bare and exposed he took my cock in his mouth. After a few minutes he stopped and told me to put my chaps back on. Well I dont want to ramble on and on the night continued with a sling, being tied to his bed, tied to a bench and lots of fucking. LOTS

(Shawn Kinnear)


I have so many!  I love a head-to-toe leather cop.  I think one-piece racing suits are hot!  I’m really into the leather sports gear and uniforms now available.  Take any of those images and apply it to the following scenario:
We, both the top and me are in full gear.  I’m bound and gagged and subjected to multiple tortures at once.  I’m talking plugs, electro, clamps and the kitchen sink!  That’s the making of a good time!

Tom Pardoe

What is your biggest erotic fantasy with leather? I'm sure the biggest was when I was cracked out on meth years ago. So, I can't remember...but it was the biggest...that, I remember. I really don't have one at the moment. I'm too busy making them real. 

Sir Dino

(Sir Dino)
I have a big fetish for sports gear. So that said, the hottest thing 
would be for me is. Being a coach for a football team and dominate the 
team... Woof!!!

The realm of a horny man's mind is absolutely amazing! Deep, dark secrets just waiting to be revealed in the best way!  Let me share one of my leather fantasies with you, gentlemen.

It starts late at night in a bar, dark and seedy, dimly lit in red.  I've had my fill of booze for the night, and my head is buzzing, relaxed and grinning I watch the other men play in the corners, making out in full force. The air hot, and moist with the energy of desire.  Then I spot him at the other side of the bar.  Tall, 6'5", slender, and armored to the brim with dark, intimidating leather.

I start at his feet, tall polished harness boots that reach up to just below his knees. My eyes move up his legs, leather pants with a basket weave belt complete with a big, rectangular brass buckle.  His jacket is sealed shut with the waist belt, like the belt before, big brass buckle, heavy leather, and thick. A Sam Brown assures me that he means business, accenting his jacket.  His sleeves snake into a pair of thick gauntlet gloves, which grasp a bottle of beer nearing its exhaustion.  My eyes work up the sealed zipper up the center of his chest, opened at the top like a black flower, leather petals on either side to a strong jaw graced with black stubble. His light skin lit softly by the dirty red light above him, shadows from the brim of his Muir cap shade his eyes.  On the center of his Muir cap, above the reflective brim, and metal band shines a metal badge. A snarling wolf with bared teeth graces the relief.

Suddenly, he raises his head and a pair of piercing eyes strike into my heart, stunning me. I can't look away, I've been caught!  Shit!  The fear gripping my spirit is strong! Like black magic, I can't move! I can only watch helplessly as he rises from his bar stool and makes his way over to me, his broad frame marching through the bar like a predatory beast closing in on the kill.  He stops in front of me and a deep voice comes forth from his lips.

"You lookin' at me, boy?"

My body is frozen, I'm shaking. I dare not lie or pad the truth, lest he destroy me.

"Y-yes, sir." I meekly answer.

He steps closer, any distance between us is now gone. I have to look upward to look at his face. My gaze drops, but a gloved hand firmly grips my chin and forces me to look up and a piercing set of light blue eyes.  I'm paralyzed.  My heart is beating fast and furiously. I'm terrified.

"You like what you see, boy?" he growls.

I can't speak, my voice lost, I open my mouth to try to answer but as I struggle to spit out a reply he grips my neck with a gloved hand and forces me up against the wall, his leg in my crotch.  No way out.  His strength is intense, I catch a whiff of testosterone and my head immediately swims, focus completely lost, I'm in a haze.

"Then show me how much you like it."

I drop to my knees as he releases his grip on my throat, my tongue meets his boot and I lap hungrily, greedily, on my hands and knees.  He places his free boot on my back and pushes down, I am his to dominate.  I feel his watchful gaze on me, I strive to lick his boot like no other boy has before! He has been so gracious to present me with his boot! I am so lucky! After he is satisfied he reaches down and pulls me back up, and stares into my eyes.

"My bike's out front, boy. I'm takin' you for a ride." nodding to the front door.

He grips my belt and makes his way to the front door, me helplessly in tow. Outside, a black, custom cruiser motorcycle sitting under the lamppost is bathed in the pale yellow light.  The license plate reads "LTHRWLF" with a chain frame. My heart races as he drags me towards the beast of a machine, and we stop.  He reaches into his jacket pocket and presents a leather collar and pierces me again with his gaze.

"You have a choice boy, you can take a chance, ride with the Wolf and wear my collar tonight, or I get on this bike alone and you never see me again.  What's it gonna be?"

I look at him, then at the bike, then back at the bar.  I make up my mind, and kneel before him, head down.  I feel the leather wrap itself around my neck, and I'm pulled up once more.

"Good boy." he says with a gentle smile.  He exudes a softer energy now, warmer, but still firm.  He mounts the beast, and revs the engine.  He directs me to the bitch seat and I mount it, sliding my hands on his hips, a shiver takes my body, and we ride off into the darkness of the night.  My destination and fate a complete mystery.

(Shawn Kinnear)

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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