Monday, September 3, 2012

CSW Leather 2012 and Skin Tight #1!

Back in the beginning of June this year, I had just an amazingly great day.

Started things off with a trip to the ice rink with my puppy Cockpit and a friend of ours to help me learn how to skate.  I'm like a baby deer when I'm on the ice, it's pretty pathetic.  The two had a ball teasing me while teaching me how to stay standing on the frozen floor.  The smell of the rink took me back to the days when I was a little kid learning how to figure skate (textbook gay, I know, shut the fuck up), of course there were men on the ice that nearly had me fall from distraction however I don't know how attractive I was, desperately clinging to the wall trying to learn how to merely stand without falling on my ass.

After our fun little lesson at the Ice Gardens, I joined up with boy Jr. and Sir Dino and we headed up to the Mr. CSW Leather contest, remarkably the contest was already nearing its end which is usually unheard of, as leather contests usually last until midnight when the winners are announced.  We watched as Kieron Ryan won Mr. CSW Leather 2012, and I cannot wait to see what he does with his title year and what kind of events he'll throw.

It was around 9:30pm when we headed down to Pistons for Skin Tight, their first rubber night event.  There were rubber furries and men in zentai there!  I was even invited into a sexy group cuddle! Oh that was heaven!  My body being molested by sexy slim men in rubber puppy gear, furries hugging on me, I met a puppy couple, Puppeh and TK, who were very nice and incredibly hot in their sexy gear! Woof!  Puppeh massaged my scalp with his paws, which was absolutely fucking amazing.

There was an array of fascinating gear and suits, an inflated dinosaur suiter named Zebra, and a beautifully dark Jackal gas mask with GLOWING PIPING! I shit you not, you could see this wonderful mask from across the fucking patio! It was magnificent! Seeing all the rubber hoods made me want to get a puppy hood of my very own!

Urgh! I love rubber! It's so dark, slick, and sexy! So sinister! Sensual! And the smell of it! Urf! I can't wait to have another molest pile, god that was fucking hot!

Play Safe my friends!

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