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Fetish of the Month 2012: May - Puppy Play

Start wagging those tails boys, this month I’ve been lurking around the kennel for the FETISH OF THE MONTH and I’m thrilled to present PUPPY PLAY!  Again, this month we have some wonderful pictures to enjoy, special puppy pets to Pup Jax, Hawk Pup of, my puppy Cockpit, and Pup Pup!

I’ve scratched the ears of pups, watched them romp around on the floor with each other, gone ice skating with the dogs, even tried a puppy tail buttplug before,  I love puppies!  They’re fun, lighthearted, and sweet, and now I want to give you a deeper look into the pup world as seen from those irresistible, heart-melting eyes!

First off, how does a puppy discover puppy play?  You all know how I discovered it if you’ve been reading my blogs for some time.

Sgt. James Andrews, U.S. Army: "I learned about puppy play from several friends, learning more with each person, first from an aquaintance, then from a romantic friend, and finally from researching it thuroughly on the internet and finding pup zone"

Pup Jax: "Actually, I found puppy play as a fetish when I just became a furry. But also found out that I love being in the control of some dominate handler and myself being the loving pup being used for his pleasure and my pleasure. Being also a puppy does bring a certain sense that I am relaxing to a point where I can escape to being a pup. It is more as being down on all fours that shows immediate trust and caring to the person who i am being a puppy. 

(Pup Jax)
I started getting into more of the puppy play when I had a play date with a guy off recon. It was my first experience wearing the gear and also being on all fours. He put me into a leather mask and even the singlet with holes cut out. Just being on all fours just felt awesome."

Pup Pup: "How did you discover Puppy Play as a fetish?
 I joined Recon in August 2010 at the time I only knew about BDSM, and being submissive like I seen in porn films. I usually hang out in the bondage and master and slave chat room but I saw a room called pups & trainers I entered the room and learned that it was a room for human pups and trainers I didn’t know what puppy play was at the time but learned about what it was from the great pups and trainers. I also did research about puppy, joined and become very interesting and wanted to experience it. I was suggested to read the books Woof! - Perespectives Into The Erotic Care & Training Of The Human Dog and Grrrr! - Anthology Of Dog Stories by Michael Daniels which I read cover to cover and got a better understanding about puppy play. From reading, doing internet research, and talking with pups and trainers on recon and pupzone I had a better understanding about puppy play. A few months later I bought my puppy tail, hood, and mitts and did solo pup play and it was very enjoyable. From that day one I my inner pup and enjoyed that I found my inner self.  I have been a pup for two years  now but didn’t really have the experience or playing with other pups or trainers until this past January  when I attended MAL (Mid-Atlantic Leather) where I went to my first ever mosh pit which was AWESOME. I was able to get into headspace very fast by putting my mitts and woof muzzle on. I could feel my inner pup come alive more than ever. The best part was I was able to be who I truly am a pup, and interact with other pups and enjoy my time in the headspace. I was pounced on, rolled balls around with the other pups, petted by handlers.  It was an awesome experience and group of pups and handlers."

(Pup Pup)

Another puppy wrote in: "i came out as a gay man in my early twenties, very sexually active, versatile at the time, exploring the various means of sexual pleasure and expression.  Over time the bottom role offered the greatest appeal and satisfaction, since it became  apparent that i was turned on by sexual domination.  The leather scene attracted me, not only with the aura and mystique of the variety of leather gear, but also with the interpersonal scene, so utterly stimulated by physical and mental domination.
As an extenson of that orientation, i began exploring the world of leather, BDSm, restraints and cuffs, chains, hoods and gags, chastity and of course, so much more. i thrived as my submissive side grew and developed and one day, by chance, really, i connected with a dom Top Master and we hit it off quite well. One day i was unexpectantly ordered to strip naked, subsequently shaved, and then ordered to assume all 4's, and a leather collar was placed on my neck, attached to a leash. Over night i was confined to the floor, forbidden to stand, ambulated around with the leash.  i felt such an explosive burst of satisfaction, a comfort never before appreciated, and a generalized sense of natural happiness, since i began to feel like a dog.  Progressive canine training followed consolidating my nascent doggie psyche validating my animal subconscious.  i was guided to act and behave as a dog, playing with other pups that were introduced to me, ambulating on all 4's as the preferred way to get around, total confinement to the floor, forbidden to use furniture, eating all meals from a bowl and periodic incarceration in a cage, even with other pups, just like a kennel. i realized then i was born to be a dog and totally relished the time spent in dog mode as my new personna"

Hawk Pup says: "For many years I've been drawn to the aesthetic forms of hybrid creatures and gods in Egyptian and Greek mythology. Centaurs, satyrs. minotaurs, and deities like Anubis have always held a fascination for me. I've also always enjoyed stories which involved a person transforming into an animal or mythical creature. At some point, years ago, I started to come across artwork ( the animal-eared and tailed men of Rob Clarke's imagination for example ) and pornography, depicting men dressed as or acting like dogs, and through my explorations on the internet I found communities like pupzone. I had always found the aesthetic interesting and arousing, and now that I'd discovered there was a community built around it, I wanted to jump right in :)"

(Hawk Pup)

Another puppy told me this: "A lot of people seem to assume that there's some link between me being a furry and my discovery of puppy play, but in all actuality I came across puppy play entirely separately. I had always been into kink, and as I began to look into it more and more after moving to SF, I inevitably came across puppy play eventually. It's apparently somewhat of a 'hip' and 'in' thing in the kink world at the moment, especially for younger folks into kink. "

I also asked my puppy, Cockpit, to contribute, and he sent in this: "Two years ago (2009) saw my first 'puppy' at Folsom Fair.  A very nicely built man was in paws (fist mitts), hood, collar and leash, on all fours, being led around by his Handler/Sir who was in leather and Meerkat cap.  Of all the things to feast one's eyes upon at Folsom, this one fleeting moment stood out in my mind.  I was instantly aroused by the sight of this puppy.  I already knew I liked to be tied up, but this took the concept in a direction that really stimulated me.  There was no domination, no humiliation, no pain.  It wasn't even sexual.  It was simply a man willing to set aside his human side and entrust his well being in another man's care.  And the Handler was taking time to ensure that the path the puppy was walking was clear and safe, no glass, not too many boots to stand on paws, etc.

Later that same day I saw that same Handler sitting on a chair, with his puppy sitting, knees on ground, paws on the Handler's lap.  The Handler was gently talking to the puppy and stroking his head.  Later I learned that the Handler was talking to the puppy, guiding him out of pup head-space and back to being a human.  I was amazed that the role play was so intense and so intimate that such a connection between the two roles, that such committed abandonment to one's natural instincts was possible.
(Puppy Cockpit begging to me.)

The next day while walking around the Castro, I saw a different puppy on the street.  This one was naked except for shoes, paws (fist mitts, jockstrap and collar.  His leash was tied to a sign post while his Handler was in a store.  Again, I was so excited by the adoption to the role, the trust the puppy had in his Handler, and the incredible commitment of the Handler to the safety and needs of his pup.

From that point on I asked around and found Brue (aka Kirk) at Mr. S Leather who introduced me to the San Francisco K9 Unit group.  Through his guidance I explored both sides of the leash and have come to realize that I am (for now) a very happy puppy."

I then asked these puppies what they found most erotic about being puppies.  I'm still new to the puppy play role myself, but taking the submissive place is natural for me.  Becoming an animal has always been a thrill of an idea, crawling around on all fours is another part of submission that I enjoy, and the leash and collar has always been a sexually controlling aspect that I am eager to experience over, and over again!

Sgt. James Andrews, U.S. Army: "The loyalty, the blind faith and loyalty that a puppy feels with his master/handler/owner/etc... and with other pups is something that is primal, magical, and blissfully wonderful. Specifically the emotional and lack of intellectual thinking, or for lack of a better term 'pup space'"

Pup Jax: "The biggest thing that I believe that is erotic to me. Is the Ecstasy of being in head space, forgetting the world into being a puppy. Sometimes being in puppy just feels right and also giving the trust and submission to your handler/Dom/Daddy whatever. The other biggest thing that is so erotic about being on all fours you and become that animal and the gear. To me sometimes the gear helps you get into the head space and even just puts you in the space that "yeah" I am in the right mood for this. Some of the other moods have been "oh I got a rag bone let me try to steal this from my handler." The other biggest thing that I like and that is erotic is partly the sexual aspect of it. Being mounted by an Alpha or even your Handler shows that the true love that you have for them. That's the best bone I like to have. "
(Pup Jax)

Pup Pup: "What about Puppy Play is Erotic to me? I would have to say the whole idea of being an obedient, loving, and caring puppy for a serious but loving trainer is what gives this puppy such an arousal. I would also have to say the idea being naked in puppy gear waiting for your trainer to give you his next commended also gets my blood pumping. Being a naked and tailed puppy servicing his owner is that hottest thing ever. Hearing your trainer say good boy as you suck his bones and petting your head along with it tells the pup that he is doing a great job and will be rewarded."

(Pup Pup)

Anonymous: "puppy play incorporates my submissive side into a real notion, a state of being, a combination of a feeling of inferiority and a sense of the subhuman, subservient to a Superior Being, as i thrive on being dominated and controlled.  The humiliation of being turned into a subhuman, an animal, strikes an erotic chord deep inside me.  Wearing a leather harness, a collar, a muzzle, a cock cage and a puppy tail creates the perfect scene, the outward appearance of a submissive dog matching my inner psyche now molded to that of a dog, which has thus become my natural state.  Submission to a Master/Handler and the privilege to serve Him has become an exhilarating mission, with an inordinate pleasure in serving,
responding obediently, using my nose and wet tongue, sniffing, licking, sucking, and serving Master cock in the mouth or ass."

Hawk Pup: "Pup play interests and arouses me on a few levels. The gear that is associated with it, be it worn by me or by a fellow pup in itself has an appeal for me. I've only begun to build my collection, but I'm always excited to acquire a new type of collar or toy. I currently have a pair of mitts and a hood I love, but I have my eye on other configurations and pup ensembles for the near future.

(Hawk Pup)

Beyond that, the concept of becoming a kind of pup/guy, dog/boy hybrid is exciting. Taking on a kind of head-space which involves a sort of "dumbness' washing over is a great thing. There's a kind of meditative "letting go" that takes place for me. It's a head-space that brings in an opportunity to be spontaneous, more playful, and less inhibited. The role-playing aspect of submitting to a handler, or wrestling for dominance to determine an Alpha pup are also very enjoyable."

Another puppy: "There are a lot of different angles to this. Some seem to get off on the dehumanization or humiliation aspect. For me, it's more about loyalty, companionship, playfulness, devotion, and a sort of feral/animalistic excitement or passion. While every pup is different, for me being a pup is distinctive from being a slave or a 'boy'... there is loyalty and devotion, but there is also a puppylike independence — sometimes the Sir/Master holding the leash needs to step in and provide some guidance/remind the pup who's boss ;)! There's also, for me, a fierce need to protect, and also, of course, a playfulness that brings lightness to it all. 

When I'm a pup in the bedroom, I'm have all of these qualities, but the need to please and my puppy like energy really shows!"

Puppy Cockpit: "For me, pup play is not a sexual thing.  At least not exclusively.  It is a complete dropping of human inhibitions and allowing myself to don a behavior, thought process and social protocol that I could not as a human.  I wear ear plugs when in my hood, which further inhibits my ability to hear and understand words.  When someone scratches behind my ears (which I REALLY like), I can hear nothing being said around me.  That's what a puppy's world is like.  Bio pups understand a few command words, but not entire sentences and concepts.  I love it when my Handler makes plans, or talks about me, while scratching my head, so I have no idea what is going on.  And being on all fours allows me to see the world in a totally different way.  I am now an expert on shoes and boots!  And I must focus my attention on my safety and keeping up to Handler.  I have no time to react to comments or music or other Human passtimes.  

I get to wander around a bar or a party, meeting people and getting petted be everyone.  If another pup shows up we get to romp, play with each other, chase a ball, or just cuddle and snooze.  When I am in pup mode, I don't talk at all, only bark, growl, whimper and indicate with paws or head direction.  If I absolutely must use my voice, I ask permission first.  This really helps drive me into pup head space and further separates my human and pup personas.

(My Puppy Cockpit at the ready.)

All the while, I am liberated from the social obligations of small talk, jokes, etc. I get to be in a social situation, get a little bit of attention, and not have any of the burden that a Human has.  And yes, occasionally, I get to sniff a really cute butt!  Something else I couldn't do as a Human!

As a Type A personality, puppy play is an escape from my usual pattern of always being in control, reserved, responsible.  It allows me to enjoy freedoms, socially, sexually and personally, that I would never let my Human side taste."

Then the question that always sets my tail wagging furiously, what is their biggest fantasy about puppy play?  

Sgt. James Andrews, U.S. Army: "I eventually want to find someone who will treat me as both the loving puppy I am and the caring person I am, and if that ends up with me curling up in their lap falling asleep watching TV then so be it"

Pup Jax: "God, where to begin. One is well wrestling with another puppy and play tug a war with him and then he shows his dominance by humping the beta. Second has been playing with two handlers. One being either one of my daddies and well being used by both of them. I think that's most of the things that have been cover in my bucket list of what haven't i done. 

But on the side note, Thank you Leather Fox for having me contribution my thoughts to your blog. And Happy Arfing :p"

Pup Pup: "I would have to say that my is biggest fantasy about Puppy Play of all time would have to be a vet scene. The scene would see me naked on all fours with my tail plug, mitts, and woof muzzle, with a collar and leash around my naked with my trainer holding it. We both wait until the vet (which would be male of course) enters his office. He has my trainer put me on the examining table, and begins to give me a full examine to make sure I am a very healthy puppy. Here is very the fantasy part comes in, the vet wants to make sure my bone is working so he edges me for a while and there hooks ups electro to my balls and cock and makes me cum. After that, my trainer and the vet take turns using my puppy hole; while I am having my tail hole used I am servicing the other with a nice blowjob. The scene would finish off with me getting cumed on by my trainer and the vet, and I would lick it all up."

Anonymous: "extended periods of puppy play, such as over a long weekend or more, full pup mode allowing the chance to enjoy for at least a time, 'life as a dog', as a natural way to exist, as well as the chance to experience public and private humiliation, especially excited about by being taken to a local  bar while in full pup mode, or at home with Master and His friends as a His dogslave"

Hawk Pup: "I've been exploring pup/handler role-play and attending a local pup night for less than six months, so I feel I have a lot more to experience and learn, but I'm definitely discovering the direction of where my interests are. The most exciting aspects of pup play for me are the transformative, meditative, transporting effects that come with the experience. It fuels my imagination, but also brings out in me a desire to remain in the present. I love being an obedient pup, getting lots of affection, and being told I'm a "good boy". Ideally, I want to continue to feel the thrill of "letting go" while in the hands of a gifted and capable handler, who I trust completely, who acts as a kind of facilitator, but also a keen partner, co-creator, and sharer in both the playful and erotic experience. This pup is on a journey of knowing, appreciating and enjoying the brilliance and love inside him and all around him. Pup play is a wonderful path to take :D"

Another puppy:"This is tricky for me because, unlike, say, electro play, puppy play is more of a lifestyle or orientation than a 'kink activity' — it's more like being a boy, or etc... yes, there is an erotic component, but it's more about how you think and go about your relationships. 

That said, I do love a good collar/lead scenario in the bedroom... something about having someone tug on my leash to guide me/tell me what to do is a real turn-on that, at its core, really derives from a fixation on and desire for control. "

Cockpit: "This is going to sound funny, but my biggest puppy fantasy right now is pretty vanilla... well as vanilla as one can be while discussing a fetish! :)   I am very fortunate to have found two Handlers, one in Long Beach where I live and one in San Francisco where I visit often.  San Francisco is such an open city that not much shocks the public on the street.  I have already been out in public, on transit and in restaurants in full pup gear several times and it was fantastic.  And I have been put to bed (on the floor of course) in pup gear to sleep overnight.  But each of these experiences has been a few hours at a time.
(Puppy Cockpit happy where he belongs.)

Next I hope to have a multi-day pup experience, where I am in pup mode 24 hours a day.  This will take a huge commitment by myself and my Handler(s) who take care of me for these days.  And I'm not even thinking about sex in any way (although all dogs do like a nice bone!).  If all goes well, I hope to live out this fantasy this year at IML, save for the travel portions to/from airports and the few hours I am volunteering at WoofCamp.  


That was amazing, puppies! Thank you all so much for sharing your selves with me and my audience!  You all deserve so much praise for your bravery!  What good dogs you all are!  

I've given the idea some thought, and I'd say a fantasy I'd love to experience is a transformation into pup space.  A Dominant would order me on all fours and place a leather or rubber dog hood on my head, turning me into a beast.  He would then take my hands, and enclose them in puppy mitts, stealing my human ability away from me.  A rubber puppy tail buttplug is then inserted into me, slowly, I start to whimper as my tight hole fights to reject the plug, but he firmly pushes it in, and forces me to become a dog complete with a wagging tail!  A collar, soft leather, is slipped around my neck, sealing my identity as my Dominant's dog.  I am then subject to molestation, kisses, heavy petting, and sexual domination as my Dominant's loyal pet.  Then when he has had his fill of me, I am chained to the bedpost and made to sleep in a large doggy bed at the foot of the bed of my Dominant.  Always working hard for that verbal reward "Good boy!" with pets.

Happy pupping my dear readers!

Play Safe.


  1. THANK YOU for allowing me to contribute :)

  2. Love this blog post. Great stories and I always learn something new from other pups and from 'newbies' asking me questions, I learn more about myself as a pup.

    Thanks for the stories and a big woof to my friend Pup Pup. :)