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Fetish of The Month 2012: February - Sports Gear

Welcome, dear reader to my February FETISH OF THE MONTH!

This month I decided to look into the world of Sports Gear!  This can range from Ice Hockey, to Rugby, to Soccer, to Baseball, to American Football and more.

I want to take this time to thank the men I interviewed about their sports gear fetishes for this month's FOTM article!  Thank you gentlemen, your stories and pictures are very much appreciated.  I asked one handsome man what turned him on to sports gear in general, and what fantasies he may have had involving it:

"in junior high school, I always seem to be looking at guy's sneakers, nikes, pumas, cons. It later evolved into other types of sports gear, uniforms, leather, and boots."  
"Sports gear in general is very erotic with another guys, feeling up each other in the gear, swapping gear, smelling, licking." 
"A big fantasy of mine is to be in a group all wearing the same gear getting off together."

Sport gear in general can be very sexy, some of it has a nice sheen to it like Soccer shorts, the way it breathes on the skin.  Some flatter the body by tightly contouring to smooth lines, like the curve of a nice ass in Baseball pants.  However my all time favorite sport gear would definitely be American Football.

I myself was first attracted to American Football gear when I was in high school.  When I first discovered that I was gay, I would enjoy seeing the guys in their full gear out on the field practicing, or catching a glimpse of one or two of them walking around campus.  Of course I was still unsure of who I was, so I (regrettably) never went further than a quick glance when they weren't looking.

And I'm not the only one who has a boner for guys running through the gridiron!  I went to several different men and asked them how they felt about Football Gear, first inquiring with how they first discovered their lust for the gear.

"My ex boyfriend had a lot of football gear especially football cleats and shoulder pads.  Probably in high school, checking out the jocks, one of my friends I grew up with was very "alpha male" and liked to be "worshipped" and also fantasies of going into the locker room and being dominated by the jocks." 

"I'm not sure exactly when, but it was in high school, I think the tight uniforms and the hyper masculine guys tied it together for me. when I was 18 I think, I bought some new gear at a local sports store. kinda sucked. then I started finding gear online.. until ebay, which is where I get most of my gear today"

"I was first turned onto football gear back in junior high. Seeing how the pants clung to hot guys and the man smell that went along with it just got me so freaking hard. Not knowing at first that guys only wore a jock I also loved how guys ass looked and couldn't figure hot why they looked so hot until I realized they only wore a jock. Then I wanted to smell the nasty jock after they wore it for practice or a game. I started getting hardons and thinking about football players making me suck their cocks. That's when I discovered my sexual attraction."

Now how can this type of gear be erotic, some may be wondering.  The eroticism for me is the power of the armor, and the close-to-anonymous effect of the full-face helmet.  The lumbering powerhouse guarded by soft pads and hard plastic that I can't knock over even at full force.  His face hidden by the shadows and face guard of the helmet.  His powerful roar when he gets in the mental zone of taking on all comers and challenges as he charges down the field, ripping up the earth with those spiked cleats, and smashing through anything and anyone who stands in his way.

My contributors had this to say about the erotic effect Football has on them:

"I am not sure what is most erotic about the gear. Thinking about a hot guy wearing it and getting it all sweaty or seeing a guy in the entire uniform. Shoes, socks, tight pants, jock, pads, jersey. It is just HOT!!!"

"I think the tight football pants where you can see the lines of a jock strap beneth"

"The jockstraps, a man wearing a jockstrap is extremely sexy to me, I also enjoy wearing them myself and the feel of the straps on my ass. "

I also enjoyed asking what their fantasies concerning men in football gear might include.  I eagerly looked forward to reading their answers!  I'll share my bounty with you now, because I know you're probably already hard. If not, these will definitely take you there:

"I guess on my fantasy, if I was tag teamed by the guys in football gear, with one of their sweaty jocks in my mouth and another around my head to keep it in, taking turns until they came, their cum drippin from my ass. grr. after they are done, I pull my football pants back up"

"I think my fantasy is the same as it is for most guys. The main one involes me being in the locker room with 4-8 players. Them still in their gear, they rip my clothes off and hold me down as they do nasty grabass things to me. Fart in my face, piss on me, make me sniff their sweaty sneakers, socks, jocks, etc. Make me suck them off before they tie me to the bench and fuck me. All of their loads dumped in me. When done they make sure I know I am now their bitch and make me wear one of their nasty jocks and socks when I leave and make me show up after every game."

"My fantasy would be the towel boy in a locker room, and after a big game all the athletes would come into the locker room, strip down, and throw their jockstraps and foul smelling football socks all over me.  Then they press their sweaty asses in my face and make me suck their cocks and then brutally fuck me on the changing bench."

Very, very hot!  I'd love to see those happen gentlemen, and I certainly hope your wet dreams come true!  

I'd say my biggest American Football fantasy, and I'm a helpless romantic mind you, is where I'm all alone on the football field at night, the bleachers are empty, the game is long since over.  

I walk in the blinding light of the huge overhead stadium lamps.  Suddenly a voice comes on over the loudspeakers 

"Uh oh, looks like we have a stray fan on the field!  How about we show him what happens when you're on the field after the game, boys?"

Several men clad in full football gear, black jerseys and helmets with numbers 99, 69, and 55 come out and surround me.  Two of the football players, #55, and #99 circle around behind me and grab me so I can't move while #69 approaches and caresses my body, stroking downward to my crotch where he grips my bulge and squeezes gently but firmly as a wicked smile graces his lips.  They pull me to a different part of the field, the ground is soft and wet, and #69 shoves me down into the mud, he flips me over and pushes my face into it.  Calling me his mud boy, he and the other two men take my clothes off of me and take turns pushing me into the mud, smearing my body with the muck, and getting more excited and aggressive.  Before long I am completely covered in dark mud, and shivering in the night air.  

#55 takes the lead and picks me up, throws me over his shoulder, and they march off into the showers with me in tow.  #55 puts me down on the floor and places his muddy cleats on my chest so I don't go anywhere, and I am forced to gaze up at him in his glorious gear.  The other two players are out of sight undressing while #55 tramples me lightly under his filthy cleats, calling me his 'little muddy towel boy' with a gentle smile.  Then #99 and #69 come back into view, they are now naked except for rubber hoods, obscuring their faces, I can only see their intense eyes and eager smiles.  They pick me up by my arms and drag me into the showers where they continue to molest, caress, and dominate me under the warm cascading waters.  I eagerly worship their beautiful muscled bodies as the mud washes off of mine and vanishes in a swirl down the drain.

Play Safe my Dear Readers.

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