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Fetish of The Month 2012: January - Diaper Play

Good evening my dear kinky readers!

Tonight is special because it is the start of a brand new idea I had for my blog here at Adventures in Fetish!  


I wanted to do something regular for my blog and I thought a monthly installment of a specific fetish would be a fun way to keep a project during the year and progress my fetish and kink education at the same time.
To start 2012 off, I thought I’d investigate Diaper Play!  You know, New Year’s Baby and all, I thought it would fit pretty well.  Since I’ve never played in diapers myself, I gathered information from some very nice gentlemen around the internet who share this fetish who were willing to contribute to my blog, one man was even willing to submit his picture!  Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!

Now from what I understand, a common interest in diapers is the release of adulthood, and a return to a more simple time when we were all free from responsibility.  The return to infancy provides a level of emotional and mental comfort, a safe place for those who wear them.  As we grow up we graduate to underwear and pants, and gain new responsibilities of having to take care of ourselves.  My observation is that when diaper players wear a diaper, they regain that lost innocence and freedom once more, if only for a little while.
Now there is a difference between those who play with diapers and love diapers for what they are (diaper lovers) and those who wear diapers for age play (usually known as “littles” or “adult babies” (“Littles” can be a spectrum of ages where “adult babies” are simply infants)). 

One contributor had this to say about why he enjoyed diapers:

“I am not actually into age play, I am just a DL (diaper lover) as opposed to an AB (adult baby). There is a level of emotional comfort that comes with wearing a diaper and wetting it.....a sort of escape from the responsibilities that come with being an adult. That said, I am not the sort that requires much more than that in the way of escape. I never have any desire to crawl around on the floor or suck on a pacifier. Though, I do enjoy a very thick diaper, so I guess it is an odd in between area that I occupy.

Sexually, I like the thickness of the diapers, a large bulge covered in tight plastic, as well as the watersports aspect of the piss excites me. I am also in to sports cups, pvc, rubber, the like, so I guess that all sort of overlaps in a way.”

Another contributor explained his interest in diapers:

“I was introduced to diapers by meeting a really cute guy on line who was into diaper play. I never imagined I would have done it, but did it just cause he was cute and I wanted to hook up with him. It was so hot that I started checking out diaper web sites and the rest is history

It started off with the feel of the material and the crinkling sound but it has evolved into the warm wet feel of the pee in the diaper”

Here is another contributor’s story as to how he got started with diapers and how he feels about them:

 “Interest in diapers: My younger brother was a bedwetter well into his teens. He had to wear diapers to bed whenever we stayed overnight at a hotel, or relatives place. It is my belief that this extra attention triggered some latent need for them...and a bit of jealous. Was interested ever since, and first got to really try them around 18, and have been hooked ever since.
 Most erotic about diapers: From an erotic standpoint, well that would have to be the way they feel on my body, especially the way it feels against my peepee when they're wet.
 Enjoy most while diapered: Well, aside from playing with myself (naughty, I know), I think I enjoy watching movies/playing video games most in general. Though, really, the "most" must be playing with myself. -chuckles-“

I also asked what kind of fantasies they may have concerning diapers, and I received these two separate responses:

“My fantasy is to have my lil bro sitting in my lap with his diaper on. I feel his diaper warm up as he soaks it. We start to kiss. Eventually his diaper is so full that it leaks out all over me. That turns me on so much that I cut a hole in the back of his diaper and I slide my dick into the diaper and into him. My dick goes in and out while I feel the warm piss run over my balls and between my ass crack”

“Biggest fantasy scene: I'd have to say, coming home from school, work or whatever to find my boyfriend has transformed the room into a nursery, gotten rid of my underwear, and forces me back into diapers forever. ”

Now I also asked one contributor what he may want people to know about age or diaper play and here is my question with his response:

“> Is there anything else you'd like people to know about diaper play and age play? Do you get into age play? ”
Well, I know that many people who don't understand it, consider age play to be tantamount to pedophilia...or at least wish fulfillment for such thoughts. I want people to know that it is not, as a general rule any such thing.
There are, and always will be sick people in every group. But, in and of itself, age play is not about having sex with kids. Age play, is about reliving what it was, or felt like to be a child, toddler, or infant. There is a sexual aspect, true, but that's because people are sexual creatures, and those engaging in age play are sexually functional adults. So the "infant" may experience sexual sensations.
I have never managed to get into the Adult Baby side, mostly because I don't have a "Daddy" figure in my (diapered) life. I do have a Onesie (also known as a Diaper Shirt), and a pacifier. But the one is practical, and the pacifier is part of an oral fixation. One day, I do plan on at least experiencing age play once.
However, I want to point out: A line should be drawn in age play. The "Daddy" figure, should NEVER have sex with, or sexually stimulate, the "Toddler/Infant" figure in the relationship while they are engaging in age play. If they want to have sex, that's fine, as long as it's before or after they've finished with the age play. IMHO.”

The more I asked and learned about diaper play, the more I became intrigued, and before I knew it I found myself curious to try it out to see what the erotic draw about it might be and if I may share in this interest.  I have not yet experienced it as of this posting, but I hope to explore it for the sake of pushing my own boundaries and expanding my horizons.  Hey, you never know, I could like it!  That will definitely be a post for another evening!

Until then, dear readers, Play Safe.

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  1. hey thanks for this - I am a fetish pig and am into lots of of kinky things but never understood this one - great stuff - thanks