Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gunge Night

This was a very Merry Christmas weekend!

Friday night I took the bus to see a good (and incredibly sexy) friend of mine, G., and his adorable puppy boy.  My friend G. and I met at my first event, and became very good friends.  Meeting several times after, having a drink and really enjoying each others' company.  We had talked about gunge play (gunge is another term for Wet and Messy play) and how hot we both agreed it was.  He spoke of great scenes involving things from cake batter, to coconut oil, to motor oil, to J-lube, making me drool and wish so hard for the experience myself.

Tonight was finally here, and I was going to have my first gunge scene.  Now I've played with Wet and Messy before, but I feel that this next scene was what I really was looking for.

We reached his house and relaxed after dinner.  I changed into my leather harness and my red jockstrap for him, we enjoyed margaritas and I became comfortably buzzed, a few games on his Xbox 360 later and then the night really took off.  His pup had gotten changed out of his clothes into a leather harness, fist mitts, collars, and puppy hood, and he put on some sexy black goggles and black latex gloves.  He ordered me into the kitchen and had his pup on a short leash.  I stood there at attention and watched him create a batch of J-Lube in his blender.  Watching this very tall, slender, handsome man create a thick sticky cum-like fluid in his kitchen with periodic glances at me, I sobered up really quick.  When he was finished he placed a strip of tape firmly over my mouth and I was silenced.

He handed me the bowl of J-Lube and ordered me to follow him to the bathroom as he led his pup by his leash inside.  There, he lit a candle and set the mood with some electronica on his stereo.  My boots, socks, and harness were stripped.  I motioned if he wished me to take off my jockstrap to which he replied.

"Leave it on, we're going to ruin it."

I was ordered into the tub, which even after being warmed slightly with hot water was still chilly to the touch.  The cold porcelain against my skin made me hug my knees, anticipating what would happen next.  The dark, black goggles were slid over his eyes, the black latex gloved hands raised the bowl high over my head, my breath rapid, my body shivering more now.

"Close your eyes."

I waited there in the tub in darkness, time came to a crawl, I could feel the bowl hovering high above me, filled with thick lube, I shivered more.  Each passing second was like a minute long, until it finally happened.

The slimy, thick, sticky lube hit me.  It was pure bliss.  It kept coming, and coming, it was cold, but it felt too good to care!  I let out a long moan, I shivered harder, oh god thank you, Sir! Thank you, Sir!

"Open your eyes and look at yourself."

I was covered in thick slime, threads of cum-like lube covered me, I rubbed it all over my body, feeling it slide and slick my skin up was a sensation I could only dream about before! I looked up at him, shivering.  I looked into his dark goggles, at his black gloved hands, I looked at the pleased and intimidating smile on his sexy face.  I fell deeper into submission!  I wanted to be his sticky science experiment!  I felt like I had just fallen out of a clone's egg, covered in life fluids in a lab deep underground, at the complete mercy of an incredibly hot mad scientist and his loyal pup slave.

The merciless gloved hands poured more!  I moaned loudly, begging for more, lubing up my entire body!  It was so cold! I'm shivering even now as I recall the sensation, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat!  My body hungered for more!  I begged him! Sir, make me your filthy science pig slave!  Cover me in your cum-like fluids!  Make me your sticky, slimy, science experiment!  Please, Sir!

The remaining lube was dumped all over my head, and I shook with pleasure!  I was his gunge slave at last!  Webs of lube covered my hands!  Threads and strands of lube connected between every appendage!  He ordered me to cum at once, and I immediately complied, working off my jockstrap with little ease, I gripped my throbbing member and nearly died...

...it was amazing.  The slick lube was everywhere, completely covering my hands.  There was a full layer of lubricant between my palm and my manhood.  Nearly no friction whatsoever!  It took ages, but time that I relished!  I gazed at him, his eyes no longer covered by those intimidating goggles, latex gloves dripping with lube, his puppy slave eagerly watching behind him, me covered in thick lube.  I finally erupted, it was fantastic!  "Just close your eyes and lay there for a while." he ordered.  Sir, yes sir.  As I lay there in the cold tub, I melted into the feeling of being his gunge slave.  I felt so wonderful, the physical sensations were out of this world.

Now, cleaning up was a long process.  I was completely drenched in lubricant and so was the tub itself.  The very dangerous part of all this was that the tub floor was ridiculously slippery.  G. poured handfuls of salt in order to absorb the lubricant, and he kept the shower on in order to dilute it.  Lots of shampoo and body wash soap was required to absorb the lube in my hair and all over my body.  The cleaning process took twice as long as the scene itself, but in spite of all the shivering, scrubbing and cleaning, I enjoyed myself immensely!

While he cleaned the tub and my slicked up naked body, G. told me about a time where he gunged himself with caramel and cake batter.  He said he had done so in a stone tub, and that the caramel as well as the tub's sides were icy cold.  He couldn't stand it for long, and had to tell his gunge playmate "I'm freezing! Just give me the cake batter!"  I look forward to being slathered in batter in the near future, and introducing someone special to the gunge scene at the same time!

After the cleaning was finished, we moved to the bedroom, my energy on a mild heat and soothed from my Wet and Messy experience.  As we were ready for bed, G.'s puppy was excited, and pawed at his crotch.  He wanted to be fed, and G. was more than happy to oblige.  I considered myself very fortunate to be privy to their intimate scene, as G. wishes to stay monogamous with his puppy, and I want to respect that in every sense.  I feel privileged to have watched him enjoy his pup in a demonstration of their tight-knit bond and intense love for each other. 

After their lovemaking that night, his pup was leashed to the bedpost, and I was invited to sleep next to G.  It was a wonderful ending to a remarkable experience.

G.'s pup is very unique, as he isn't simply a man who acts like a puppy once in a while, but rather a man who lives as a dog in a man's body.  He woofs, growls, yips, and barks to communicate about 95% of everything.  He wears his collar at all times and only takes it off to bathe, and when he is home he goes down on all fours unless otherwise necessary.  In fact the first time I actually heard him speak, it surprised me.  His voice was low and subtle, and he always referred to himself in the third person and always by his puppy name.  I know him by no other.  His actions, personality, and customs are truly remarkable and fascinating to me, as I am able to look into another person's life, to see what makes him happy, comfortable, and at peace with himself.  To see him so happy makes me firmly reinforce my belief that this world could never exist in black and white, but rather an intense overflow of new color is necessary in order for all to coexist and to be happy.

My dear reader, always play safe, and always be open to acknowledging and investing the time to understanding an idea that is new and different to you.

Your mind will explode in wonder.