Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Kinky Boyfriend

This Thanksgiving weekend my handsome boyfriend Dizzy came up and spent some high-quality time with me.

At first when we were initially planning our get together, it seemed as if it would not come to be, due to unforeseen circumstances.  Thankfully events came to change that, and our disappointment was turned into great joy.  Dizzy surprised me outside of work on Friday afternoon as I was leaving my shift, seeing him stand up from where he was crouching, in his leather jacket, boots, and sunglasses made me stop for a moment.  This is my new boyfriend, a kinky, sexy, slim, handsome, lovable man with an open mind, who is into most of the kinks and fetishes I was, who is fascinated by building floggers, and he was here just for me.

I ran to him and hugged him.  The world fell away into darkness, and it was just us embracing under the sunlight on a tiny patch of concrete.  I closed my eyes and held him harder.  I didn't care that we were standing out in full view, all I wanted was him.  All of him.  He felt so wonderful in my arms, I could feel hot tears forming in my eyes.  I was so thankful to be holding him. The rest of Friday became a blur, we headed back to my apartment and the remainder of the day became a haze of making out, cuddling, caressing, and smiling at each other.  Eventually evening fell, we went grocery shopping for dinner and ended up back at the house with food, rum, and juices for mixers.  We ate, drank, and made sweet tender love to each other.  Constantly telling the other how happy we were that we had met and that we were so madly in love. 

At one point in the evening we discussed his watersports fetish. (Watersports is the slang term for urination play, the act of peeing on or being peed upon.)  I told him that I wanted to join him in his fetish, I wanted to be his piss boy, that even though it was not a fetish of my interest, and to be honest my first encounter with it wasn't very appealing, but nevertheless I recognized and acknowledged his sexual interest in watersports and that I wanted to participate in it for him.  We entered the shower together and I was introduced to piss play, Dizzy knelt down and allowed me to urinate on him.  I watched him enjoy my stream, bathing his head and hair in it, but nothing really entered my own head.  I was simply watching it unfold, waiting for something, anything to happen, a blip on the radar...but my radar stayed dark.  Then Dizzy washed off and asked me if I was ready, and where I wanted him to pee on me.  I decided that me leg was the most appropriate area for my first piss scene, he got into position and let his stream flow on my thigh.  I felt it hit and wash down my leg along with the hot water from the shower head, but as I watched him mark me, nothing came to mind.  It was like watching water flow from a pipe, nothing interesting or intriguing about it.  I was slightly disappointed, I had hoped that I would gain some interest in the fetish for him, because I wanted to share a lot of things with him, including our kinks and fetishes.  I do realize that I am not going to be interested in everything that he is, and the same stands for him as well, but I am very thankful that we are both open minded about us sharing the other with men we know and trust who are interested in these kinks and fetishes.  I did learn that in watersports play, you shouldn't do a scene after you've been sick or the first thing in the morning (the urine has been sitting in your bladder all night, soaking up all the toxins your body is excreting, that's why it smells so awful). One way of doing urine play is after drinking plenty of water or juice (Dizzy mentioned apple or pineapple, as he states that this makes the urine taste sweeter) and having the urine be clear, so you can tell it's cleaner.  This should be standard practice anyway, as a healthy bladder is a clean one.  (Be sure to research this fetish more before trying it yourself, as it does involve bodily fluids.)

Friday faded into Saturday with the sunrise, and we awoke together.  We enjoyed some time cuddling and kissing before going to hang out with Coy who, after running errands with him, generously took us out to lunch, and then a movie.  After a few more fun errands, Dizzy and I went back to my apartment and it became apparent that the hotdog I had consumed earlier was not going to behave itself in my gut.  While I was indisposed I heard noises from the kitchen, and afterward came out to find all the ingredients for dinner laid out and ready for me around the crockpot.  My heart soared, Dizzy was being incredibly helpful, and had also brought in my laundry for me as well.  I love this man so much!  He even mixed me a vodka cranberry and got me very buzzed, of course I'm a featherweight when it comes to booze so it didn't take much to get me started.  From there the night waned and I came out from washing up after dinner to find my boyfriend had restrained himself with a bungee cord and wrist restraints, helpless to my whims.

I enjoyed running my fingers along his slim, pale body as he shivered and pulled on the rope.  I wrapped my arms around him, and kissed him, savoring his body in my grasp.  The thought running through my head the entire time "This, hot, sexy fucker all tied up and helpless in my bedroom is my boyfriend..." He's all I can think about.  As I kissed his neck, "I love you," as I brushed my fingers along his chest "I want you," as I nibbled his ear and licked its crevices, "You're mine," soon he was released from his bindings and I gave him a few orders while I finished up in the kitchen, he happily complied.  When I came to the bedroom he was excitedly seated on his haunches in his puppy hood, butt wagging eagerly when I walked in.  The bed was made, the blankets folded, and his gear organized.  I'm so proud of him, I love him so much.  We made tender love on the bed as I dominated my hot puppy boy. He rode my manhood, slowly easing down on it, and I enjoyed every second, making him moan and grunt eagerly, his eyes rolling back in ecstasy, until he had to rip off his pup hood, as he peaked and blew his load all over me.  That smile on his face was worth the shot he gave me in the eye.

Sunday came and our energy was lazy.  We spent the morning curled up with each other until he turned to me, looked me in the eyes with that handsome face of his and asked how I felt about us fucking one more time.  He looked down, slightly embarrassed and explained that he didn't want it to feel like our relationship was just about the sex.  Of course I knew it wasn't centered around the sex!  We have very precious moments together, he's more than just a sweet ass, hot body, and a sexy face!  He has aspirations to achieve, dreams to pursue, experiences to behold!  We have more than a romp in the bed together, however I would be a damn fool not to fuck the ever living daylights out of my boyfriend when the opportunity presented itself!  So we went at it for the third time that weekend!  Woof!  Afterward we went out for a fun lunch in the park before we had to say goodbye.  As I watched my boyfriend walk off across the street, pulling his bag behind him and disappearing around the corner, I waited there, holding onto the fence.  As if he would just come racing back for one last kiss.  After a few minutes of staring at the point where he left my sight, I went back upstairs.  I looked at the bungee cord wrapped around my bedroom doorframe and thought to myself.

I have a sexy, kinky, open minded boyfriend...and I love him so very much.

I love you, Dizzy.  My thoughts are constantly of you.

Play safe my friends.