Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Rubber Slave

Last Sunday I enjoyed a new experience with a new friend whom I had been talking to online for a while.  The crowd at Gear Night at Pistons bar was pretty good, considering everyone and his Sir were out in Palm Springs enjoying Palm Springs Pride.  I had stayed behind because I had promised to attend an event but about a day or so prior to it, learned that it had been rescheduled to a different week and I was none the wiser.  Keeping my promise, I still went and dressed in my CHP gear, and had a wonderful time with other friends who happened to be there as well.

My friend Jeff said that he would make the trip up from San Diego for the night and entered the bar in a very sexy rubber uniform, miner cap, and breeches tucked into a pair of leather engineers, all slick black and sexy.  I have had very little experiences with rubber, only really hugging a man in a rubber catsuit maybe twice, so this was a real treat.  Another friend of mine, Sir Michael from San Diego, had played with him before, so I knew I could trust Jeff as Sir Michael has good taste in play partners.  We talked a while getting to know each other more in person, he bought me a drink and we enjoyed our evening.  Koby and I met at one point and discussed details of my upcoming event in January and a February event as well (more details as they come, dear readers), before Jeff and I went back to my place and a new rubber experience began.

He told me he wanted to submit to me, and I was only too happy to appease that request.  Lately my dominant side has been getting a lot of experience, which is wonderful as I have plans for a certain man in my life.  After enjoying him in his rubber for a while, I ordered him to change his gear.  I lay on the bed and when he did return I was greeted with the pleasing sight of a man in nothing but tall leather engineers, a neoprene jockstrap, and a black Russian gas mask.  Woof!

I ordered him to his knees and produced a collar, explaining that in some groups a collar was a symbol of being owned, and that if you encountered someone wearing a collar that they belonged to someone else.  I went on to explain that outside of play, if the Master/slave or Dominant/submissive relationship came to an end, that slaves and subs were "released" from their collars, and it could be a very traumatic and emotional experience for everyone involved, much like a break up in standard relationships.  This night the collar was for play, and with his consent he would be my slave for the night.  Before he was given the choice, I went on to explain the difference between boy and slave was that a boy had more in the sense that they can refuse a request or demand made by their dominant, whereas a slave had very, very little in that respect.  He accepted the role as my rubber slave, and I fastened my collar around his neck, aquiring my first slave.

Throughout the night I played with him, tying him up, blindfolding him, GOMing him (Glove Over Mouth), playing with his chest, admiring his body, and introducing him to one of my favorite kinks, Stomping.  Stomping is where a dominant steps and tramples his submissive, in my case I perform and receive it sensually.  I don't apply too much pressure at all, but just enough to ensure the energy of who is in charge.  I love the sight of a man from underneath his boot, him towering over me, a dark grin on his face and my helpless body below.  However tonight was different, I had the pleasure of smiling down on my slave in his gas mask and boots as he looked up at me dominating him in my own engineers, lightly crushing his legs, arms, and chest.

I then came up with a fun idea for a game, I went out into my living room at one point, my rubber slave eagerly waiting for my return in my bedroom, and grabbed a scented candle, remembering all the times I had heard of people who enjoy gas masks playing with poppers and breath play.  Now I do not perform any kind of popper or breath related play whatsoever due to my own preferences, but this was a harmless experiment.  I covered his eyes and placed the candle under his airway, asking what scent it was.  He replied correctly and came up with the idea that it might be fun to get an assortment of different scents together and play a Reward/Punishment game with them for gas mask play in the future.

Near the end of the night I dominated him further, fucking him with his own dildo, introducing me to dominant dildo play which was fun, making him feel great was even better.  At the climax of our experience my dominant energy came forth at its strongest, me snarling at him, a wild air in the room before releasing everything.

I really enjoyed myself with my temporary rubber slave, and he offered the idea of a shimmering Spiderman in my future.  Having played with the famous webslinger before I could only imagine what could be in store for me.  White sticky ropes binding me, what a feeling that must be.

Play Safe.