Friday, November 4, 2011



By Leatherfetishfox

I was simply sitting there, and he walked by.  I smiled hello, as did he. Then it hit me.

A scent.  A manly scent.  The smell of masculinity, of power, of strength, of sweat, of primal energy.


It awakens the beast inside me, the Dark Fox is rudely thrown from his bed in the darkness, he is enraged until the scent hits his nostrils.  He breathes it in deeply, his pupils shrink and his eyes go bloodshot.


His maw starts to foam, and he becomes a rabid monster.  The Dark Fox bolts upright and races to the door of his cage, bars of solid black steel keep him contained, his paws wrapped around them pulling and shaking like the maddened animal he is.  He lets out howl after howl, after heat-induced howl!

His member is throbbing and dripping now, his maw is awash with rabid foam and drool, his vision is blurry and he cannot see clearly, but his nose is as sharp as ever.


His fangs grow and a dark hiss escapes his throat, he falls to his knees and starts to frantically dig at the cement floor of his prison inside my chest.  His claws desperately scrape in futile efforts to escape, to seek, to find the source of this wonderful, enticing, irresistible, sexual scent!  He whines, growls, snarls, and spits!


"Give it to me! Fucking give it up!  I'll rip you apart!  I'll tear into you!  I'll shred you!  I'm not fucking around!"

My heart is beating faster and faster, the blood is draining away, my head is fuzzy. He's screaming.  He's howling.  My vision blurs for a moment.  I'm having a hard time keeping the cell door shut as the padlock is starting to weaken, I slam myself up against the door.  He hisses in my ear and snaps at me, I refuse to let him out!  Not now!  Not here!  He screeches at me, now a full blown demon of his former self, and his claws rake into my back, spattering the floor with blood.

Get the hell out of here!  I can't keep him at bay much longer!  Leave!  Take that damned scent with you!  My will can only go so far!

Suddenly I feel him start to slam himself up against the door!  He cannot hear me for he is now deaf with rage, he wouldn't listen if he could. He is completely blind, as his eyes have glazed over with the madness. His maw is drenched with foam and drool, and he can only sputter gurgling gibberish.  His claws bloodied from the desperate scraping, and the apathetic slashing of my back.  My body is weakening, sweat covers my brow, go away! Run away! I can't-

The door bursts open.