Monday, October 17, 2011

Hottest Things About a Man

A week or so ago a friend of mine and I were talking about different things that make men so attractive and sexy.  It was a brief conversation but the idea stuck with me, and I wanted to run with it.  So here is a list in no particular order of what I find to be the sexiest kinds of qualities I find in men.


Closing your eyes and just listening to another man speak can be pretty erotic to me.  Having their voice and words wash over your ears can lead to some fun verbal play.  For me a deep voice can be very attractive, it's masculine, powerful, and it just reaches down there and grips me hard, making me swoon.  An accent is also very attractive, it adds a lot of flavor to a man for me.  I have three main accents that I love to death.

The Southern Boy - A down home country boy, fresh off the farm in the big city.  So fresh he's got a little hay still stuck in his cowboy hat from when he was wrestling with his big brother in the barn that morning.  I love a southern boy, especially with that attitude of southern hospitality.  Chivalrous, polite, and innocent...just begging to be corrupted.

The British Gentleman - Now it's fairly common that people will enjoy a British accent, and why not?  It sounds refined, intelligent, and embodies the idea of a wealthy, polite gentleman.  A man who you would assume wears a nice suit everywhere, who is knowledgeable about the world, who does discuss politics but doesn't get flustered about them.  A man who you can take home to mother, and then get naughty under the sheets with.

The Australian Outbacker - Nothing gets me excited like a sexy Aussie!  WOOF!  Just hearing that voice in a room immediately perks my ears up.  A man who knows his way around the wild badlands, scruffy and dusty, powerful and intimidating.  Someone who can hurl a knife through a door to stab the bastard on the other side in the back, and then lifts you into his arms and carries you out of the bar.


Hair - Dark short hair, deep brown or black, cleanly cut and spiked is really sexy, as it gives a wild and fun-loving appearance.  The feel of a prickly head of hair under my palm as I gently run it over his head tickles not only my skin but my fancy as well. Also the strict military-grade buzz.  Serious, but intriguing, and also fun to run your fingers through, reminding me of a police officer or an army grunt, gruff and manly.

Eyes - Dark eyes, they give a mysterious quality to a man.  I find myself staring deep into them, wondering who is behind them, what secrets they may never tell.  When I catch them looking me over, cruising me...maybe even undressing me with that shimmer of mischief behind them...I can't help but smile. 

When his eyes are fiercely dominant, they pierce me, stabbing stakes that keep me nailed to the floor on my hands and knees.  It has happened only once before, when a gaze has pierced my very being, I was shaking, trembling.  He pinned me to the ground with only his fierce unrelenting gaze.  I teared up in lustful fear.  I could only choke out..."What is your order, Sir?"

When his eyes are pleadingly submissive, innocent, youthful, vulnerable, maybe even a little scared and nervous I feel a need to dominate them with love and tenderness.  To take him into my chest and assure them they are safe in my arms, that they can let go of anxiety, let go of reservation, that all I want to do to them is make them feel the utmost of pleasure and euphoria.  To make him loudly moan in ecstasy becomes my goal with that look in their eyes.

Facial Hair - A firm square jaw that is brushed with stubble, clean sandpaper just screams masculine to me.  A neatly trimmed beard is fine, a clean shaven face is hot, but that light stubble will make me want to run my fingers down your cheek before they land on your shirt and pull you in for a long, deep kiss.


Height - Tall!  I want them tall!  6 foot anything!  The gentle giant, the tower of muscle, stand out in a crowd by standing over them!  Loom over me, your face looking down on mine, a sense of peace enters my body when I'm in the presence of tall men.  Gentle giants are a favorite, show me you are a man who is in serene control as you stand several stories above me, and I will show you a boy who wants nothing more than to kneel at your boots!

Skin - It varies from man to man, dark skin on one will have a different effect for me than on another.  However light to pale skin seems to attract my attention most, with light hair to hairless and smooth.  I love the feeling of soft smooth skin underneath my fingertips as I run them down his chest and explore his body.

Muscle - Toned, firm, and bulging arms catch my eye and trap my attention as his shirt strains to contain the power within.  Thick muscled legs, that could easily plow through a door with a well-aimed kick.  But neither draw my lustful eye that a set of well-defined abs do. Those mouth-watering 6-packs, glistening with sweat from his recent work out, or dripping wet from diving into the pool.  If I catch you with your shirt off, you'll catch me walking right into a wall as I am helpless to tear my gaze away, mumbling over how I wish you'd throw me over your shoulder as you carry me into the house, or cradle me in your arms as you take me into the dungeon and kick the door shut behind you!

Butt - I am absolutely fascinated with a nice firm butt, an ass that you can bounce a quarter off of, cheeks that could crush walnuts! Something nice and tight my hands will grip, smooth and soft, but teeming with muscle!  You may even make me want to kiss your ass!


Leather is always fun, black and masculine, tough and hardy.  Rubber is mysterious, slick and almost sinister in nature. Uniforms don't need any explanation, and riding armor is always a fun little ego trip, but you don't need a closet full of gear to steal a glance from me.  A set of jeans that show off his great butt, a tight muscle shirt that hints at his broad chest, boots to show me who has some power in his step, and once in a while a business suit can really bring the class of a man out to shine.  When he wears it right, it makes me want to rip it off of him that much sooner, or even...make him leave it on...


This tends to fluctuate with my tastes. Completely across the board, as I've been attracted to the youngest being around 21 years old, to men as seasoned as 50 or so.  My heart desires a man around my age but older, but my experiences tend to lead to disappointment when he reveals that he is immature in the sense of being a man.  (It becomes even more disappointing when I come out to be the more mature one than someone twice my age.)

Experience and Wisdom -  I adore a guy who can teach me something.  Show me something new and interesting! Tell me your childhood stories! Share your hilarious life experiences with me!  Whisper your tragedies into my listening ears.  Confide your embarrassments with my heart.  Warn me of pitfalls that may lay before me in my life's path.  If I can avoid and learn from the mistakes of others, then that is more time saved in my life to dedicate to learning something that is impossible to teach, and must be experienced by the fires of life.  There's nothing quite like a date that lasts into the night, where time is easily lost as we've done nothing but talk.


A kind heart, a gentle smile, a warm welcoming man who makes me feel safely at ease.  The fun-loving comedian that makes me laugh and keeps me smiling.  The dominant mentor who can grip my obedient attention.  The shy, soft spoken man of few words who draws my intrigue and only fires my desire to see him bloom.  The slightly reckless, wild man who shocks me but makes me wish I had his courage or lack of sanity.  These men are fun!

When they say that confidence is sexy, they aren't kidding.  I enjoy the confidant, well spoken type who carry themselves well and believe in their own strengths, skills, and ability. However...the exact second this confidence slides down into the sickening underbelly of arrogance, my lust will turn to stone, and I will toss his name to the wind.  Hotness is something you are blessed with, coolness is something you are rumored to be. When you earn these titles you must never speak of them, because the moment you go to show them off, the trophies vanish from their shelves and are never to be seen again.

Shy men who are slightly nervous make me feel confidant, they draw me in with blushes, sweating brows.  They tug on the strings of my heart to encourage them, to stand behind them, to pick them up off their knees and show them just how amazing they are.  When they tremble in my arms, I smile, knowing that they are safe with me, for I only want them to be happy and at ease.

So what do you find sexy in a man?  What makes you hard and wet?  What grips your lust and yanks at your desire?

Tell me.

Play Safe.