Monday, October 3, 2011

Fetish Interview #1 - Scat

As a journalist who deals with fetishes, I feel that it is important to learn as much about the hundreds of fetishes out there as I possibly can,  even fetishes and kinks that I myself do not have an interest in, those which confuse or puzzle me, and those I am completely in the dark about so I may take this new information and educate those who follow me in a neutral or positive way.  I feel that information can be a very delicate and fragile thing, one misunderstanding and a misconception can run wild and rampant with little to stop it.

As this next fetish is one many shy away from, it was very important that I gain as much information upon it as possible from a person who is involved with it, as well as keep my own mind neutral and blank.

My friend has told me that you may ask him any questions you may have about his fetish in the comments, and that he shall respond to them.  My personal preference is that you all keep it civil, please.  The following interview is copied and pasted directly from our email correspondence, I have not edited nor changed any information in order to keep the integrity of the information intact.

Fetish Interview #1 - Scat

1) How did you discover your interest with scat?

I met this Dom online- journalism major, very much my type.   We met
in the Wet and Messy room on   We had phone sex, and
afterwards we got to talking, and it turned into him training me to do
scat over the telephone.

My first real world experience was with a guy from   He
saw that I was into star trek, and messaged me, and it went from
there... and pretty soon he was dumping in my mouth and I in his and
then we spent the entire night together cuddled covered with shit.  It
was amazing!

2) What about scat turns you on?

The dominance and submission, the fetish, the self-conceptualization
as a scat pig...
It's really hard to explain unless you've done it, but it's probably
the most intense play I've ever done.

3) How does one play in a scat fetish scene?  What would you say is common scat play?

One common type of scene is eating/feeding, where one person takes a
dump into the other person's mouth.  Other types of play include
smearing, shitfucking (where you fuck an ass full of shit, generally
bareback but sometimes with a condom), and farming (which is eating
turds that you find in public, very rare).

4) How many other people do you know of, just a number, who also enjoy scat play?

I've played with maybe 30 people, but I estimate there are probably
500 gay men in San Francisco into scat.

5) What would you say is a scat fantasy of yours?

My biggest fantasy is to have a live-in scat slave that I could feed
every morning ;-)

6) How do you play safely in a scat scene?  What are some risks to health and safety that might arise or exist during play?

Well, the main risk is parasites and Hep A.  It's good to be make sure
you're vaccinated for Hep A before starting- I think it's a sequence
of three shots.  Also make sure your Top is in good health, and don't
play if you have a stomachache or a cold.

7) I know that this scene isn't very popular, have you ever run into any negative reactions to when people find your interest in scat?

Well, a lot of people list in their profiles "no scat."   I've even
caught scat players listing "no scat" in their profiles just to fit in
with everyone else so that they don't scare people away.  It's a sad
day when you have to claim not to be into something just to fit in.

The usual response when people hear that I'm into it is, "Oh, I'm not

into that."   You're the first person that's really wanted to hear
more about my experiences and learn what it meant to me, and I
appreciate that.

8) How did you overcome the smell of scat?

Practice, practice, practice :).  Over time you come to eroticize it and connect it with arousal.

Thank you for reading, and thanks to my friend who took the time to explain his fetish to me.

Play Safe.