Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Making His Dream a Reality

We all have them, our fantasies, our dreams, I sure as hell have my library of sexual adventures I'd love to see come true.   Some of them pure fantasy, some of them pretty realistic, but how many times are we able to the fantasy of someone else actually happen?

Last week I had this opportunity, and I took it.

I had been talking with my friend who introduced me to WAM play, and he let me in on that his fantasy was to be laying on the beach, and to have someone smash a pie in his face.  I said I wanted to make that fantasy a reality.

It was already evening when I found myself on the sand, making my way towards the sand dunes where my good friend was, thinking about what I would say, what I would do, growing more and more excited with each sliding step in the sand towards him.  He lay there in a pair of swim briefs on a beach towel, his beautiful toned body exposed to the setting sunlight, a fresh coconut cream pie waiting next to his head.  It was a dreamy sight.

I took off my shirt, hat, and sunglasses and tossed them in a pile nearby.  I knelt down on my knees, hovering over him.  I kissed him softly on his lips, his cheek, and down his sexy chest.  I whispered,

"You ready, handsome?"

He nodded, "Yeah, be sure to twist it hard."

"You got it, sexy."

Gingerly picking up the pie, I took a finger of whipped cream and tasted it, smiling.  "Here it comes!" and I let him have it!  It met his eager face so well with a satisfying "splut" sound, I pushed it in firmly, twisting it with a deviant grin on my face! Ohh it felt so good to make someone's dream come true!  He was a hot sexy mess, but he cleaned up soon after, smiling through the cream and crust the whole time.

We headed across the beach back to his place, and continued our little scene in his bathroom.  The tub lined with newspapers, the pie resting on the counter like before.  Stripping nude, and taking the pie in my hand I kissed him deeply, asking him if he was ready, sliding my hand down his sexy body.  He was ready, he was eager, he was hard.  So was I.

The pie left my hand and exploded onto his face, whipped cream and shaved coconut splattering against the tile behind him in a beautiful way, peeling away the tin, the pie shell dropped to the tub with a sexy spluttering.  I wiped his face and slapped the sugary mess all over his chest, rubbing it everywhere, then moving in for another deep kiss.  There's nothing quite like a dessert make out session.  Absolutely delicious.

Then came the fun part, I stepped into the tub with him and hugged him nice and firm, smashing and smearing the creamy mess all over our bodies.  Sliding the cream, filling, and crust between our chests, and smearing a generous amount on my hard member.  He eagerly tasted it, much to my delight.  The Dark Fox had already slid out of his den again, and greedily took in the whole scene.

Two men, covered in pie, kissing and licking each other in a sweet passionate encounter.  Fuck yes.

After things heated up, and I came to a satisfying peak and climax, the newspapers were removed and we shared another kiss under the warm soapy waters as the cream and sugar washed away from our naked bodies, swirling down the drain.

I noticed an interesting fact about myself that night after the water was turned off, and we dried ourselves.  My body breaks out with odd, warm, slightly itchy splotches when I'm covered in coconut cream pie.  It didn't really make any sense, I've been tested for allergies and I have absolutely no food allergies to egg, milk, or otherwise.  I can eat anything and not have an allergy problem, but apparently if my body is smeared with a store bought pie, I break out temporarily.  The splotches went away within fifteen to thirty minutes, but it did remind me that one should always check with their play partners about any potential allergens that could not only put a damper on a scene, but cause serious problems.

In any case, I made sure he had a wonderful experience that evening, and he assured me that he did enjoy himself thoroughly.  He's such a sexy fucker! Woof!

As always my friends, Play Safe.