Sunday, August 28, 2011

San Francisco: Take Two

This past weekend was another fun one!  Sir Patrick was very generous in offering me to go with him up to San Francisco to visit a good friend and boy of his, David, and to enlist my help in assisting the construction of his boy's project for the upcoming Burning Man.  Here's what went on!


Sir Patrick picked me up at home and we started off towards San Francisco in his car.  Stocked with a snack and drinks, we hit the road to travel up the 5 freeway.  As the cities faded behind us, and we passed beyond the hills, the road gave way to the Endless Nothing.  Miles, miles, and miles of golden grasses and hills on the horizon on both sides of the freeway it was as beautiful as it was dull and lifeless.  At one point, Sir Patrick took off on a random exit, traveling down some unmarked road, he slowed until he was crawling along the side of the road and then he stopped.  It started to seem like a scene out of a horror film.  I'm all alone, with only one other man, no one knows where we are, and now he's rustling with something in the trunk.  He comes over to my door, opens it, and orders me out of my clothes.  I comply and he orders me out of the car.  I comply and step right onto a nettle branch, in my socks.


Back in the seat, Sir Patrick ties and binds my arms and legs, and then my body to the seat itself.  He then gagged me with self-adhesive medical gauze, made his way back to the driver's seat, and we returned to the freeway, his bondage boy tightly secured and gagged.  As we turned onto the road and back en route, he leaned my seat back and started to tease me, and I was helpless to do anything! I could only let out muffled groans and moans as he tickled my groin and firmly patted my dick and balls through my underwear!  About five minutes in, he said "Now smile and nod at the truckers, boy!  They can see inside from up where they are!"  A thrill entered me, what would they think seeing a helpless bound and gagged boy in the passenger seat of a random car?  Hehehe! I wanted them to look!  I wanted to give them something to remember on that long, arduous drive! 

As the sun started to set, I was ordered to take the ropes off.  After a bit of struggling I managed to get every last one off, and put away neatly.  Then the clothes went back on and we continued the long drive into San Francisco.

After arriving at David's house and meeting for a little while and having a drink, I was stripped again and put in a cage on top of a pile of cushions, then hooded with a double layer hood, and left in the darkness with nothing but a bell bracelet.  Being buzzed and tired, I passed out soon after.  I woke up sometime afterward, the hood was getting to me, I needed out, I softly banged on the wooden beam that went through the cage, ringing my bell.  I was released and then put at the foot of the bed, hooked to a chain wrapped to the bedpost as I went to sleep on the floor.

It was perfect.


We had breakfast at The Cove in the Castro, I watched many cute, handsome, and hot men pass by, many with dogs.  The flat screen TV in the restaurant showed pictures of last year's Folsom Street Fair, a mannequin in a nearby storefront had an anatomically correct (well, maybe exaggerated) bulge to advertise some underwear, and I thought "Wow...I heard San Francisco was laid back, but I didn't know how much! This is great!"  The energy on the street was very calm, and the rainbow flags everywhere, including the gigantic one in this area of the city, also made me feel at home and safe.  That I could be myself without fear.  Something that is starting to wane a bit in Long Beach with the recent hate crimes.

After assisting David with his project for Burning Man, we headed over to Mr. S Leather.  I was very excited, I was finally going to see this store!  There once was a Mr. S in Los Angeles, but it closed down and you can only imagine how upset I was after hearing "Oh yeah, I got flogged at Mr. S! They actually play with you at Mr. S!" 

As we approached, I met with puppy Cockpit right outside, he was here to deliver a present to someone and I was happy I was able to catch him.

Entering the store, I was greeted with the sight of a man on his knees in camo, leather restraints, and a gas mask, displayed in the center of the store above the cash registers.  It took me a few minutes to realize that he was just a mannequin, but the first thought that went through my head was "Oh shit, they weren't kidding when they said they played with you!"

There was a dildo room, leather room complete with boots, sleepsacks, dungeon bed and sling, walls and walls of kinky tools, a gas mask corner, a hood wall, a lube wall, a Muir cap wall, and one of the newest parts of the store a sportkit room!  The smell of the store also was enticing!  The scent of leather, lube, and rubber!  Woof!  I was also pleasantly surprised to see my friend, Sir Kirk to be working here, among other very sexy men, one of which eventually stripped down to nothing but a chastity device, boots, and a cap.  His skin was smooth and pale, a body he should be extremely proud of, and his very cute, very handsome face!  Yes Rob I'm talking about you, it was a pleasure to meet you!

While at the store Sir Patrick tried some very flattering gear on, I got my picture taken in the sling and tried on some Muir caps (I'm a size 7 and 1/8th I think), and David flogged me after getting some pointers from a saleswoman who helped him with working with two floggers at once.  I was happy to help by being his practice target.  I also met with Murdy and we talked about potential photoshoots.  I've been thinking about being a gear model for a while, I love wearing gear, and I have to admit I love having my picture taken, so why not make some money with it?  I won't do nudes though, my mother would kill me. Heheh.

Later on that night I witnessed a short example of watersports, I had always been curious as to what the draw of it was, and observing it I could get a better idea.  However the smell of urine is a definite turn off for me, as I cannot stand strong smells, so I won't be getting into piss play anytime soon.  I was also shown a book on the eroticism of enemas,  and how it can be very sexual for some men and women.  It was interesting, and in reinforced my other observation, that we all discover at least one kink or fetish as children. For example, I remember reading a comic strip in a video game magazine once, the characters were talking about slime.  I had no idea why, but I was fascinated and obsessed with that one panel "A little slime isn't going to hurt you."  I felt a weird skip in my chest, I was excited, but why?  Little did I realize that this was the start of my curiosity with Wet and Messy Play (WAMP) that I would rediscover much later on as a teenager.

We got dressed for the evening out, Sir Patrick dressed in David's one-piece motorcycle suit and heavy boots, my god, if the boots weren't covered with dirt I would have serviced them right there!  We then headed out to the bars and hit Powerhouse first.  We had heard that Knotty Brent would be doing a show/demo there so I was eager to see him again, I had first met him and one of the stage subs, Jesabelle, on my first trip up to San Francisco when I ran with the K-9 Unit at Six Flags.

The energy inside was hot!  Dirty, sleazy, kinky energy, and in a good sexy way!  I watched Knotty Brent for a while, and then when there was an opportunity I said hello and asked if I could volunteer for his next segment.  Unfortunately the demos were preset and he had to go through a lot of paperwork to get to present, so he was unable to accept volunteers.  It was what it was, so I watched a little while longer before heading to the back.  The bar was absolutely packed, you had to push through to get in any direction, the music was excellent, the energy was high and intense, the heat was sweltering, and here I was pushing through a crowd of sweaty men in full leather gear.  When I made it to the back there was another bar and a dance floor with one sexy slim, muscled motherfucker on the square in the smallest little speedo and a puppy hood.  This handsome son of a bitch was really into it, dripping with either oil or sweat, and dancing like a slut!  I eagerly observed him in the red light, the lasers spilling over his hot body, as he danced eyes closed in go-go boy ecstasy.  Oh the things I'd do to him...drag him into the night, never to be seen again until three days later, completely spent and ragged, but I would make damn sure a big smile would be plastered on his face when he surfaced again.

I explored the back alley for a minute to get some air, the club was getting very hot, and I heard that sometimes you'd catch someone giving a blowjob.  It intrigued me, I'm not into random encounters, far too many risks involved, but seeing someone else get their rocks off can be fun.  When I got back there it was pretty deadpan, guys, but none my type, and all were smoking like chimneys.  Back inside, headed towards the front again.  Then I felt my energy take a negative slide.  I suddenly wasn't having fun anymore.  I felt annoyed, I took off my jacket and vest, and hung around Sir Patrick and David while they fooled around with the photo machine and had another drink.  I noticed that Brent was at the bottom of his own drink so I went and refilled one for him.  I felt a little better, I tend to feel great when I'm helping someone out, even if it's a miniscule thing like a drink.  I'm still figuring myself out, why did my energy drop like that?  In any case, before we left, Rob from Mr. S entered, looking very handsome in his leather gear, and he introduced me to his partner who is a very lucky man!  From the Powerhouse we went to another bar named Kok, but the place was dead, so we made our way to another bar named Hole in the Wall, spent some time there, and then went home for the night.


After a very nice breakfast, Sir Patrick and I made our very long drive home down the 5 freeway, through the California Grand Nothing, during which my mind wandered as it usually does.  We stopped by a gas station and stocked up on piles of junk food.  Oh it was awful, cheese puffs, soda, chips, candy...I only eat like that once in a great while and feel SO bad when I do! But I'll be damned if I don't enjoy it!

During the ride home, I escaped into my own head, and did some digging.  I want a scene so bad.  I want a long, drawn out, dark, kinky scene.  I want to be taken down into the depths of a dark dungeon by a muscular man dressed in tight slick rubber, black as the most dirty thoughts a man can think up, wearing a gas mask, long slick gloves, and tall shiny boots.  I want him to fill me, make me moan, make me beg for more, tie my hands above my head in the middle of his dungeon, naked and helpless, the warm air circulating around my exposed body as he slicks me up with lube until I shimmer in the dim light.  Send me into ecstasy Rubber Man...I want...I want to be your boy slave...treat me right...please.

Upon getting halfway to Long Beach after a short stop at Sir Patrick's house, I realized I had left my phone on his dining table.  Ugh, stupid boy!  We turned around and Sir Patrick generously let me stay the night on his couch, and puppy Cockpit came and picked me up for work the next morning, being the amazing puppy he is.

And so ends my second adventure to San Francisco.