Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Rodeo Cowboy

The other evening I had the pleasure of visiting my dear friend the Canadian Soldier who put me in firefighter gear the last time we played.  Things started with me being cuffed in leather restraints and gagged with a thick face mask with an oral tube gag.

As I lay on the floor, arms above my head, relaxing into the restraints, I heard him return.  My eyes went upward and were met with him in a sexy white stetson, a long sleeve button down shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of the hottest dark brown pointed cowboy boots I've ever seen.  My eyes widened and my pants tightened, I grunted my admiration for the cowboy who stood towering over me.

He slowly drew up his leg and placed a boot on my crotch, his blue eyes staring into mine, the pressure on my groin made me groan and thank him endlessly.  His gaze didn't waver, he stared directly into my eyes, firm and unflinching. 

I love being stomped, having a man gently (the important keyword is GENTLY here, you can do serious damage if you're not careful) put his thick, heavy boot on my crotch, slowly grinding it downward, dominating me, crushing me into the floor under his feet.  It's one of the ultimate forms of dominance and submission in my mind.  Especially if he's standing, towering over you, as I love looking up at a man who has his foot on my dick.

He gingerly switched booted feet, crushing me with each one, much to my appreciation.  Sometimes teasing me, dangling his foot over my face as I forced myself to behave and remain flat on the floor, if I bent upward, eager to have the boot leather brush my cheek, he would pull upward out of my reach, and punish me by taking his time in meeting the sexy sole with my face.

He knelt down, lips so close to my face, I strained within myself, I wanted his kiss so badly, so very, very badly!  It took everything not to sit upward, I knew it would simply prolong this wonderful suffering.  His lips met with the leather barrier and I squirmed with frustration!  Damn it!  Damn it! I want his gentle lips on mine! Curse this gag!

The beautiful torture continued, the kiss so close but so far away, the boots on my crotch, that beautiful gaze into my thankful eyes.  He then stood up and left the room, leaving me to squirm on the floor, aching for him to return.  When the handsome cowboy did return, he held a pair of black cowboy boots and a trophy.  He dangled the black boots one at a time over my groin, I trembled.  He let one drop and it landed right on target.  Urgh! Thank you, Sir!  I struggled to keep it on my body, not letting it touch the floor.  He held the second higher, it swayed in the air and I kept my eyes on it, glancing only once at his eyes.  They were serious.  He let go.

...and caught it again.

He then dropped it at a lower height and I thanked him after it hit me.  He placed the trophy on the table and then fitted my feet with the boots.  He then placed the trophy on my chest and said, "I was wearing this hat, and these boots when I won that trophy in the rodeo."

I gazed at the trophy now balanced on my chest, then at the hat that adorned his head, then at the brown sexy boots whose soles were mere inches from my face, thoughts of him riding a bucking, angry beast flowed into my head.  The adoration filled me to the brim and tears welled in my eyes.  I was at the feet of a sexy, masculine, clean cut rodeo star.

He placed his hat upon my face and I breathed deeply, taking in what little scent I could, until he took it away again.  He then took the boots off of my feet, stripped me of my clothes and ordered me on my knees.  He then ordered me to clean his boots and I got to work immediately.  Taking in the scent, the color, the flavor of these masculine, crotch-crushing, sand-kicking, rib-poking boots with deep appreciation.  He asked me if I wanted to cum on his boots, to which I said "If that is what you want, Sir, I would be very happy to."  he ordered me to cum within two minutes.  I began to masturbate as fast as I dared, the boots, the jeans, being on my knees in front of a sexy rodeo trophy winner, it was just so wonderful!  The heat was starting to get to me, I could feel that my orgasm was so far away, and just as it was starting to creep forward, a firm hand shoved my forehead back and a gruff voice said "Nope.  I've changed my mind."

Damn it!

Soon he got up from his chair, and vanished into his bedroom, I waited there on my knees, in nothing but the leather wrist restraints, eager for my cowboy to return.

When he reappeared my heart sank a little, as my cowboy was gone, but I hope to see him once more. 

After all, I still have to help him practice his lasso skills.

Play Safe.