Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Tribute to Mr. Wong

Thank you.

Thank you for your wisdom, your kindness, your heart, your time, and your humor.

I did not know George for very long, I had only met with him a few times, I was introduced to George Wong by a very dear friend of mine in Rough Trade one night.  After we had left, my friend said to me, "Now that you know George Wong, you know everyone there is in the Leather World."

George was also my mentor for a brief period, he taught me a valuable lesson as a leather man and as someone who aimed to win a title.

"Let's say you've won the title, and you are now a titleholder.  You receive three invitations to three different events, all at the same time.  A leather event in Canada, a Lesbian conference in Texas, and a play party in San Francisco.  They all occur around the same time, so you can only choose to attend one.  Which one do you go to and why?"

I thought for a moment, and I asked "Is this a trick question?"  He simply answered "Just tell me which one you go to and why."

I answered "Well, I'd probably go to the leather event in Canada, in order to strengthen international bonds between fetish worlds."

He nodded and said "That was a good answer, and you're right it was a trick question. The answer I was looking for was 'Whichever event I committed to first.'"

A Leather Man, regardless if he is a titleholder or not, must always keep his commitments; if he makes a promise to attend an event, he must honor his word and be there.  I will remember that.

Thank you so very much, George.  I consider myself beyond fortunate to have met you and received your wisdom.  Good night, Sir.