Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sacred Profanity and the Pistons Peep Show

I was given the pleasure of spending the majority of my day with my Master yesterday.  Last night after dinner we attended the opening of "Sacred Profanity" at the Belsito and Roche Gallery in Long Beach. 

I am actually in the show myself, Luis Skobar who has done work for 665 Leather, Instigator Magazine, and Nobleza Tequila, invited me to be one of his models for his installation in "Sacred Profanity".  I was more than thrilled to say yes!  I am still riding on air at seeing a portrait of myself in an art gallery.  He captured a side of me that I didn't know existed, and I couldn't be more excited to know that it does and that he found it.  They had a delightful tray pass and the owners from Nobleza were handing out samples of different tequila drinks.  I would definitely recommend their Naughty in Long Beach which had a smooth and creamy maple flavor, and Heaven in My Glass which was very refreshing and reminded me of a lemonade.  Also, please drink responsibly.  

The show is up from May 20th - July 9th, so if you're in the Long Beach area, please stop by the Belsito and Roche Gallery to come see it.  There is a lot of interesting pieces that I hope many people get to see.

Afterward, Master and I stopped by Paradise Piano Bar for a drink, enjoyed their Jocks and Straps club for a little while before moving onward to Pistons for their Peep Show party to kick off Pride weekend. 

After arriving we met up with Alex Kitay and his Sir, Michael and spoke for a while before moving around the bar and patio.  During the evening Master spotted one of the young men handing out Jagermeister swag and suggested I talk to him, joking that maybe I could get his shirt off.  At the time I spoke with him, current Mr. Long Beach Leather Titleholder, Ian Bin, was up on stage participating in a mummification demonstration.  I asked the Jager boy if he liked what he saw, and he said it was trippy.  I asked him questions, and ended up explaining things like the Stonewall Inn Riots, the Satyrs Motorcycle Club, and encouraged him to explore any curiosities he may have in the fetish world.  I was very happy to see his reactions to everything I told him, he seemed genuinely interested and curious, and I hope I have opened something new to him that he may not have seen before.

As the Peep Show party continued, Sir Ian tied someone on stage for a bondage demonstration, Alex and Michael provided an electro play demonstration as well.  I asked if there was going to be a flogging demonstration and if they needed a sub for it, as Gary was asking around before for a sub to demonstrate mummification.  I would have gladly volunteered for it if I wasn't sensitive to claustrophobia.  I did find out that Tom was looking for a flogging sub and I jumped at the chance to help out, with Master's permission of course.

When I found Tom, we went over the important details.  "Have you been flogged before?" "What is your general reaction to flogging?" "What do you like in a flogging scene?" and so on.

I love soft leather floggers, the blunt thud on my back is fantastic, stinging pain is not pleasurable for me and I absolutely live for that wave of endorphins that follows a tender caressing pet on my back after it's been worked over.

I was led up on stage, behind the transparent screen, and the scene began shortly thereafter.  Tom removed my jacket, then my vest, then had me place my hands on a bar stool for balance.  He began like all good flogging scenes have for me, light brushes with the flogger, light feather slaps on my back.  All the while he told me to breath from deep within, from the base of my spine.  He intensified and the blows came a little harder, I kept breathing.  I focused on my breath, coming in and going out.  The blows intensified again at his warning, the loud slaps upon my back felt powerful, but I kept breathing.  He leaned in and kept telling me exactly what he was doing at all times, and here came the serious blows, he was going to push me.

I breathed, waiting for them to come, breathing, and the first very heavy blow came, it stung my skin, but I kept breathing, the second one came, it was harder to focus, I kept breathing, my legs began to quiver.  I wasn't sure if that was from the cold air or something else.  (As I type this my back is beginning to tingle like a sunburn.) 

He kissed my back and it felt wet, but wetter and colder than usual.  "Your kisses feel as if my back is bleeding, sir."  He reassured me that my back was fine, that the skin was far from broken and that he would never break my skin or make me bleed.  I was close to my limit, and I said "I'm nearing my edge, sir." he said that we would wrap it up and the end was coming soon.

The blows came upon me again, and I let out a loud roar. 

"Yes! Let it out! That's a good boy!"

Another! I roared again! 

"Good boy! That's what I like to hear!"

He came in close and asked how I was doing.  I felt...intense, not angry but something like being angry at no one and at nothing without the hate or rage...and without thinking I said "Let the lion out..."

"What boy?"

"Let the lion out!"

Two more heavy blows, followed by my screams after each one, and I couldn't go any further.  My back was burning, I bowed over the bar stool to show him I couldn't take any more like he had instructed me to do so earlier, he held me...and I wept, legs shaking, and my back shivering in the cold night air.  They announced the end of the scene and I heard applause.

I was brought down, then gently handed over to Master who led me off stage and over to the bench where he held me.

We went back to my place when I was able to, and I fell asleep in Master's arms.  Ever so fucking thankful that I was alive and living the life I never knew I could, knowing the people I know now, developing meaningful friendships with fascinating and powerful individuals, and being incredibly happy with every detail.

Play Safe. 

I Love You.