Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Fetish Tutorial

This afternoon I had the privilege of teaching a newbie about different fetishes.

I had spoken to him before about my interests in leather and bondage, and he expressed a genuine interest in learning more about the fetish world, so I invited him to try on my leather gear.

Although my gear was a little big on him, he said that he enjoyed the feeling of leather (not to mention he looked drop-to-my-knees HOT in it too!), I had him also try on my Chippewa engineer boots, which he seemed to enjoy as well.

I then sat down with him and explained the different safety aspects that are prevalent in different scenes.  For example, in bondage scenes you need clear communication with your dom/sub, "Are the ropes too tight?" "How are your arms feeling?" "Is everything feeling comfortable?" "Sir, my arms are tingling." "The ropes are too loose/tight" "I need more support around my X".  When the sub is gagged, you need a form of nonverbal communication, like finger snaps or foot banging.

I also explained what subspace / head space was and how important it is to "bring the sub back down to Earth" after an intense scene, as well as how it can damage the sub if he is left in the vulnerable state without proper aftercare.

I asked him if he wanted to try anything and he said that he was interested in being taped, so I grabbed my painter's tape and wrapped a good length around his mouth and bound his wrists.  I stood him in front of the mirror and he seemed to be enjoying it. Lord knows I was! Woof!

He stood in front of the mirror in nothing but his jock, socks, and the blue tape over his mouth and around his wrists.  His broad chest and pecs just begging to be kissed and admired, a beautiful body just waiting to be played with.  I slowly ran my fingers up and down his body, his chest, his arms, his legs, his neck, blowing softly down his back.  Seeing goosebumps, I knew I was doing something right.  I kissed him softly upon his neck and shoulders.  I wanted him to feel completely at ease with me and in my arms.  His comfort and relaxation were top priority.

As things progressed, he ended up laying back in my arms as we sat on the bed, and my fingers continued to explore and tingle his skin, I heard his breath rushing out of his nose, he was enjoying it.  He was in my arms, in my grasp, I could do anything I wanted, and all I wanted was to make him feel comfortable and at ease.  I stood up and got in front of him, he wanted me to play with his nipples, and I was all the more eager to make his wish come true.  Soft bites, licking, sucking, he enjoyed it all, I had told him to use finger snaps when I got too intense, and I respected his boundaries as if they were fragile glass. 

Things continued forward, his jock slipped below, and I took gentle care of him.  After the climax of our small scene, and after the tape came off his sweet face, he told me that it wasn't like him to let that happen and he got caught up in the moment.  But then that's a good thing in this case, right? 

He left saying he enjoyed himself and that he was excited to learn more. As I watched him walk out of sight I smiled and thought to myself...

"Another one enters the fold."