Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Rack

 Last night was spent enjoyably at the Socal Bondage Club with my friend and Sir for the night.  However before we went some pre-play was in order.  Leading me down to his personal dungeon, I was stripped, jocked and ordered to sit where he demanded.  Soon after he bound me to a leather-wrapped spreader bar, where I was collar-chained and immobilized in a somewhat difficult position on the floor, my legs out and my hands forward, struggling for his pleasure.

For me a spreader bar isn't a kink of mine, but I'm more interested in my submission and the enjoyment my Dominant is experiencing from that.  Soon he released me and bound me up with another toy, this one harnessing my shoulders and binding my arms behind me, he added some straps around my chest and stomach and sent me into a small prison cell built under the dungeon stairs.  I found the little space to be very enjoyable, especially seeing how softly lit it was, and even when he turned out the light and left me in the darkness to change for the club.

Upon returning, Sir released me, had a little more fun with me, then tested a head harness on me.  Thin leather strips bound my head comfortably and were accompanied by snap-on gag and blindfold.  (I like the flat gags so much, like a leather palm covering my mouth.)

After dressing, we were off to the club.

Arriving a little after the club was in full swing we passed by room after room of multiple scenes, it was pretty active tonight which is always a nice thing to see.  Arriving in the Doctor's Office scene room I was ordered to strip to my jockstrap and boots while he retrieved a bag from his car.  A light flow of other men floated by the door to the room, and I mention this only because it made me feel like I was putting on a fun little show as I undressed.  (What the hell, I'll just come right out and say it.  I like being admired, it makes me feel amazingly attractive and sexy.)  When Sir returned I was placed in a rather large and complicated body harness, arms strapped to my sides and head harnessed with blindfold in place.  Some wonderful kissing, and I was leashed up and led out for a walk.  After a little back and forth, soft play with a light audience, we were in the main room once more on a bench and enjoying a cuddle.

Now when I'm enjoying myself, I relax and when I relax and I'm blindfolded, I tend to...well...fall asleep.  So if you're ever playing with me and I nod off, it means you're doing a good job at making me feel at ease!  I'm not bored! Trust me!  I felt myself drifting off a little, then coming back again a little while later, chatting with Sir and the topic of the main room's toy collection came up.  I mentioned that I had always admired that piece of play equipment and sure enough I found myself standing in front of it.

De-harnessed, I lay down on the table and my booted feet were locked in the stocks at one end, my arms bound to the other and delightfully stretched ever so slightly.  As Sir kissed me, I felt a surge of energy.  I wonder if it was my dream of being on the rack coming true, or maybe it was the dungeon music I enjoyed so much, or maybe it was just the energy in the air left over from everyone's scenes going on, but I felt dominant.

Yes, I felt dominant as I was strapped helplessly to the rack, I felt dominant with my head encased in a web of leather and my eyes blinded, I felt dominant in my submission. 

The next time my Sir kissed me I let him have everything that was stored up in me, I felt my energy latch onto him and pull him.  The more I pulled the more excited he became, it kept going, every time he pulled away I grunted firmly "Thank you, SIR!" riling myself up.  He slapped my chest and body with his riding crop.  "Thank you, SIR!"  He toyed with my body and pulled away my jock strap, "Thank you SIR!".

He became so invigorated, my Sir got on top of me on the rack table, and the energy took its course.  When the scene came to its climax, I felt as if I had dominated a Dominant while in complete submission.

It was one of the most intriguing and interesting sensations I've had, and on paper it looks absolutely confusing...but when I felt it, I felt like it was understanding a dream.  You don't listen to it, see it, taste it, or touch it.  You FEEL it all making perfect sense!

What a great evening...and the weekend has only just started!

Play Safe.