Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Long Fetish Weekend

  Everything started when I arrived at the train station to meet Sir J and my newest friend, Sir M.  We picked up a quick dinner, and headed back to Sir J's home where we enjoyed our meal, and geared up to join the Soca Bondage Club which was already in progress.  Once there, I was asked by Sir J if I wished to wander or to play immediately.  Already excited and eager, I answered with the latter and was quickly changed out of my leather shirt, pants, and boots, and into a bishop head harness and collar.  I was led by rope lead into the darkened hallway, keeping my eyes on Sir J, only glancing briefly into the red Japanese themed room where a man in a rubber apron and gas mask waited alone upon the bondage table.  We entered what I would consider (from personal observation) the least popular room, jokingly referred to as "the straight room" or "the tea room" where Sir J ordered my eyes shut and my hands on a small wooden pedestal.  He then proceeded to spank me, a kink I don't really hold favor for as a submissive.  Little did I know what he had in mind.

    My ass was slapped lightly, then slowly subjected to fiercer and fiercer blows as I thanked my Sir for each one until I yelled out "Yellow, Sir! Please, Sir!" (Yellow is the basic safety word for "Please ease up! This is starting to go too far for my limits!" Think of a traffic light, green is "Go." Yellow is "Caution." Red is "STOP.") He eased up ever so slightly, but plateaued, keeping me on the edge.  I yelped and gasped in pain, it hurt badly! I had to grit my teeth and bear it!  What horrible punishment awaited me if I did not?!  He finally eased off and I thanked my good fortune...until he began again on my other ass cheek.

    Eventually he moved us out of the room, my head reeling, my ass sore, and into the hallway deeper back until we were around the corner and out of view, next to the door that lead into an office that wasn't part of the venue, but still physically connected to it.  He kissed me, worked me over, and to my dismay, began to spank me again.  It hurt, I roared! Growled! Snarled! Auuugh! Thank you, SIR!  Tears formed in my eyes, I trusted him, he knew what he was doing!  It hurt so bad!  At long last, when I thought I would collapse, he ceased.  I fell against him, I wanted to weep so much, but only a single tear balanced upon my eye.

"Such a good boy, I want to see you cry, it gets me off!  I want to push you into the Red!"

Yes, Sir.  Thank you, Sir!

I know he does not wish to hurt me, he would never, ever do that.  He has told me he wishes to push me, expand me, force me into the red to feel the flames of pain and to accept them.  This is how I grow, as each harsh experience will harden me for more.

Dazed and weak, I was led back into the main room.  I apologize, I cannot recall what happened immediately afterward.  I remember wandering back into the hallway later onward into the evening and within either the Medical Exam room or the Japanese Bondage room, seeing the sub I had admired once before, who was built like I imagine Adonis would be (if he were hairy like a bear), and his Dom, Sir Dk.  It was there that I saw my Alpha (formerly known as Master) giving him a hard good time, boldly kicking, punching, and striking his body.  I hid in the shadows, watching from afar with admiration.  Even further in the evening I witnessed both of them again, however my Alpha was tied to him, straitjacketed, grunting with pleasure as the Adonis rubbed his ass upon my Alpha's crotch.

My heart swelled, I was filled with joy being able to witness my Alpha so pleased and happy!  I stood there absorbing the sight before me, a man I bowed my head to with pride was bound and immobilized, struggling with pleasure with a man who was amazingly handsome, and I could feel no other emotions other than pride and joy.  What good fortune he has!

I was approached that evening by the gentleman who I had dominated the same night I first saw Adonis.  His soft face gently smiling, as he began to massage my body.  Hands skilled in therapy worked into releasing my pain, hidden between my joints and muscles.  I melted in his hands, kissed his face, thanking him deeply for his generosity and kindness.  However, when I asked him if he wished me to spank him as I had done so before, he politely declined, being a witness to my submissiveness earlier in the evening, he could not see me as dominant to him.  I understand.  All have their own, but I did feel disappointed that I could not return the favor of physical pleasure.

I recall also meeting the sub I was tied to the evening of my contest, whom I also shared some quality time with at the Long Beach Pride Leather Expo Tent.  We talked and wandered into the Throne Room where I proceeded to lightly caress him, hold him close, and tease his muscled chest ever so softly.  Seeing his eyes close in ecstasy made me want to do more to him, make him even happier, but he had informed me that his nipples, like my ass, were very sensitive and had been played with already that night.  Next time we meet, I plan to give him a work over.

Eventually the club came to a close and I went home with Sir M, back to Sir J's home.  Sir M was locked into the puppy cage downstairs after being chained and gagged, and I was ordered nude after being collared, and into Sir J's bed.


Saturday morning I awoke and got out of bed.  Before I could enter the hall I met with Sir J who looked me over.

"You're walking..."

Yes, I was walking.  Wait, was I doing something wrong? I dropped to my hands and knees after remembering a discussion of being his houseboy for a future session, not being allowed on two feet, but I didn't chance challenging it.  His word was final.

"Good boy."

For the next few hours I would remain on my hands and knees, collared and nude.  I followed Sir J down into the basement dungeon and watched quietly from a distance on the stairs as he transferred Sir M from the puppy cage to the closet cell, chained him and kept him muzzled as he barked through the bishop head harness.  Sir J then motioned me to his feet and generously provided soft knee pads so my servitude would be comfortable.  Carpet is fine for a while, but tile floors can be very hard to deal with on ones knees.  I followed Sir J around the house, into the office where I lay on the floor while he worked on the computer.  I passed in and out of consciousness, lightly sleeping here and there until at one point I woke up and Sir J had left the room.  I looked to the book case and found a small TV set tuned to a live feed of the closet cell downstairs. 

This is how Sir J keeps an eye and ear on his prisoners, if they need anything, or if there is an emergency, Sir J will know immediately without having to be in the same room.  I highly recommend a closed-circuit video feed of any room like this, as it provides a watchful eye on a sub at all times.

Eventually I found myself downstairs once more, Sir M was released out of the closet cell and Sir J stripped him of everything but his collar.  I was ordered (to my delight) into Sir J's puppy cage.  I immediately thanked him, became comfortable on the padded floor and pillows, and snuggled up with the blanket Sir J provided for me.  I loved it, I felt safe and sound.  I watched as Sir M had entered puppy mode and was woofing and barking at Sir J until he brought out a rubber boot-shaped squeak toy.   Sir M and Sir J played around like a dog and master, Sir J would throw it and Sir M would fetch it, play tug-of-war, and Sir J would even pet and scratch him like he would a real dog, saying "Good boy!"  It was a very unique and new sight, at first it was amusing, then sweet.  At one point Sir M came up to me in the cage and offered the toy through the bars with his teeth.  I played along and gripped it in my own mouth, woofing back, tugging it, and generally having a good time.

I was let out of the cage in order to play properly, tossing the toy around the dungeon with our teeth, tugs of war, growling, barking, woofing, it was a new experience I can say that for sure.  However I would not say it resonated with me, even though it was somewhat fun I feel as if it was not for me, or rather I did not get as much pleasure out of it as Sir M and Sir J did.

After ordering us both into the pup cage, Sir J went upstairs and I was left all alone with Sir M.  His arms around my body as we snuggled together in the dark dungeon was a wonderful, warm, and tender experience.  We talked a while, our warm bodies so very close, skin against skin, protected by thick iron bars, and cushioned upon a bed pad, surrounded by implements of pleasurable torture.  It was so romantic.

As it was time for lunch, we were ordered upstairs and allowed on the furniture.  After our meal I excused myself to lie down, as I wasn't feeling very well, and crawled back inside the puppy cage for a nap.  When I awoke, a lot had transpired while I was asleep.  Sir M had Sir J locked inside the closet cell, in a straitjacket, blindfolded, and tied to the wall.  Sir M had donned his camo, boots, and hat, and opened my cage.  I then submitted to Sir M, his boot on my chest, my eyes wandering from the thick, black leather combat boot, to his camo uniformed legs, to his chest and finally to his handsome face.  I was so lucky, so very fortunate, to have such wonderful experiences as these.

He then ordered me into camo of my own, a white pattern set, which I put on immediately.  It felt wonderful, the cap a bit tight, but I felt amazing.  I will definitely be widening my wardrobe very soon the next visit I pay to an army surplus store.

Soon it was time to go and my close friend George picked me up to head over to L.A. Pride, where our friend Rich would be running for the Christopher Street West Title.  The festival itself was very enjoyable, lots of booths selling wares, services, novelties, and questionable festival food.  We arrived at Erotic City where I met up with many friends.  During the contest, I saw Rich in different sets of leather, including (much like my contest) a leather jockstrap. 

I was reminded of how far he has come as a man.  When I first met Rich, we were out in the back yard of George's house by the pool. I was in the water, George was in the hot tub, and Rich was shy but comfortable sitting out in the evening air wrapped up tight in a leather straitjacket.  He didn't say very much, probably because he was shy at first, but now he was in front of the leather family as well as plenty of drunk and obnoxious festival revelers, in nothing but a leather jockstrap, trading wit back and forth with the Emcee, Pup Don.

The contest went forth and even though Rich did not place, he hardly seemed phased, and I was ever the more proud of him.  He had gone up there and done it anyway.

It was a fine ending to a wonderful kinky, fetish weekend!

Play Safe.

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